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Arizona, Kansas Win Court Case to Require Proof of US Citizenship to Register to Vote
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I am thoroughly convinced that the only reason liberal Democrats are so anxious to pass their immigration reform bills is to set up the means for millions of illegal aliens to vote in US and state elections even though it is not legal for them to vote.

In many states, all someone needs is a valid state driver’s license to register to vote.  On voter registration forms, it asks the question if you are a US citizen and whether you are or not, all you have to do is check ‘yes’ and you will be registered to vote.  This is why Obama made his illegal DREAM Act executive order to allow millions of illegals to remain and work in the country.  Many states like California allow the illegals to obtain a valid state driver’s license, thus paving the way for illegals to register to vote.

Arizona and Kansas passed laws that forbid illegals from obtaining a valid state driver’s license or any state benefits.  However, they decided to take stronger measures to avoid voter fraud in requiring anyone registering to vote to provide proof that they are a US citizen.  Proof can be in the form of a birth certificate, passport or other legal document that proves citizenship.

To accomplish this, both state election officials, Kris Kobach of Kansas and Ken Bennett of Arizona, filed a federal lawsuit against the US Election Assistance Commission to add the proof of citizenship to the federal voter registration forms.  Liberal groups including the Democrats argued that such a requirement would block many of their young and poor Democratic voters from being able to register and vote.

Arguments on the lawsuit were heard before US District Judge Eric Melgren in Wichita, Kansas.  This week Melgren ruled that the federal commission had no legal authority to deny the request from the two states and ordered the commission to revise the federal voter registration form immediately to include proof of citizenship.  In his ruling, Melgren stated that the US Constitution gives states the power and right to establish voter requirements.  He also said that Congress has not preempted this right of the states.

Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General responded to the court’s ruling, saying:

“Today’s decision is an important victory for the people of Arizona against the Obama administration, assuring that only Arizona residents and not illegals vote in Arizona elections.”

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State also commented to the ruling, saying:

“This is a huge victory for the states of Kansas and Arizona.  They have successfully protected our sovereign right to set and enforce the qualifications for registering to vote. We have now paved the way for all 50 states to protect their voter rolls and ensure that only U.S. citizens can vote.”

Bryan Whitener, a spokesman for the US Election Assistance Commission sent out an email stating that the ruling is ‘under review.’  If they decide to appeal Melgren’s ruling, it will go before the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.  Knowing how much the Democrats are counting on millions of illegal votes to win their elections, I’m sure they will appeal the decision and if necessary take it all the way to the US Supreme Court.

If this decision stands and other states follow along, this could be a serious blow to the Democrats power in Washington DC.  But let me ask you a question: Why have Democrats fought so hard to prevent photo ID laws, the cleaning up of state voter registration rolls and requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote?

Their argument that it discriminates against minorities and poor people is bogus.  There are many poor whites as well as blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Europeans, American Indians and so forth.  But the very groups that the Democrats point to receive tons of government aid and they have to show some kind of ID in order to receive their aid don’t they?  If they can obtain an ID to get their welfare, food stamps, housing and healthcare assistance, then surely they can obtain the proper ID when it comes to voting.  Therefore their argument is bogus and illogical, leaving only one reason why they fight such voter laws and that is they need voter fraud in order to win their elections. They need people voting for other people, for dead people, for pets and they need illegals and legal non-citizens to vote Democratic so they can continue to destroy America.

Hurray, one for the good guys, now we need the rest of the states to follow and demand proof of Citizenship for voter registration and voting... Easiest way to do this is to put nationality on the drivers licenses and IDs...(like they do ion most of the rest of the civilized world)


Atheist Organization Attacks Governor Scott Walker for Bible Tweet
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The latest anti-God tyranny concerns a Twitter post by Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Here it is. Get ready. It’s ominous. It’s devastating. -- "Philippians 4:13."

That’s it. Gov. Walker didn’t even cite the content of the verse which is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

The FFRF was so outraged by this free expression of religion that the group sent a letter to Gov. Walker claiming that the tweet was a “misuse of gubernatorial and state of Wisconsin imprimatur.”

