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Two Men, Three Women, a Goat, and a Baby
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From the increasing acceptance of the coarsening of our language, to the ever-increasing tolerance and acceptance of marijuana use, to the destruction of the institution of marriage as one man and one woman, the signs are all around us.

And that is what I wish to discuss. The purposeful destruction of the institution of conventional marriage and if unchecked and unchallenged, what it is guaranteed to lead to.

I may be wrong, and I don’t think I am, but every state that has passed a law and/or legally altered its Constitution to affirm the definition of marriage, did so by a vote of the people.

Most state votes affirmed conventional marriage overwhelmingly. In other words, the citizens know what marriage is and what it should remain as, but the federal black robed oligarchs that rule against the people don’t care about the vote, or the People’s right to govern themselves.

I personally don’t care who anyone marries, but this fight isn’t about conventional versus same-sex marriage. It never was. It was never about Johnny and Bobby declaring their love for one another. It’s always been about the destruction of marriage and the undermining of conventional values.

Some may recall that more than a year ago, radical lesbian “journalist” Masha Gessen let the cat out of the bag when she admitted that advocates were lying about their radical agenda. She said they really don’t want access to marriage – they want to completely redefine it. But the real goal is to eliminate it altogether.

She said, “the institution of marriage should not exist… Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there.”

So just like Taqiyya in Islam, where it’s okay to lie as a means to an end, the radical LGBT admits the same. But I guess they wouldn’t have to lie if we weren’t so close minded – right?

And all this lying and destruction of societal convention – where does it lead? Where does all this gender bending nonsense, multi-person, multi-gender coupling lead?

To nothing good – I guarantee! It leads to a pushing of the aberrant envelope.

It leads to this.

The UK Daily Mail recently reported that, “Three Parent Babies” could be reality within a couple of years. Oh good! We should definitely do that. What could possibly go wrong?

Mailonline reports the reasoning behind this brilliant idea: “The three parent technique is designed to help families with particular genetic faults who want to avoid passing on devastating incurable diseases to their children.”

I was originally against this, but the more I think of it, the better it sounds. Now instead of two parents fighting over custody of the children, we’ll have three.

But why stop there? Why not four, or half a dozen? What the heck! The more, the merrier.

I certainly don’t see any legal ramifications from this, do you? And the child will certainly be well adjusted – right?

But, it will be fine because, “an expert scientific panel gave its backing to the approach, declaring it was ‘potentially useful’ and did not appear to be unsafe – despite fears the move might lead to ‘designer babies.’”

Phew – I feel better. At least it “appears” to be safe. And also, in science as in life, we always “should” because we “can.”

The article continues: “the techniques involve replacing defective DNA in the mother’s egg with material from a donor egg. This means the resulting healthy child would effectively have two mothers and a father.”

Again, what could possibly go wrong? We’d only be “genetically modifying” human embryos.

So in 5 to 10 years the American family may consist of a couple of dads, several moms, maybe some assorted farm animals and some mutant children. That’s one for Norman Rockwell.

Oh, and just a closing thought: genetically modified humans will be a good thing, yet we want to outlaw genetically modified food. Sounds reasonable.

Barack Obama Confesses Hatred of the Second Amendment
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I don’t understand how a man can be elected for office when he doesn’t believe in one of the fundamental rights acknowledged in the Constitution.

According to Politico:

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that it was “stunning to me” that Congress did not take real action to tighten gun laws following the late 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“My biggest frustration so far is that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage,” Obama said during a question-and-answer session hosted by microblogging platform Tumblr that came hours after a school shooting in Oregon.


“I respect gun rights but the idea that, for example, we couldn’t get a background check bill in — it makes no sense,” he said. “And I don’t know if anybody saw the brief press conference from the father of the young man who had been killed in Santa Barbara, and as a father myself I cannot understand the pain he must be going through. The primal scream … why aren’t we doing something about this?”

