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Muslims Luring Weak Christians with ‘Jesus is Muslim’ Billboards
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: muslims Obama Democrats Islam oppression tyranny anti-America progressives communists

I hate to admit it but the majority of Christians are weak and uninformed about what Christianity really is.  They believe it’s more of a Sunday social gathering and looking good to the neighbors, but they fail to realize just what being a Christian means.  I once spoke with a pastor that told me that he believed that at least 40%-60% of people sitting in the pews on Sunday mornings don’t know what the Bible says and would easily denounce Christianity under duress.

For several years, I was a trainer with Evangelism Explosion.  During that time, I would say that over 75% of the people professing to be Christian had no understanding of salvation.  When we asked them what they would say to God if they died and He asked them why He should let them into heaven, the vast majority said it was because they were good.  Probably less than 25% answered that it was because they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Weak and uninformed Christians easily compromise their faith by succumbing to the ways of the world.  They embrace homosexuality, same-sex marriage, sex before marriage, divorce, works, evolution and other compromises.  Consequently, their faith is weak and easily directed in the wrong direction, leading them further astray from the truth.

This is what a group of Muslims in Columbus, Ohio are counting on.  A group calling themselves Ask a Muslim has launched a controversial billboard campaign throughout the state capital in hopes of luring these weak Christians away from Christianity and drawing them into Islam.  They have erected billboards with the messages ‘Jesus is Muslim’ and ‘Mohammed is in the Bible.’

A statement from the group stated:

"We believe that clearing up the many misconceptions about Islam will make this world a better place. A place with less violence and hatred, filled with mutual respect and understanding."

Their website states:

"Muslims are following the teachings of Jesus, while most Christians have began to follow the Church – this is why the Quran needed to be revealed. (Holy Quran 9:31)."


"Please remember Islam = following Jesus. Muhammad confirmed Jesus."

Coach Dave Daubenmire, Founder of Pass the Salt Ministries spoke out about the billboards saying:

"Although we support the Islamic community's right to free speech, as well as their right to post messages on billboards, we do not support the hijacking of the name of Jesus Christ in their attempt to lure uninformed Christians into their religion."

“Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and resurrected over 600 years before the birth of Mohammed. Although Islam honors Jesus as a prophet, they do not believe that He is the risen Son of God."

"During this most Holy Lenten Season we find the messages on the billboards to be insensitive, dishonest and deserving of a response from concerned Christians. We will be on the streets to proclaim Jesus is NOT Muslim but Jesus is Lord!!"

Have you ever heard that half-truths can be more dangerous than outright lies?  In this case it’s true.  Mohammed did confirm Jesus, but as a prophet, not the incarnate Son of God.  As a prophet, Mohammed did quote some of Jesus’ teachings, but not all of them.

But people, especially these weak Christians being targeted need to be told that Jesus was a Jew, not a Muslim and Jews and Muslims have been mortal enemies for centuries.  They also need to be told that the Quran teaches that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and therefore should be killed, not tolerated.  Most importantly, everyone needs to be told or reminded about the one teaching of Jesus that won’t be found in the Quran or quoted by any Muslim and that is John 14:6:

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

Obamacare Supporter To Leukemia Patient: “I Hope Cancer Kills You Soon”…
Category: General
Tags: Obamacare left oppression communists progressives anti-American

How progressive.

Via Twitchy:

Michigan mom and leukemia patient Julie Boonstra already had her run-in with the tolerant Left. Boonstra, who filmed an ad about her struggles with Obamacare for Americans for Prosperity, was targeted by Michigan Rep. Gary Peters, who threatened to sue her into silence.

That wasn’t the end of the attacks, however. Slade O’Brien, southern regional director for AFP, shared this letter sent anonymously to Boostra.

Keep reading…

Ah yes, the tolerant left, just about as tolerant as their favorite religion: islam...


Socialism In Action: Venezuela Issues ID Cards To Curtail Food Hoarding…
Category: General
Tags: Obamacare left oppression communists progressives anti-American

via wz

But… but… but… showing an ID card is racist!

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Battling food shortages, the government is rolling out a new ID system that is either a grocery loyalty card with extra muscle or the most dramatic step yet toward rationing in Venezuela, depending on who is describing it.

President Nicolas Maduro’s administration says the cards to track families’ purchases will foil people who stock up on groceries at subsidized prices and then illegally resell them for several times the amount. Critics say it’s another sign the oil-rich Venezuelan economy is headed toward Cuba-style dysfunction.