How is this possible? It doesn’t matter to these atheists. It’s really all about publicity and fund raising. They know that their protestations don’t carry any moral, constitutional, or historical weight.

First, the Preamble to the Wisconsin Constitution states unequivocally that there is a God and it is the goal of the people to secure the blessings of freedom that come from God:

“We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessings, form a more perfect government, insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare, do establish this constitution.”

If those freedoms don’t come from God, then they are the creation either of the individual, which could result in anarchy, every person doing what he or she believes is right, or of the State where they can defined and redefined at will.

If the people of Wisconsin are grateful to Almighty God, it seems to be very obvious that Gov. Walker was actually in full compliance with the Constitution since his tweet was an expression of gratitude.

Under the “Freedom of Religion” provision, there is “the right of every person to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of conscience,” and such a right “shall never be infringed.” Notice that it does not say, except when a person becomes an elected official.

Second, the Constitution of the United States guarantees that “Congress shall make no law” that would “prohibit the free exercise” of religion. In addition, the First Amendment also guarantees the freedom of speech.

The letter that was sent to Gov. Walker was signed by FFRF co-presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker. Here’s a portion of what they wrote: “As governor, you took an oath of office to uphold the entirely godless and secular United States Constitution.” How absolutely profoundly ignorant.

Third, the United States Constitution states that it was done on “the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth.” The use of “Lord” is a reference to Jesus Christ, the same person cited in the verse that Gov. Walker tweeted. “The Twelfth” is a reference to the Declaration of Independence that references God as the “Creator” and “Supreme Judge of the world.”

So far, Gov. Walker is on solid ground, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation is trying to tread constitutional water while holding a two-ton anchor.

Fourth, there are so many historical examples of governors expressing their religious views publicly that it would take a book to list all of them. Here is a portion of what Samuel Adams, Governor of Massachusetts and signer of the Declaration of Independence, included in a 1795 Thanksgiving proclamation: Adams,_Thanksgiving Proclamation

“I have thought fit, according to the ancient and laudable Practice of our renowned Ancestors, to appoint a day of Public Thanksgiving to God, for the great benefits which He has been pleased to bestow upon us, in the Year past. And I do by the advice and consent of the Council, appoint THURSDAY, the Nineteenth day of November next, to be observed as a DAY of PUBLIC THANKSGIVING and PRAISE throughout this Commonwealth: Calling upon the Ministers of the Gospel of all Denominations, with their respective Congregations to assemble on that Day, to offer to God, their unfeigned [sic] Gratitude, for his great Goodness to the People of the United States in general, and of this Commonwealth in particular.

The second is a Thanksgiving proclamation from 1791 under the signature of John Hancock, also a signer of the Declaration of Independence and governor of Massachusetts:

“I HAVE therefore thought fit to appoint, and by the advice and consent of the Council, do hereby accordingly appoint, THURSDAY, the seventeenth of November next, to be observed as a Day of Public THANKSGIVING and PRAISE, throughout this Commonwealth:—Hereby calling upon Ministers and People of every denomination, to assemble on the said Day—and in the name of the Great Mediator, devoutly and sincerely offer to Almighty God, the gratitude of our Hearts, for all his goodness towards us; more especially in that HE has been pleased to continue to us so a great a measure of Health—to cause the Earth plentifully to yield her increase, so that we are supplied with the Necessaries, and the Comforts of Life—to prosper our Merchandise and Fishery—And above all, not only to continue to us the enjoyment of our civil Rights and Liberties; but the great and most important Blessing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Notice the reference to “Jesus Christ,” the subject of Philippians 4:13 in Gov. Walker's Tweet.

Governor Walker is in good constitutional and historical company, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation doesn’t have a constitutional leg to stand on.


My Disagreement with Conservative Icon Thomas Sowell
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If you’re a member of the Tea Party or are simply a conservative, no doubt you’ve heard the following: Oh you idealists – you have to live in the real world. You must be more pragmatic. You have to be willing to occasionally compromise and those we elect must understand that they will have to work with the Democrats at some point to build bipartisan coalitions — wait for it —“To Get Things Done.”

Well, “getting things done” can mean different of things to different people.