States already have background checks. The Santa Barbara killer acquired his handguns in a state that requires “Universal Background Checks.” As Al’s Firearms blog points out:

California has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, including a so-called “universal background check” (UBC) law that requires background checks on gun transactions. The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday evening that three guns were recovered, including two Sig Sauer P226 pistols and a Glock Model 34. All were purchased legally and registered to Elliott Rodger, the newspaper said, meaning that he went through background checks.

So why should Congress pass useless laws that don’t do any good? Besides which, half the Santa Barbara deaths were from knife wounds, not from a gun. And the killer assaulted people with his car as well.

So, “why aren’t we doing something about this” by banning knives and cars?

I have no idea what Barack Obama can possibly think he is saying when he utters the words, “I respect gun rights.” He obviously does no such thing. We’re just supposed to be hypnotized by his assertions and ignore every action he actually takes and every other word he actually speaks. Perhaps he hypnotizes himself and actually believes that he has some kind of respect for gun rights.

But all that comes out of his mouth is a series of anti-second-amendment clichés.

PS. Note, here are real live people that Obama would disarm if he could. The man is upset that these people had the power to defend themselves and save their daughter.

Cantor Spent More On Steakhouses, $168K, Than Brat Spent On His Entire Campaign, $122K…
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WASHINGTON — The House Republican leadership, so solid in its opposition to President Obama, was torn apart Tuesday by the defeat of its most influential conservative voice, Representative Eric Cantor, the House majority leader. His demise will reverberate all the way to the speaker’s chair, pull the top echelons of the House even further to the right and most likely doom any ambitious legislation, possibly through the next presidential election.

Conservatives who have helped fuel some of the most contentious showdowns over the last three years on issues such as immigration and raising the federal debt ceiling are likely to be emboldened by Mr. Cantor’s shocking loss as they seek to replace him with someone even more closely aligned with their views.

Further, House Republicans began to immediately plot a new leadership structure that before Tuesday night had hinged merely on whether Speaker John A. Boehner would seek to keep his post next year.

One measure of the extraordinary defeat could be seen in the candidate’s finances. Since the beginning of last year, Mr. Cantor’s campaign had spent about $168,637 at steakhouses compared with the $200,000 his challenger, David Brat, had spent on his entire campaign. With Mr. Cantor out, members from solidly Republican states will almost certainly be vying for one of the top jobs, if not Mr. Boehner’s gavel. The current Republican leadership slate is filled with members from swing states where the pressure to moderate views on topics such as immigration looms.

Edward Snowden Obeyed the Word of God AND The Constitution
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I’ve been in a lot of airports lately and airports are hard on me.

Nowadays, airports seem to be places where we get to see a preview of the latest loss of American liberty and the purposeful degradation of a once vibrant and decent culture.

Because airports are a natural checkpoint through which people must pass to exercise their God-given and constitutionally protected right to travel, the police state uses them to try out various methodologies by which Americans can be herded, abused, controlled and, all the while, dehumanized.  All this is done, of course, for the ostensible purpose of safety.

Now, apparently, it’s not enough for the police state to spy on us.  Lately, I’ve seen signs and heard announcements seemingly designed to encourage us to spy on each other.

The announcements from the government agency they call the TSA says, “If you see something, say something.”

The message here is that you should be on the lookout for illegal or suspicious activity and, if you become aware of it, you have a duty to share it; toward the end that criminality can be exposed and addressed appropriately.

This all flashed through my mind last week when I watched the hour long interview of Edward Snowden.

Until about this time last year, Mr. Snowden worked as a System Administrator for a company known as Booz Allen Hamilton.  In the course of his work, he became aware of massive illegality on the part of his employer and the Federal Government.

Upon learning the details of purposeful government violations of the Fourth Amendment’s protection of privacy – the right to be left alone from government snooping without a probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed – he decided to reveal details of the criminal spying activity of the government.

As a result, he has found it necessary to flee the country.