Registration begins at more than 100 government-run supermarkets across the country Tuesday, and working-class shoppers who sometimes endure hours-long lines at government-run stores to buy groceries at steeply reduced prices are welcoming the plan.

“The rich people have things all hoarded away, and they pull the strings,” said Juan Rodriguez, who waited two hours to enter the government-run Abastos Bicentenario supermarket near downtown Caracas on Monday, and then waited another three hours to check out.

The future we all face if Democrats and Obama get their way...

CAIR Successfully Shuts Down Screening of Film On Honor Killings At The Univ. of Michigan After Screaming “Islamophobia”…
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: CAIR hate muslims Obama Democrats Islam oppression tyranny anti-American progressives communists

By Lias Daftari via FN

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is at it again. This time they have succeeded in shutting down a screening of the film, "Honor Diaries," at the University of Michigan, Dearborn last Thursday night, claiming that the film is ‘Islamophobic.’

"Honor Diaries" is a recently-released documentary profiling nine Muslim women and their horrific experiences in Islamic societies living with practices such as female genital mutilation, honor violence, honor killings and forced marriage at young ages.

How can any interest group protest the profiling of violent and grotesque practices against women?

CAIR started a Twitter campaign a few days ago against the film, calling it ‘Islamophobic,’ the term groups such as CAIR use not to mean prejudice or fear against the religion, but a fabricated term used to denote anything unflattering to Islam.

It’s a tactic used by CAIR and others to successfully and often indefinitely quiet any criticism of Islam, even when it’s shining light upon the practice of honor violence and depriving young women of education, two central themes in the film. 

And most of the time it works. We see it in cases such as this one, where individuals like those organizing this film screening become fearful at the thought of offending a minority group.  Because offending others is very anti-American; but then again, isn’t stifling free speech?

Who is being offended when we are talking about mutilation and women setting themselves on fire to escape marriage before puberty? 

How can any interest group protest the profiling of violent and grotesque practices against women?

Well, CAIR has been careful to say that while these subjects do need to be addressed, they shouldn’t be profiled by “Islamophobes” or by the Clarion Project, the group funding the film. 

Clarion’s previous film projects include "Iranium," the "Third Jihad" and "Obsession." More importantly, as far as CAIR is concerned and in further delegitimizing Clarion’s work, it’s headed by Raphael Shore, a Canadian-Israeli rabbi. 

But CAIR isn’t doing the dirty work here or even its own research.  The group is relying on the facts and arguments presented by Richard Silverstein, a progressive blogger who discredits the film on his blog: “One has to ask why a film about the purported abuse of Muslim women was produced by Jews, and ones with a distinct ideological agenda at that.”

CAIR links to his blog on Twitter to make the case: A Jew can’t be profiling human rights abuses against Muslim women.

But how much longer can we as a society allow a group, that is meant to constructively guide and promote the integration of a religious group, instead bully those who are only trying to expose its dangerous and extremist practices?  When they attempt to cover up these crimes, are they not as guilty as the perpetrators?

As a council, CAIR is meant to be a bridge facilitating relations between the American and Islamic communities. Instead, they are creating the rifts and enlarging the gaps.

Shouldn’t CAIR be first in calling out these inhumane practices if they are looking to protect the name of Islam and its people?

The Huffington Post did both an article and video segment on "Honor Diaries," just after the film’s debut on March 8 in honor of International Women’s Day. 

The Huff Post championed its cause and echoed its important message, as a film raising awareness about human rights and misogyny, not one defiling Islam.

“CAIR has done what they do best: deflect the issue. Since they don’t address the issue of violence head on, why let anyone else bring it up?” Raheel Raza, one of the activists featured in the film, told me. 

Raza, originally from Pakistan, now lives in Canada and is an author, speaker, president of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow and founder of Forum 4 Learning, a group promoting religious diversity and interfaith harmony.

“If they lobby to have the event cancelled, then they have effectively swept it under the carpet and for them it doesn't exist. This is why it’s so important to see 'Honor Diaries' and break the barriers of silence and constipated political correctness,” Raza said.

The danger in allowing a group like CAIR to strong-arm a university into canceling an important screening is two fold.

First, it becomes our duty as a society to never allow the ideology of one group to overpower the rights of another just by throwing around an overused, loaded word: ‘Islamophobic.’

