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Communist Group From Chicago Bussing Members into St. Louis to Hijack The Ferguson Protests and Start a Revolution
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Revolution ClubThe banner reads "Revolution Club Chicago - Fight the Power, and Transform the People, For Revolution".

Here's the inside scoop on the latest voilence in St. Louis. There's a lot of buzz on the ground about a communist group that was bussed into Ferguson from Chicago. They provoked the police with Molotov cocktails the night of August 13th while the local protesters peacefully protested. That's when police then responded with gas and flash grenades. Their reported goal is to make the protests go super-violent, spread across the region, and spark a revolution. They are said to visibly stand out from the local protesters in how they respond to police and intimidate reporters when photos and video are taken of them. Expect to hear more about this in the coming days. H/T Ed & Kenny


The group is seen right up against the 25ft safe protesting zone.

Here they are seen lighting Molotov cocktails.

Revolution Club

Revolution Club

There you have it: Obama and his communist buddies accelerating the "fundamental transformation of America". They are hitting the gas pedal, because they know they only have a little over 700 days left to succeed in destroying America and rebuilt it into their "communist utopia". Time to wake up America and stop the mad illegal in the White House... The enemies domestic!


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