The very government that he has charged with massive violations of its charter document, the Constitution, has charged him with, among other things, theft of government property.  Many in the press have vilified him as someone who violated his contract with his employer (and with the Feds).  They think he should be punished for failing to keep the government’s criminal activities secret.

But, in a sense, didn’t he just follow the advice of the government, itself?

Remember, “…if you see something, say something.”

Well, he sure saw something.  He saw massive criminality on the part of the government, itself.  And he said something.

Though he is vilified by many, I believe that Mr. Snowden is an American hero.

Let me briefly explain.

Mr. Snowden, and those for whom he worked, both in and out of government, whether they like it or not, are bound by the Supreme Law of the Land – the Constitution.

His allegiance to that document, to the American people and to God requires him to expose violations of the law.  I am grateful that he did so.

I can certainly understand the desire for the government and its lapdog media to demonize him, since this serves to deflect attention from their own wrongdoing.

But remember, the government that labels him a criminal, has a long, long record of criminal conduct itself.

What about that government property he is accused of stealing?  Didn’t the government steal that from us in the first place?

In the Book of Ephesians, chapter 5 at verse 11 we are warned to “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

I am grateful that Mr. Snowden obeyed this law, which is the Supreme Law of the Universe.


Parents, Not Yet Disarmed By Barack Obama Shoot Gunmen & Rescue Daughter
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From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Police say a 17-year-old girl who lived at the home was outside retrieving something from her car when she was approached by two masked and armed men who forced her into her house, using her as a shield.

The teen’s father, 34, saw the men walking up with his daughter, got his firearm and fired several shots at them, striking both of the men as they entered his home. The teen’s mother, 34, also retrieved a gun and fired once at the men but did not hit either, police said.

One of the men, Terrell Johnson, 31, of the 4500 block of Natural Bridge Road, collapsed on the living room floor and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second man, Cortez McClinton, 33, was standing behind Johnson when Johnson was shot. McClinton pointed a gun inside the doorway and also was shot. McClinton then ran away and got his brother to transport him to a hospital, police said. He was treated for gunshot wounds to the chest and both thighs.

Our ruling class may pretend to be a diverse group. Maybe they are in some fashion. But I promise you none of them live in South County St. Louis.

If any of these odious “Occupy Wall Street” types cared anything about real economic equality and social justice they would be at the forefront of defending and enforcing (i.e. limiting government from violating) the Second Amendment.

My headline is no exaggeration. These are people whom Barack Obama and Eric Holder wish to be disarmed. They are the bitter clingers with their guns. Our rulers want them helpless, dying while they beg for the police to rescue them in time.

There was no time to call the police and wait for them to arrive. These people had to take care of themselves and they did just that. The entire neighborhood is now a little bit safer due to their actions—not just because a thug is now sent off to his eternal reward but because it is now known that it might be dangerous to break into a house.

The fact that we have to endure moral outrage from Liberals every day, as if the ability to prepare for our own defense makes us guilty of every stupid gun homicide in the nation, proves that we are ruled by a subculture of self-righteous haters.

Rand Paul Doesn't Get It, Thinks Immigration Reform Had Nothing To Do With Cantor’s Loss…
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No surprise to hear Paul say this considering he’s teaming up with amnesty supporters Michael Bloomberg and Grover Norquist.

Via BuzzFeed:

In the wake of Rep. Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat Tuesday night, many conservatives have rushed to declare the outcome a referendum on Republican efforts to pursue immigration reform, a key wedge issue in the race. But Tea Party hero Sen. Rand Paul isn’t buying it.

A senior adviser to Paul told BuzzFeed Wednesday morning that the Kentucky senator rejects early analysis arguing that the GOP base has adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward immigration reform. “Elections are almost never a referendum on one issue; they are a referendum on the people on the ballot,” the adviser said.