Americans have become extremely tolerant of varying opinions, religions, philosophies, etc. We are careful not to offend and alienate. But what will political correctness cost us as a society? To what degree is political correctness no longer correct but used just as a weapon to censor and control the dialogue? 

Secondly, the appalling practices such as female genital mutilation, honor violence, honor killings and forced marriage at young ages.of this film must be exposed and people must become aware of them. It is the responsibility of every free individual to know about and to actively oppose these practices in modern times. 

Unfortunately, these awful acts are not just examples of Islamic violence in Middle Eastern or African countries. In fact, one of the characters of the film lives in the UK.

And to take this further, it’s already at our doorstep here in the United States.

Of course we are called ‘Islamophobic’ every time this inconvenient fact is raised, but U.S. courts have had to apply international law bans to keep Sharia Law out of the courtroom when  Muslim families have wanted to apply Islamic law against their children and others.

A painful example that comes to mind is the story of Amina and Sarah Said, sisters who were born and lived in Texas, and shot and killed by their father in 2008 for having non-Muslim boyfriends.

Every time we lose a single opportunity, such as a screening of this film, to raise awareness about these barbaric practices, it’s another smug victory for the extremists, the child oppressors, and the women abusers among us.

It was CAIR that cried, ‘Islamophobia.’ And that’s what it should remain -- a false cry. And very much like the fable of the boy who cried wolf, these baseless allegations will increasingly be seen as background noise and not as a distraction from the truth or a stifling in the message of films such as "Honor Diaries," working to expose heinous human rights crimes and violence against women. 

CAIR may try to intimidate those delivering the message, but fear will not indefinitely quiet the truth seekers. Reality will only become louder with time.

Freedom of speech has never been high on CAIR’s priority list, neither anything else that is in our Constitution and guarantees us our personal freedoms. Just call the truth "hate speech" and make it disappear. Neither the muslims nor a lot of Americans seem to understand that the 1st Amendment is made exactly for what the left calls"hate speech" ( to suppress dissenting voices ), any other wouldn't need protection, would it now?.....

Settlements instead of peace...or so say the Palestinians
Category: Poltics
Tags: April 29 Barack HUSSEIN Obama Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli-Palestinian peace talks John Kerry Jonathan Pollard Mahmoud Abbas nat'l homeland for t
"We are continuing to work with the Americans." 
Benjamin Netanyahu after the Israeli/Palestinian peace talks stalled

With the 'so-called' Palestinians refusing to budge on the all-important issue of formally recognizing Israel as a Jewish state along with forgoing the 'right of return' (they have NO right to return to anything)...and with the Palestinians claiming that Israel continues to reject their peace efforts by refusing to comply with the rules of international law for resolving said conflict (translation: for refusing to accept peace based on the now indefensible pre-'67 borders)...the diplomatic solution to the Israeli/Palestinian issue is for all intents and purposes coming to a grounding halt.
And recently, Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni voiced concerns about having Israel going forward with these talks if the Palestinians do NOT commit themselves to continuing the negotiations past the April 29th deadline.

Also, a few weeks ago Israeli Radio reported that US officials are working to revive the negotiations by perhaps putting on the table the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in exchange for Israel abiding by their previous agreement to free the rest of the convicted terrorists and murderers...something that has been demanded by PA President Mahmoud Abbas if peace talks are to continue.

But now the Palestinians are angry that Israel has delayed this release and most likely will outright cancel the release of those remaining prisoners, but who cares that they're angry for Israel does NOT do well with threats and a threat is what Fatah official Hazem Abu Shanab issued when he said, "Israel will regret its decision not to go through with the release of the fourth batch." 
Yet even with this newest threat and after PA crybabies went running to the international media whining that Israel had refused to release the final batch of terrorists and murders, Benjamin Netanyahu...who is facing condemnation from hard-line members in his coalition over the release and facing a possible collapse of his government because of it...told his Likud Party ministers that Israel will NOT free the last of the prisoners unless it gets something in return and that freeing the prisoners, if it is to go through at all, will take several days to finalize. He also added that any further agreements will be subject to a government vote. "Either it will be finalized or it will implode; in any event, no deal will be made in the absence of a clear exchange benefiting both parties,” said Netanyahu.

Besides, with there being very little progress in the peace process to date, and with recent statements made by PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat that Mahmoud Abbas was staying in the talks only to secure the prisoner releases, Israeli officials are rightfully reconsidering the deal. I say screw the Palestinians...let the whole damn anything but a peace process implode as the Palestinians are owed NOTHING...therefore they deserve NOTHING.