To us conservatives, getting things done means cutting the size of government – I mean slashing it like Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge did. It means cutting government spending. I mean really cutting – not just a slight decrease of a massive spending increase (baseline budgeting).

It also means doing what is necessary to save the Republic in the face of a real or perceived public backlash (mostly perceived).

Yes, I understand that occasionally one has to compromise, but compromise shouldn’t be synonymous with surrender. What we have in the Republican leadership of both the House and Senate is just that – two halves of the Republican surrender coalition.

So, once again, I must do what I hoped I would never have to – strongly disagree with one of my heroes, Dr. Thomas Sowell.

In his recent article, “Facts and Factions,” he is, in effect, defending and supporting the Republican establishment and doing so out of what I can only describe as fear.

Sowell quotes the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan: “You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.” I certainly agree with that.

Dr. Sowell then points out that “we are at a crucial point in the history of America, and perhaps approaching the point of no return.” I can’t argue with that either.

He explains that with three more years of Obama, “we must win back the Senate in order to rein in the lawless Obama administration.” Agreed, mostly.

So why on earth would he be so strongly supportive of the spineless but devious Mitch McConnell, the other half of the surrender coalition who lies about being conservative just long enough to win his primary?

McConnell has never demonstrated his willingness to make the tough choices. What proof can Dr. Sowell show us to placate our fears that McConnell won’t just roll over and surrender to Obama and the mainstream media the establishment fears? I can tell you, true conservatives will not.

Case in point: Without a strong conservative coalition in the House, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell would have already rammed through the “Amnesty” bill.

Why is it that he and others believe that only the establishment can “win the day”?

Dr. Sowell writes: “Those Republicans who seem ready to jeopardize their own party’s chances of winning these two crucial elections [2014 and 2016] by following a rule-or-ruin fight against fellow Republicans may claim to be following their ideals. But headstrong self-righteousness is not idealism, and it is seldom a way to advance any cause.”

Rule or ruin? Honestly? Who are the ones running vicious attack ads? The Rove led establishment Republicans against their conservative challengers. That’s who! We don’t see that vitriol aimed at the Democrats. No, we conservatives are enemy number one.

And, fellow Republicans? They aren’t fellow Republicans. They are big government progressives.

The establishment Republicans can and do give away the store to the Democrats in the name of compromise, but won’t give an inch to the conservatives.

Recent history has proven that the Republican base will turn out and the right (conservative) candidates can and do win. With the support of the party, conservatives can win the day and start the process of getting our country back.

It’s the establishment that works harder to defeat conservatives than it does to defeat Democrats.

If we win the Senate back with the McConnells, Grahams, and McCains in charge, we will have simply switched from a jet to a bullet train ride to our demise.

I’m sorry Dr. Sowell, but again it pains me to say that, in my opinion, you’re wrong about this.


Tea Party Candidate Scott Wagner Beats Democrat and Republican by Wide Margin
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A political tidal wave just hit in Pennsylvania. When’s the last time a write-in candidate won an election? It doesn’t happen very often.

But it happened in the Keystone State – for the first time. Will the establishment Republicans in other states take notice?

Tea Party candidate Scott Wagner won a seat in the Pennsylvania Senate with a write-in campaign against Republican Ron Miller and Democrat Linda Small.

The district encompasses York, a bustling city that’s famous for the York Barbell Company, which houses the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame, and a Harley-Davidson “motorcycle factory, which employs roughly half of Harley's production workforce.”

Wagner’s win was impressive. Wagner got 48 percent of the vote, while Democrat Linda Small received 26 percent and the GOP-backed candidate Ron Miller got 27 percent.

Wagner, who also owns a KBS Trucking in Thomasville, comes to the Senate planning to be a maverick by not accepting a taxpayer-funded pension or health insurance, limiting himself to two terms, limiting his contacts with special interests, and working to downsize state government.

“He supports eliminating school property taxes and replacing that lost revenue by imposing sales tax on food and clothing. He supports job training for welfare recipients. He also supports legalizing medical marijuana.