Paul is scheduled to appear Wednesday on a teleconference with Grover Norquist, a conservative champion of immigration reform, to discuss the need for action on the issue. He agreed to participate in the call long before Cantor’s defeat and the wave of celebration by immigration hawks it caused, but Paul’s advisers says he has no plans to change his message.

“He’s going to say what he’s always said; that yes, he believes we need immigration reform. Anybody who looks at the system has to admit it’s broken,” the adviser said. “But he has always said that reform needs to start first at the border, and that any reforms that follow that are staggered over a number of years, contingent on border security, and sent back to Congress every year so they can say, yes, these reforms are working.”

Keep reading…

Is the RIGHT Really WRONG???
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Craig Andresen By Craig Andresen

left 1Apparently, we Conservatives have had it all wrong.

We’ve out there in deep right field blowing dandelion seeds into the breeze and just making up crap to be upset over.

Silly us.

Why…just yesterday, we got all bent out of shape over the IRS and a new revelation discovered by Issa’a house committee showing that…just before the 2010 midterm elections…the IRS sent over a few…just a few…pages of American’s personal information to the FBI.

You know…personal information that is supposedly protected by federal laws that state the IRS and ONLY the IRS is to have access to.

Okay…it was just over 1 MILLION pages but, who’s counting. Anyway…by comparison…the Obamacare bill that nobody read and yet is still causing so much trouble was only 2700 pages but again…who’s counting.

According to Issa; “The IRS apparently considered political speech by nonprofit groups to be so troublesome that it illegally assisted federal law-enforcement officials in assembling a massive database of the lawful political speech of thousands of American citizens, weeks before the 2010 midterm elections, using confidential taxpayer information.”

Imagine…citizens groups that don’t make a profit engaging in free speech. Shameful. The exact sort of thing the FBI should be looking into and the sort of people on whom the FBI should be making files.



Hush up. Don’t you remember when Obama told us that there hasn’t been “even a smidgeon of corruption” over at the IRS???LEFT 2

Apparently, we’ve been making much ado of nothing. Please move along…nothing to see here.

Speaking of Obamacare, we have apparently been wrong about that too.

Conservatives have been railing against Obamacare because we felt we’ve been lied to. You know…keeping our doctors and our insurance and all? Stuff like Obamacare being cheaper than what we had and liked…how our prescriptions were going to cost less and our Obamacare wouldn’t cost any more than our cell phone bills…little things like that.

I mean, none of the things we were promised were true but, Obamacare, with its 15 member appointed bureaucrats making all our healthcare decision rather than our doctors and, in some cases, paying up to 700% more for the prescriptions we need and doubling or tripling the cost of our premiums…well, simply put…because MEN now get their OBGYN visits covered…Obamacare IS better than what we had before and forget about all the website issues with Obamacare…the fact that there is no way at all to PAY for your new and improved health insurance and no way to protect your personal information on the system ain’t no big deal.

Hell, the IRS…Obamacare’s enforcement goons are going to spread your personal information around anyway and gee whiz…MSNBC’S Eddie Schultzy was on TV telling all 7 of his viewers that the Obamacare web system is now a SCREAMING success because…Kentucky’s exchange is working.

So relax Conservatives…and take heart that your hypertension, whether real or brought about by the stress of making up crap to get pissed off over IS a preexisting condition and once you’ve mortgaged your house, sold all of your belongings and rented out your children to couples LEFT 3restricted to only having two of their own in China so you can pay your greatly improved and massively affordable deductibles…YOU’RE COVERED!!!

Now then Conservatives…just because you only THINK you’re scraping the bottom of your checking account because of your Obamacare…don’t go bitching about it because things could always be worse.

Take the financial devastation suffered by Bill and Hillary after they left the white house…

Why…according to the concussed frequent flyer…They were flat BROKE when they moved out of 1600 Pennsylvania. Avenue. FLAT BROKE.