Remember, last July in what was supposed to be a goodwill gesture on Israel's part and a precondition to the peace talks, Israel agreed to release a total of 104 prisoners in four batches...batches of terrorists and murderers tried and convicted for killing Israelis, including children. In return, the Palestinians promised (a muslim's promise is worth NOTHING...can you say taqiyya) NOT to abandon the peace talks and to stop their efforts to push for recognized statehood with the UN...or the U(seless) N(ations) as I call them. 

Israel has already released 78 of these bast*rds, but several of those released have taken part in the ongoing terrorist attacks against Israel and yet the Palestinians could care less and have demanded even more. Demands that include Israel agreeing to freeze all settlement construction...a demand Netanyahu has completely rejected. And standing up to the Palestinians, Israel has rightfully made demands of their own...demands that include the prisoner release be contingent upon a commitment from the Palestinians to extend peace negotiations beyond April, but the Palestinians want the prisoners freed first and only then will they agree to extend talks.

Under NO conditions should Israel agree to this even though Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, rejected Israel's demand outright saying that the peace talks and the prisoner release are two distinct issues, and then threatened Israel that they either release the prisoners or the Palestinians will pursue both statehood and sanctions against them for its occupation of land the Palestinians claim for a state.

So when all the tit-for-tat is stripped away what the Palestinians have done is drawn their own red line in the sand, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama has helped them draw it. And lest we forget that our miserable excuse of a Secretary of State, John 'Swiftboat' Kerry, has been pushing both sides...but more so accept the U.S. 'framework' of principles for a final status agreement ..."or else."

And just yesterday Kerry suggested that to move the peace talks forward Israel should now be known as the “national homeland for Jews.” What an insult to Israel and Jews everywhere as this way Jews are corralled into a 'detention camp' style homeland instead of being citizens of the Jewish State of Israel.
And as to Kerry's "or else"'s obvious that neither he nor Obama have learned that Benjamin Netanyahu does NOT do well with threats...does NOT do well with blackmail...and especially does NOT do well with either one of these two men who side with Israel's enemies. And to add insult to injury, being that he just wrapped up his failed talks with his Russian counterpart to end the Ukrainian crisis, yesterday Kerry went directly to Israel in order to save...translation: to screw up...the failing Israel/Palestinian anything but peace talks.

So it continues on as Barack HUSSEIN Obama gets his knife ready to once again stab Israel in the back.


Wealth and Justice: Why Capitalism Is the Best Economic System Ever Devised
Category: General
Tags: capitalism freedom equality
By Steve Straub via TFP

free market capitalism youtube screenshot

This video describes how free-market capitalism in the last two centuries has brought about explosive improvements in the lives of millions of people.

Free enterprise has helped the poor by providing new medicines, new technologies, human rights, the rule of law, and unprecedented opportunities for personal and social flourishing.

Watch the video:



School Bleachers Torn Down Because They Weren’t “Equal”
Category: Anti-American
Tags: education school Democrats left oppression communists progressives anti-American

The end of freedom comes by mandating equality. Here’s a perfect example. Note the name of the school, the Plymouth Wildcats, it will become important later:

“A new set of seating is being torn down outside the Plymouth Wildcats varsity boys’ baseball field, not long before the season begins, because the fields for boys’ and girls’ athletics must be equal.

“A group of parents raised money for a raised seating deck by the field, as it was hard to see the games through a chain-link fence. The parents even did the installation themselves, and also paid for a new scoreboard.

“But, after a complaint, the U.S Education Department's Office for Civil Rights investigated the new addition and says it must be torn down. It says the facility was no longer equal to the girls’ softball field next door, which has old bleachers and an old scoreboard.”

Rabbi Daniel Lappin has said, “For those seeking to increase tyranny and totalitarianism, fairness and equality [are] a great thing to work people up about, because you essentially get a population — particularly a docile population — to agree to almost anything in the name of equality and fairness.”

It’s easy to create an equal and fair society. Force everybody to put all their property in a single place to be equally distributed to the group no matter the industriousness or lack thereof of anybody in the group. In time, everybody will be equal. In time, everybody will be equally poor.

Forcing equality creates mediocrity and a disincentive to be industrious and creative.

The fiction of equality has to be maintained. We’ve seen it before.

Korea is one of the most equal countries in the world. It’s also one of the poorest countries in the world.