“Throughout his campaign, Wagner was critical of the Senate Republican leadership and state Republican Party for orchestrating the special election in such a way to hand the seat, vacated by Mike Waugh in January, to Miller, which GOP leaders denied.”

If the establishment had gotten behind Wagner, the Democrat would have been crushed. The landslide election would have sent a ripple of optimism through the conservative base.

Wagner ran a smart race. The Tea Party has a lot to learn from him.

The GOP-establishment tried to sabotage Wagner at every turn. But instead of whining and complaining, he dug in and beat them at their own game:

“We did this the same way as my businesses,” Wagner said. “Strategy, study, capitalizing it well, and executing. We studied the voting machine carefully, taking pictures of it and making sure it was user-friendly for people to write my name in. We hired four full-time staffers, five part-time staffers, and retained a respected election lawyer. And we mailed voters repeatedly, with education on how to write my name in.”

This is the way to win elections. The problem is, the GOP establishment doesn’t like winners like Scott Wagner. This new Tea Party breed of politicians mess with the establishment’s base of power and cronyism.

There’s a lesson here for conservatives and constitutionalists as well. Winning elections are not won with happy thoughts and right rhetoric. It takes hard work, time, and money.


Bad News: The Washington Times Is Talking Up Jeb Bush
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I still remember Bush Sir’s Term as “The Bush Abdication” that followed “The Reagan Revolution.” His refusal to even try to pretend to care about Reagan’s principles—his re-regulation of the economy and his raising of taxes after making an Obama-like pledge to never do so—gave conservatives no reason to show up at the polls.

With his son, I had high hopes. I thought George W. Bush’s time governing Texas would mean a different ruling philosophy than his dad’s. In retrospect, I had no real reason to be hopeful. But Bush promised a humbler foreign policy and no nation building. I just assumed he would slow down the growth of government and stop the Clinton-Gore executive power grabs. My wife and I prayed for him while the conflict erupted in Florida.

And we all know how that turned out.

So what is this?

Jeb Bush is casting a shadow over the entire field of potential Republican presidential candidates, as the former Florida governor continues to ponder a run in 2016 and keep his political options open.

On one hand, the Bush name, a network of donors and his relatively conservative record as governor make Mr. Bush a force to be reckoned with.

But the Bush name also could work against him. Even his mother waffled on whether the country is ready for another member of her family to run for the White House.

“Asking whether Jeb Bush reshapes the presidential field is like asking whether LeBron James reshapes a basketball team,” said Brett Doster, a Florida-based Republican Party strategist who worked on Mr. Bush’s first gubernatorial campaign in 1993.

“If you look at the Republican field minus Jeb Bush, you have some potential stars out there, but nobody knows whether they can put together the grand effort needed to win the nomination and go on to win the White House,” he said. “With Jeb, people are immediately struck by his intellectual heft. He is a serious policymaker and you get the sense that he could go all the way.”

Jeb Bush has intellectual heft?

What Jeb Bush has going for him is that he is not a Democrat and he has money and access to money. The story acknowledges that the Tea Party has no interest in Jeb. But his Republican supporters claim that they might not have any other options.

Whoever wins the backing of the Republican Party establishment will be hard to beat, they said.

“For all the Sturm und Drang regarding the tea party in the Republican nominating process, it’s going to be hard for someone who lacks widespread establishment support to win the nomination,” said Mr. Kondik and Mr. Sabato, referring to Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

You have to admit, they have a point. It has worked now two elections in a row with first McCain and then Romney. In fact, it has worked that way for the establishment in every election since 1988.

I’m not making any rash vows about never voting for Jeb if he wins the primary. But I’m going to do all I can to never reach the point where I am forced to choose between him and the Democrat candidate.


Ukraine vs. Russia...Putin vs. and the same
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“We’re imposing sanctions on more senior officials of the Russian government.”
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama 3/20/14

Useless...totally useless for in order for economic sanctions to work one needs to sanction an entire country NOT just target specific individuals, but when one does NOT understand basic economic premises, let alone how they work or don't work, what can you expect.

And while some suspect that Crimea is all about Vladmir Putin wanting to restore the former Soviet Union as the world's number one superpower, the fact is he wants even in Vladimir Putin wants to restore the glory days of the Russian Empire complete with Czar Putin the First.