That’s what she claims in her new book. They were BROKE when they left the white house. One suspects that should YOU have two nickels to rub together…YOU’RE in MUCH better shape right now than THEY were back THEN.

The poor, and I do mean POOR Clintons.

Do you realize that for those eight years, they had to live in public housing? Hell…WE all had to chip in just to buy them FOOD for crying out loud but that’s not the worst of it.LEFT 4

The Clintons were so destitute that Bill was subletting the space under his desk to an INTERN and he couldn’t even afford to pay to have his humidor’s dress dry cleaned.

Those Clintons were SO down and out when they became homeless that they could only manage to purchase two multi-million dollar estates. Just LOOK at the squalor in which they were forced to live.

MY GOD…and you think YOU’VE got it bad???

I know they stole a couple of truckloads of furniture from the white house when they left but seriously…even after making $360,000 a year for eight years…they couldn’t afford to BUY furniture and besides, there probably wasn’t a chair or table they took that Bill wasn’t on…naked…and I don’t even WANT to know what they did with the candlesticks. Do you?

We Conservatives MUST get over ourselves.

Now, when it comes to things like the VA…we Conservatives just need to settle down a bit. We’ve been BOILING over the way our veterans are being treated or, not treated as the case might be but…we’re clearly out of line.

You see…It’s Bush’s fault.

We wouldn’t HAVE so many veterans if that dastardly Bush hadn’t started an ILLEGAL war. We KNOW it was an ILLEGAL war because he actually went to congress, sought their consent, GOT it and THEN went to war. That’s what makes it an ILLEGAL war. Can’t we SEE that?

And it doesn’t matter that even LIBERALS voted to give Bush the green light on the matter because…he LIED to them by providing those liberals will all the intel reports. Not only the intel reports from OUR intel folks but the intel reports from several OTHER countries that all pointed to LEFT 5the exact same conclusion.

Saddam was a really nice and decent guy that never hurt a soul and was in full compliance with all the U.N. requirements and just because the U.N. had access to all those intel reports and decided for themselves that it was time to kick that nice, gentle man’s ass too…IT WAS AN ILLEGAL WAR BROUGHT ABOUT BY BUSH’S LIES and we just need to accept that.

Anyway, this whole kerfuffle over the VA is Bush’s fault regardless of the notion that bonus pay for shorter waiting lists was an Obama idea. Regardless of the silly fact that before Obama spread his prayer rug in the oval office there were fewer than 100,000 on waiting lists and then, by 2013, that number had climbed, under the great leadership of Obama to more than 800,000…it’s all BUSH’S fault.

Now I know there are plenty of other things leaving skid marks in our Conservative tighty whiteies like…


Just because it was treason to supply our enemies with weapons in a time of war and just because 4 Americans got killed over it…pish posh…calm down. There’s no need for anal leakage over treason.LEFT 6

Fast and Furious?

Look…it’s not like the Mexican drug cartels can just come up here and BUY their weapons and besides…it was only one or two border agents and a few hundred Mexican nationals who had to pay the ultimate price. Get over it already Conservatives.

Yeah, I know…the NSA spying thing.

Let’s be fair about this and realize the IRS can’t do EVERYTHING on their own. They need HELP and besides…why SHOULDN’T your government be privy to everything you say, do and spend? Chill out.

Arming the TALIBAN???

Are we really going to get all worked up over Hillary Clinton giving stinger and surface to air missiles to the Taliban in Afghanistan while we’re at war against the Taliban in Afghanistan? Really? After all, Obama made sure a bunch of OUR men and women in uniform over there had RUBBER bullets and what good would it be if we actually WON that damned war?

I mean, Israel would be a little bit safer if we kept terrorists and their organizations from growing and getting bolder. WE would be safer too but get your Conservative heads on straight…where’s the fun in us and our allies being safer?

And finally, there’s this whole business of the Taliban GITMO 5 being traded for a deserter and for some inexplicable reason, we Conservatives are just fit to be tied.