The Pilgrims tried equality for a time. They should have known better given the fact that the Bible is opposed to equality except when it comes to equality before the law and equal (just) “weights and measures” (Lev. 19:36; Deut. 25:15; Prov. 11:1).

William Bradford (c. 1590–c.1657), the acting governor of Plymouth Colony, wrote the following in Of Plymouth Plantation, his first-hand history of the period and their attempts to establish a thriving settlement in a harsh and unfamiliar environment:

“The experience that we had in this common course and condition, tried sundry years . . . that by taking away property, and bringing community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing – as if they were wiser than God.

“For this community (so far as it was) was found to breed much confusion and discontent, and retard much employment that would have been to their benefit and comfort. For young men that were most able and fit for labor and service did repine that they should spend their time and strength to work for other men's wives and children without [being paid] that was thought injustice.

“This [free enterprise] had very good success, for it made all hands industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been.”

“It made all hands industrious.” That's the key.

What signal does the unequal bleacher story—“bleacher-envy”—give to the softball players? Sports like softball used to be competitive. Now it seems that all a team has to do is whine that the competition is too great. Let’s make the teams equal. That way it will be “fair.”

I say discard “bleacher envy” and out-fund raise the boy’s baseball team and build better bleachers. Show some initiative. Get the girls involved.

Life’s not fair, and that’s what makes it great. Competition has made our world better. The sooner these girls learn this lesson, the sooner life will be easier for them.


Chicago Police Arrest Two Obamabots Going Door-To-Door Selling Obamacare, Suspected They Were “Scamming” People…
Category: General
Tags: Obamacare Lies Obama left oppression communists progressives anti-American

via wz

Well, they were scamming people.

CHICAGO (STMW) – Chicago Police detained and later charged two men last week after receiving a report that they were going door-to-door, possibly scamming elderly residents of the Garfield Ridge neighborhood.

As it turned out, the two likely weren’t trying to scam anyone, Chicago Police acknowledged Sunday.

The men, who were volunteers for the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, were distributing registration information about President Barack Obama’s signature health insurance program, the men told reporters on Sunday at a news conference outside the council’s headquarters.

“I never would have thought informing people about Obamacare would get me in handcuffs,” said Felipe Hernandez, 20. “I was doing something positive for my community. . . . I wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

Hernandez and Kevin Tapia, 19, said they were near 55th and Archer about 4 p.m. on March 25 when they were detained by officers.

Later, they were hauled to a Southwest Side police station, where were held for several hours, they said. Eventually they were charged with “soliciting unlawful business” — a misdemeanor.

Police spokesman Adam Collins said there had been recent reports of door-to-door scams in the area where Hernandez and Tapia were canvassing that day. The person who called police provided a detailed description that matched both Tapia and Hernandez, Collins said.

Patrick Brosnan, the executive director of the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, said the organization issues ID badges to all canvassing volunteers. But Collins said neither of the two could present appropriate identification and did not know their supervisor’s name.

“A day after the arrest, CPD received information confirming that the two men arrested earlier in the week were employees of a community organization,” Collins wrote in an email. “This information, which was not available to officers at the time of the arrest, will surely be presented when the matter goes before a judge and the case should be disposed of at that time.”

The cops were right, this is all a scam...


Iran Names 1979 U.S. Embassy Hostage Taker As New U.N. Ambassador…
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: Iran muslims Obama Democrats Islam oppression tyranny anti-America progressives communists

via wz



In a sane world the Obama administration would deny him a visa, but we don’t live in a sane world.

Via Bloomberg News:

Iran has named a member of the militant group that held 52 Americans hostage in Tehran for 444 days to be its next ambassador to the United Nations.

The Iranian government has applied for a U.S. visa for Hamid Aboutalebi, Iran’s former ambassador to Belgium and Italy, who was a member of the Muslim Students Following the Imam’s Line, a group of radical students that seized the U.S. embassy on Nov. 4, 1979. Imam was an honorific used for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Relations between the Islamic Republic and the U.S. and its allies are beginning to emerge from the deep freeze that began when the self-proclaimed Iranian students overrun the embassy and took the hostages. The State Department hasn’t responded to the visa application, according to an Iranian diplomat.

A controversy over Aboutalebi’s appointment could spark demands on Capitol Hill and beyond during this congressional election year for the Obama administration to take the unusual step of denying a visa to an official posted to the UN. It also could hamper progress toward a comprehensive agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program, which the U.S. and five other world powers are seeking to negotiate with Iran by July 20.

Had enough Democrats and Obama yet, America?

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