Also wanting to be the political foot hovering over the backs of the economies of Europe without actually crushing them, Putin knows what 'red lines' he can and cannot cross. Starting WWIII is NOT in Putin's plans for at heart he wants wealth...personal wealth and power.

Territorial acquisition by force is indeed Putin's goal as he strives to rebuild the 'motherland' and his personal fortune with Crimea being rung one on his ladder to implied success on all fronts. And knowing that what Putin wants Putin usually gets, our 'fearless' leader does NOTHING but slap useless sanctions on a few rich Russians who could care less.

Thinking he's putting pressure on Russia with sanctions that include denying visas, freezing assets, and barring those sanctioned from doing business in the U.S. along with being unable to conduct transactions in American dollars anywhere in the world...he's putting them on a very small group of wealthy individuals. Sanctioning wealthy individuals including Putin’s chief of staff Sergei Ivanov, lifelong friends Arkady Rotenberg and Russian oil billionaire Gennady Timchenko, whose companies have amassed billions of dollars in government contracts, along with 17 others individuals as well as freezing the assets of Bank Rossiya, Putin's private bank owned by personal friend Yuri Kovalchuk, is Obama's idea of standing up to Putin.

And what does Putin do in response as the European Union joins Obama in expanding the number of people they're targeting (including pro-Russian Crimean secessionist leaders, 10 leading Russian lawmakers who have endorsed the annexation of Crimea, and three top Russian military commanders) along with threatening to cancel an EU-Russia summit...Putin counter-sanctions Obama's and the EU's sanctions by imposing entry bans on American lawmakers like Harry Reid and John Boehner, and on senior White House officials like Obama's senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer and his deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes. And playing tit-for-tat Obama signed an executive order that would enable him to penalize key sectors of the Russian economy, including their energy businesses. An executive order that Obama could act on if Russian forces move into other areas of any of Obama's executive orders would ever stand in Putin's way.

But until this happens...and there is NO guarantee it will ever happen as we all know how Obama loves to hear himself bloviate but NEVER acts on his bloviations...the 'Russian Bear' has again checkmated Obama as he marches forward with even more force and determination. So while Obama continues to declare Russia's incursion into Crimea a violation of international law, and while Ukrainian officials vow NEVER to accept Crimea's annexation by Russia, Putin signed a decree that recognizes the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Crimea at the same time the Russian parliament starts the legislative process of annexing Crimea back into the 'motherland.'

And know that NO matter how loud Obama squawks Putin will NOT give up Crimea, and will manipulate his way into other areas of Ukraine with pro-Russia populations as well. But this time he may do it with political upheavals and financial sabotage instead of with troops and in do it by encouraging ethnic Russians into committing acts of public it by waging a well-crafted it with visa it by financially crippling Ukraine by raising natural gas prices...and do it by demanding immediate repayment of billions of dollars in debts and loans.

"We offer peace, and Russia offers war" said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who still hopes for a diplomatic solution to the turmoil that is engulfing his country all while acknowledging that there was "a strong possibility" of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

So while Crimean lawmakers have approved legislation to make the Russian ruble the official currency in Crimea along with the Ukrainian hryvnia, and while on March 30th, Crimea will move to Moscow Standard Time, a partial mobilization of Ukraine's armed forces has started...armed forces that really are NO match for Putin's forces. But no one...NOT Obama or Ukrainian officials...can overlook the fact that that most of Crimea's population, with the exception of the Tatar minority and some ethnic Ukrainians, are more than happy to return to what they have always regarded as their ancestral home...'mother' Russia.

And this serves Vladimir Putin well for the man who wants to return Russia to her long ago imperial glory works his will and his all bullies do...through intimidation and strength...while Barack HUSSEIN Obama shows weaknesses and ineptitude on the world stage. And Obama's weakness will indeed be the cause of Ukraine's ultimate downfall as a community organizer is NO match for a 'Russian Bear' with a heart of steel whose NOT afraid to get blood on his hands.