What was it ol’ Harry Reid said just a couple of days ago about those terrorists we set loose?

Oh yes…”I’m glad to get rid of these five people.”

Shouldn’t we just consider the possibility Harry is right about this and back up our new-found liberal perspective by demanding that all ilk of murderers be released from prisons across the United States? Prison, after all, is no place for terrorist masterminds or murderers. Those sorts of people should be allowed to go FREE so as to never again be a fatal cancer on all of humanity.

My friends…my fellow Conservatives…I hope you can now see the error of our ways and that we can all realize now, after reading this article, how much better the world would be if we could just all take a deep breath, calm ourselves and relax enough to…



LEGALS Yes... ILLEGALS No... period
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“I am disturbed and outraged that President Obama’s administration continues to implement this dangerous and inhumane policy, meanwhile neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve." - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer


They mostly come in through Texas...through the Rio Grande Valley...and I.C.E rounds them up and dumps them in Arizona to become Jan Brewer's unwanted and unneeded headache.

Overwhelming our Border Patrol through their sheer numbers alone, thousands of people mostly from improvised Central American countries, including 700 children traveling without their parents, have now become Arizona's responsibility both monetarily and emotionally as what does one do with all these people especially with the children traveling alone...exactly who and where do you send these children back to when you don't know who their parents are. And while your guess is as good as mine as far as the children are concerned, the adults are a quite different simply round them up and ship them the hell back to wherever they came from...period.

But of course Obama has NO plans of ever doing that, as now I.C.E. and Border Patrol agents have been told by those in Obama's D.C. orbit to ship these ILLEGALS straight to Arizona...meaning Arizona has now become Obama's garbage dump of sorts but a garbage dump with perks as he's forcing Arizona to make these ILLEGALS' accommodations as pleasant as possible. NOT caring that anything they are given here is a lot better than anything they had back at home, this pandering comes with a hefty price tag...a price tag that increases every day as the dumping numbers increase along with it.

And pray tell what kind of parents would send their children ALONE on such a journey as this knowing full well that they could be killed in the process...well let me tell you what kind...parents who are using their children as their own passport to America and to all the freebies and handouts America...Obama...will most assuredly give them...give them NO matter that they broke our laws getting here... hence the name 'ILLEGALS' NOT 'IMMIGRANTS' fits them quite well.

And when all the layers are stripped away, by Obama's dumping these people what he's actually doing...what he's the smuggling of human cargo for votes...cargo that includes children ...and as of now he is getting away with it.

So there is NO need or want to be politically correct when I say that those here ILLEGALLY are being allowed by this administration to rape the bounty of what we LEGAL Americans worked so hard to achieve.

And the payback these ILLEGALS will give to America is their unwavering loyalty to the Democratic party for generations to come as they would NEVER bite the hand of the party that clothes, houses, and feeds them. And so the screwing of 'We the People' continues on as we LEGAL we American citizens...are forced to take a back seat to criminals, for criminals is what they are simply by their coming here by knowingly and willfully breaking our laws...period.

So while immigration officials can immediately and quite legally return Mexican ILLEGALS to the border, NO such program or legality is in place to deal with Central American ILLEGALS in the same manner. And with the number of ILLEGALS being shipped to and dumped in Arizona rising every day, when confronted by Governor Brewer about this situation, Barack HUSSEIN Obama had the audacity and unmitigated gall to say this dumping will continue on NO matter Brewer's demand that he terminate this vile and unjust practice.

And reports are now being released by Border Patrol officials dealing just the number of children crossing our borders both ILLEGALLY and alone. As of today, roughly 195 children traveling alone are crossing the border into the U.S. ILLEGALLY each and every day, and that if NOT stopped...and I mean completely stopped...that number will grow to 142,000 children crossing ILLEGALLY into our country within the next year. And guess again who gets to support and pay for them all...'We the People' and our taxpayer dollars do...and I for one NEVER gave anyone permission to use my portion of those dollars to support what amounts to criminals conducting a criminal activity.

And as serious as the situation in Arizona now is some of the uninformed are screaming and saying that since Arizona has been a haven for ILLEGALS for years before this newest Obama maneuver, why hasn't Governor Brewer simply fined...and fined heavily...the companies that hired them. Well the fact is that in the past the liberal judges throughout the Arizona court system kept knocking Brewer down when she did just that, and it cost millions of taxpayer dollars each time she brought a new case to court. However, the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld what Brewer was trying to do with the 'Legal Arizona Workers Act' act which stated that if companies are caught hiring ILLEGALS without running them through the e-verify system first that they could indeed be fined and eventually shut down. But the problem is that this law is just now slowly coming online, however, with this newest mass influx of ILLEGALS it will take some time to fully implement because of the sheer numbers of ILLEGALS that are now flooding the system.

But there is indeed a solution to the problem of dumping all these people into fact there's a solution that could be applied in Texas, California, and any and all states with ILLEGAL problems as well...and it's a solution that costs just the price of a one-way bus ticket as Governor Brewer could lead the charge as she loads up her own buses and ships the ILLEGALS straight to DC and deposit them on the White House doorstep. Let Obama deal with them and all their crap...let Obama pay for their insurance with ObamaCare, let Obama learn Spanish and press one for English, let Obama use his own dollars to fund all their freebies and handouts...and let Obama deal with people who will assimilate into the fabric of American society only one step above how his muslim brethren have done.

And then seal the borders in full...and oh yes, ship any and all ILLEGALS we can back to the countries they came from as we have enough criminals here in America as is...we sure do NOT need any more. 
Partners in High Crimes, Together in Treason
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Craig Andresen By Craig Andresen via Natinal Patriot

talib 1Remember back in 2011, when the Obama regime decided to “lead from behind” in the effort to oust  Qadaffi from Libya? How his regime decided against all common sense that the thing to do was to arm the Libyan “rebels???”

As we knew then and know now, those “rebels” were al-Qaeda and in the arming of our enemies during a time of war, Obama was committing treason and we’re all TOO aware of how the transfer of those arms to al-Qaeda “rebels” in Syria ended in Benghazi but, we’re now learning of even MORE of the criminal acts of this obscene regime.

Way back then, in 2011…Hillary’s Department of State was not using the Turks as the straw men to move weapons into the hands of our enemies…She was using…Qatar…the exact same Qatar to whom Obama just released the five most vile members of the Taliban war cabinet in the illegal trade for our deserter, Bowe Bergdahl.


And what did Qatar do…exactly…with many of the arms the CIA dealt them that were supposed to be  handed over to those al-Qaeda “rebels???”

We now know that Qatar gave somewhere between 50 and 60…U.S. made STINGER MISSILES and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 SA-24 IGLA-S SURFACE TO AIR MISSILES to…THE TALIBAN IN AFGHANISTAN!!!

That’s correct…the exact same Afghanistan that the GITMO 5 call home.

And how did THAT work out for us?

It ended on the night of July 25th, 2012 when a U.S. Army CH-47…a Chinook helicopter carrying U.S. troops…an assault team, was targeted by Taliban gunners over the Kunar province and HIT…


By one of OUR OWN STINGER MISSILES!!!talib 2

That CH-47 made a crash landing, flipped over and all our personnel were able to escape while gunships tracked the path of the Stinger and lit up the Taliban fighters dispatching them in less than a minute.

Apparently, since none of our people were killed in the shoot down, the details OF it were swept under the Obama regime’s prayer rug but the investigation went forward and now, in conjunction with buried military records, we know…we KNOW that this regime, the Obama regime not only armed our al Qaeda enemies but…in trusting the Qataris…they ALSO armed our Taliban enemies in Afghanistan!!!