And know that when this is all said and done there will be blood on Putin's hands...blood on Obama's hands...and it will be innocent Ukrainian blood and that is the saddest thing of all.


New Executive Order: “Obama Has Just Given Himself the Authority to Seize Your Assets”
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By Mac Slavo via SHTFP


On Monday the U.S. government took steps to seize the US-based assets of Russian lawmakers and anyone else that the US government deemed complicit in supporting the Crimean secession movement.

We’ve seen the U.S. government do this in countless cases surrounding drug and financial crimes, and sometimes even against foreign leaders like Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega.

What makes this particular instance so unprecedented and terrifying is that President Obama went so far as to issue a new Executive Order to give himself the authorization to do so, because the laws of the United States are such that our government is not allowed to simply take someone’s bank assets, home or business without due process.

Here’s the kicker.

The new Executive Order doesn’t just apply to just Russians or foreigners. It gets blanket coverage, so even American citizens could now face asset forfeiture if their actions are deemed to be “contributing to the situation in the Ukraine.”

Be careful what you say. Be careful what you write. President Obama has just given himself the authority to seize your assets.

According to the president’s recent Executive Order, “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine” (first reported by WND’s Aaron Klein), the provisions for seizure of property extend to “any United States person.” That means “any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.”

Via: The Ron Paul Institute

Like most Executive Orders and government legalese, the definitions for why an individual would have their assets seized under this directive are extremely broad and they could, for all intents and purposes, be used against anyone who supports Russian interests, or simply argues against those of the United States.

You can read the full Executive Order at the White House web site. The key points are noted below:

All property and interests in property that are in the United States, that hereafter come within the United States, or that are or hereafter come within the possession or control of any United States person (including any foreign branch) of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt in: any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State:

(i) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly, any of the following:

(A) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine;

(B) actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine; or

(C) misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine or of an economically significant entity in Ukraine

This new Executive Order has crossed a very dangerous line. It’s one that turns the notions of property rights and due process upside down by effectively bypassing the U.S. Constitution.

While we’re sure the President and his staff would argue that such a law would never be used against Americans who are protected by free speech, the fact is that the Executive Branch now believes it has the self-manifested authority to target any individual who engages in activities that undermine US interests abroad or at home.

If a President of the United States believes he has the authority to make it illegal for you to provide support to Russia by way of political commentary, charitable donations or other methods, could he also use similar directives to push forward other agendas?

President Obama has already re-authorized an E.O. giving him the ability to seize farms, food, processing plants, energy resources, transportation, and skilled laborers during national emergency.

The next Executive Order could come in the form of restrictions on firearms advocacy or target those who speak out against policies like government mandated health care. All it would take is the declaration of a national emergency and they can essentially do as they please.

Is it prudent to give a single person the ability to force such actions down the throats of the American people without Congressional oversight or Judicial review?


Taxpayers Paying Salary of Convicted al-Qaeda Spy Now Working for IRS
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How would you feel if you knew that a convicted al-Qaeda spy had access to all of your personal financial information?  And how would you feel if you found out that you were helping to pay that person’s lucrative salary that allows him the access to your personal financial information?

Meet Mohammad Weiss Rasool, a Muslim who immigrated to the US in the early 2000s from Afghanistan.  Rasool got a job with the Fairfax County Police Department as a law enforcement officer.  Evidently he was a good cop because by 2008 he had been promoted to a sergeant on the police force.

Then Rasool used his position to search a national criminal database that contained the names of terrorist suspects.  He found the name of a friend of his that attended the same mosque as he did and confirmed that the FBI was trailing his friend.  The friend was Abdullah Alnoshan who was a close associate of the well-known al-Qaeda cleric and terrorist Anwar Awlaki.

When the FBI made their move to arrest Rasool’s friend, they found him and his family destroying evidence and they were dressed and ready to flee.  In 2008, the Justice Department filed a complaint against Rasool when it was discovered that he was the one who leaked the information back to his terrorist friend.  At first Rasool denied the charges but when presented with a tape of his message to Alnoshan, Rasool pleaded guilty to illegally searching a federal database.