This latest revelation regarding the ‘smartest woman in the world’ and ‘She Who Would Be the Queen’ post Obama, is stunning but not at all surprising. The truly despicable part of it comes when you start to put it in context.

The CIA and their covert sister, the State Department, under the Obama regime are a deadly mixture and I don’t give a DAMN about how many emails, memos and communiqués Hillary Rodham Clinton was just too busy to read because she was racking up frequent flyer miles…she damn sure had to know what was going on and I guarantee you she was giving the orders.

Such things as the illicit, covert and illegal transfer of weapons through the CIA, using the Department of State for “diplomatic cover” is not talib 3going to be handled by low level State Department paper pushers…it is going to be handled at the very tip of the spear and in 2011…that spear tip was Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Low level paper pushers don’t make the decisions to draw down our security for our diplomats in Benghazi.

Low level paper pushers don’t make the decision to replace our security team in Benghazi with the 17th February Brigade…Ansar al-Sharia…al-Qaeda by another name and our enemy in a time of war.

Those sorts of decisions come directly from the oval office and Obama chose his Secretary of State carefully as he needed someone he could count on to carry out his deadly plans.

It can also be no coincidence that Hilary Clinton’s most trusted adviser, at her side at all times, was Huma Abedin whose family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a favorite terrorist organization of both Obama’s and the Qataris surely came in handy as the Obama regime endeavored to place the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt and now, clearly…the Taliban in charge of Afghanistan not to mention, his ongoing efforts to leave Syria and Libya in the hands of al-Qaeda.

And using our State Department as cover for weapons running through a third-party terrorist supporting Arab nation is also NOT the sort of decision made by low level paper pushers. That too is a decision made in the oval office with the full knowledge and complicity of the SECRETARY of State.

And you know full well who ELSE knew of this transfer of weapons to Qatar and into the hands of the Afghan Taliban…Leon Panetta…Director of the CIA from February 2009 through July 1st, 2011 and…Mike Morell…Director of the CIA from July 1st 2011 until September 6th, 2011.TALIB 4

Panetta who was there leading up to the Benghazi attacks while weapons were being transferred between Libyan al-Qaeda ‘rebels” and Syrian al-Qaeda rebels and Mike Morell who provided false testimony regarding the Benghazi You Tube talking points memo blaming the origin of that crap on some low level analyst when we NOW know that cover-your-ass story came directly from…THE OVAL OFFICE.

So…the weapons needed to remove Qadaffi, who WAS removed and killed on Oct 20th 2011, were supplied to al-Qaeda forces in Libya by Obama from the oval office…Hillary Clinton via the State Department…and the combination of Panetta and Morell at the CIA while at the same time, this same foursome was also supplying the Taliban in Afghanistan with weapons via the Qataris.

How convenient.

ALL our enemies…in a time of war…on the receiving end of the Obama regime’s weapons giveaway program.

Now then, ask yourselves another VERY important question…

Why was it again, that the FBI was left cooling their heels in Tripoli for 3 weeks after the Benghazi attacks?

TALIB 5Was it because it was just too darn dangerous, as we were told, to allow them to go to Benghazi? That clearly is NOT the case because JOURNALISTS had free RUN of Benghazi just a couple of days after the attacks and even spoke to one of the attack ring leaders while he calmly sipped a strawberry frappuccino at a sidewalk café.

Or…Was it because in the wake of the downing of that afore mentioned Chinook in the Kunar province…where the rapid investigation clearly discovered an unexploded piece of one of our very own STINGER missiles…that the Obama regime just couldn’t take the chance that any MORE pieces of OUR OWN WEAPONS would be discovered in and around the site of the Benghazi attacks???

The Obama regime has spent YEARS arming our enemies in a time of war, masking it with help from Hillary’s Department of State and calling it “leadership from behind.”

Let me explain this as clearly as possible…

Obama may well be “leading from behind” but…He is leading our enemies, from behind the front lines…AGAINST OUR OWN MILITARY!!!


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