After serving his sentence for his felony conviction, Rasool, somehow managed to obtain a job with the IRS using only his middle and last names – Weiss Rasool.  He works for the Deputy IRS Chief Financial Officer as a financial management analyst where he has access to all of our IRS records and information.

Knowing that Rasool was guilty of illegally accessing and using a federal database to aid a terrorist friend, what makes them think he won’t use his position and access to further aid other Muslims or terrorist friends?  I like the way former Rep. Allen West summarized it when he wrote:

“So now, a Muslim man convicted of abusing sensitive government data has access to the sensitive financial data of millions of Americans at an agency known for abusing such information. Sounds like a perfect fit actually.”

“There is a den of venomous Islamic snakes occupying northern Virginia and at some point it will have to be rooted out. However, to have this individual now working in the IRS with such sensitive access is disturbing. Mr. Rasool, who is still at the IRS and goes by the name ‘Weiss Russell,’ is a felon who should have been deported after completing his sentence.”

“I can already hear the responses from our progressive socialist friends. These are the same folks who went apoplectic about Halliburton and ties to Vice President Dick Cheney. So is infiltration of our government agencies by Islamists the goal of that bumper sticker, ‘coexist?’”

I agree with West in that Rasool should have been deported back to Afghanistan for aiding and abetting a known terrorist of the United States.  In fact, isn’t that the definition of treason?  But since we have a person guilty of multiple counts of treason occupying the White House, why should we be surprised to find another one working for the scandalous IRS?


Charlie Rangel Accuses You and Me of Being Descendants of Slave Owners
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You know when a person is losing the debate when he goes postal on you. I’ve seen it happen many times. When an argument can’t be made based on the facts, the personal attacks begin.

It’s the adult version of school-yard bullying.

“Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) in an appearance on NY1′s ‘Inside City Hall,’ called Tea Party members ‘mean, racist people’ who are descendants of slave owners in the South and still love their Confederate flag...”

It’s true, I live in the South. But I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I can assure you that no one in my family has ever owned any slaves for the simple fact that my grandparents were born in Italy. I am one-hundred percent Italian (DeMario).

My grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early part of the 20th century so they didn’t have anything to do with slavery.

I’m a proud supporter of the Tea Party. My support doesn’t have a thing to do with race.

Most of the people who work for and with me are not from the South, and yet all of us support the fundamental principles of the Tea Party. He may want to check out the numerous Tea Party organizations in New York and every other state in the union. Are we to suppose that they're all descendants of slave owners?

And what about the Confederate flag charge by Rangel? The last time I checked, the flag that's being flown by the Tea Party is the Gadsden Flag: "Dont Tread on Me."

Rangel has used the race card to enrich himself while blacks generally have been turned into servants to a single political party. While government programs alone can’t be blamed for all the ills that are found in the black community, they certainly have contributed to it.

Black unemployment is at an all-time high, abortion rates among blacks is over 50 percent. “Data from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reveals that black women had more abortions than live births in 2012.” Then there’s gang violence and a high dropout rate from high school. Is the Tea Party to blame for all of this?

These grinding statistics are the result of a long history of government interference in the lives of the poor. The Great Society Program of the 1960s was the major factor in crippling black families.

If Charlie Rangel wants to talk about slavery, he’s been one of the biggest contributors to it. Some black politicians have noticed how the welfare state, of which Rangel has been one of its biggest contributors, has affected black families.

E.W. Jackson, who is black and was the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in 2013 in Virginia, “said slavery did not destroy black families, but government welfare programs launched in the 1960s caused them to deteriorate.”

Jackson said:

“I am a direct descendent of slaves. My grandfather was born . . . to a father and a mother who had been slaves. And by the way, their family was more intact than the black family is today.”

“I’m telling you that slavery did not destroy the black family, even though it certainly was an attack on the black family. It made it difficult.”

What was the Democrat response? They circulated a video of Jackson’s speech “comparing things to slavery is insulting,” calling it “extreme rhetoric.”

So a black Republican can’t reference slavery but a liberal Democrat can.

Charlie Rangel has been one of the biggest promoters of maintaining a slave mentality among Blacks. Now he’s trying to cover his policy failures by blaming the Tea Party.


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