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Obama Admin Orders Georgia Not To Drug Test Welfare Recipients…
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Wouldn’t want to make life harder for Obama’s base.

WASHINGTON — The federal government has put the state of Georgia on formal notice that it can’t make poor people take drug tests when they apply for food stamps.

In April, Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed a law requiring the state to test any food stamp applicants suspected of being on drugs starting in 2016. The U.S. Department of Agriculture told the Georgia Department of Human Services on Tuesday that states can’t make up new eligibility standards for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, so drug tests are a no-no.

“Requiring SNAP applicants and recipients to pass a drug test in order to receive benefits would constitute an additional condition of eligibility, and therefore, is not allowable under law,” regional USDA administrator Robin Bailey said in the letter.

Last year, Republicans in Congress tried but failed to give states the power to screen SNAP applicants. Drug test proposals for all manner of safety net programs have been popular with Republicans in recent years despite a dearth of evidence that welfare users are drug abusers.

Good thing that Democrats think ony school kids and actually working Americans should be drug tested (see image above)... It's good to have a government that only upholds the laws it likes

Obama Released Taliban Leaders Despite Pentagon Resistance and Objections
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by Mark Horne via PO

Time Magazine: White House Released Taliban Leaders Despite Pentagon Resistance and Objections

Like Father, like son...

According to this report, Barack Obama has been looking for ways to release those Taliban prisoners for some time.

…officials in the Pentagon and intelligence communities had successfully fought off release of the five men in the past, officials tell TIME. “This was out of the norm,” says one official familiar with the debate over the dangers of releasing the five Taliban officials. “There was never the conversation.” Obama’s move was an ultimate victory for those at the White House and the State Department who had previously argued the military should “suck it up and salute,” says the official familiar with the debate.

Obama has broad authority under Article II of the U.S. Constitution to order the prisoner exchange as commander in chief of America’s armed forces. The lengths to which he went to bring it about show how determined he was to resolve the lingering issue of America’s only prisoner of war in Afghanistan.

The Obama administration first considered whether the five men were safe to release at the very start of his term as president. In January 2009, Obama ordered a Justice Department-led review of all 240 Guantanamo Bay detainees. The five Taliban leaders were found to be high risks to return to the fight against Americans, confirming Bush administration assessments of the threat they posed, according to officials familiar with the group’s findings. “These five are clearly bad dudes,” says a second source familiar with the debate over their release, adding that the detainees are likely to return to the fight.

The report goes on at great length about how hard the White House and State Department have been pushing for their release while the Pentagon and others have strenuously objected. The State Department seem to have been entranced with the theory that releasing the Taliban prisoners would help them reach some kind of deal with the Taliban. “The transfer of the five was discussed as a possible confidence-building measure to pave the way for a deal.”

I completely understand releasing random Afghanis who got swept up by bounty hunters or others. But releasing dangerous enemies when you are at war with their people seems insane at best. Furthermore—if it is truly desirable to reach a peaceful resolution with the Taliban—the most obvious way to do that would be to offer to return all prisoners of war once the war has ended. If they can see you are stupid enough to give them back their leaders without such a condition, then why would they be motivated to make a peace deal?

And why always make the five an all or nothing decision? Why no discussion of releasing one or two and using the rest to get the complete peace deal? The article never mentions the Administration or State Department considering such a move. Why not? That is the obvious advantage of having more than one prisoner.

Opponents of release say absent a peace deal with the Taliban, the release makes no sense. “When our military is engaged in combat operations you’re always going to err on the side of caution,” says the first official familiar with the debate. “Just conceptually, how much sense does it make to release your enemy when you’re still at war with him?

That last paragraph is the reason for the English word, “duh.”

Seattle Officially Begins Destroying It’s Economy
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In a 9-0 vote, the Seattle City Council approved a minimum wage hike from the state’s current $9.32 per hour to $15 per hour, KIRO 7 reports. Washington state already has the highest minimum wage in the country.

Pushed through by Democratic Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant, the hike is bringing heavy criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

The phase-in period starts on April 1, 2015. Big businesses such as Starbucks will be required to implement the new wage over three to five years. Smaller business have four to seven years. Many franchise owners have deep concerns about the new minimum wage.

Also, tips will only be counted as part of wages temporarily. Eventually, even people who get tips will also have to be paid $15 an hour.

I can’t say I’m totally unhappy about this law. While I hate to see Seattle damage itself, the prospect of liberals who own businesses going bankrupt because they were finally force to live by the “progressive” principles they espouse has an appeal.

I’d like to be happy that we are all about to get a public warning about what happens when you raise the minimum wage. Sadly, I’m sure that everyone will claim that it only failed because the rest of the nation did not also raise their wages.

I’m sure all the thriving businesses that will prosper just over the city limit will make that argument seem plausible.

How can I be so sure that this minimum wage law is going to hurt Seattle’s economy? Mostly due to economic law but partly because just the possibility of the minimum wage law was hurting the Seattle economy. published an article that showed one business owner or entrepreneur after another who had postponed or cancelled plans for development because of the prospect of a higher minimum wage.

A typical example:

Last year, Roos began planning to open a second business, closer to her home in Seattle. As the mother of three young kids, she thought there would be a market for a specialty toy store in her section of town. 

She created a business plan, was preapproved for a loan and had started looking for a location. She had hoped to open by this summer. “Now I see how fortuitous that was that I didn’t,” Roos said.

While she was busy searching for locations, Roos said she was not paying attention to what was happening politically in the city. It wasn’t until earlier this year she realized the city’s elected officials were serious about raising the minimum wage in Seattle to $15 an hour. “I did remember panic coming over me. I’m like, what are people talking about?” she said.

Roos’ business plan called for hiring two to three employees who would be making close to the current minimum wage. As a retailer, she expected margins would be extremely tight, since her main competition would be the online market.

An increase to $15 an hour “is not viable for a lot of small businesses. It just isn’t,” she said.

So Roos stopped scouting for locations, and she shelved her business plan. Even though she plans to take it up again next year, she “probably would not move forward with it. It’s just too risky," she said.

Tell me again how the minimum wage is not a job killer.

Conservative Group Accuses Nine Dem Senators Of Unethical Conduct
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Only nine? I don’t see the race card coming into play.

Via The Hill

A conservative group is calling on the Senate ethics committee to examine nine top Democrats, accusing them of pushing the IRS to investigate specific groups.

The Center for Competitive Politics announced their complaint Tuesday, in which they charge that lawmakers tried to get the tax agency to probe outside conservative groups.

“These senators improperly attempted to use the IRS to suppress the free speech of American citizens for their party’s electoral gain,” said Brad Smith, chairman of the Center and a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “We will fight this type of abuse of power and work to ensure that those who have violated Senate Ethics rules are held to account.”

The group wants the ethics panel to look at Sens. Dick Durbin (Ill.), Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), Carl Levin (Mich.), Michael Bennet (Colo.), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.), Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.), Al Franken (Minn.), Jeff Merkley (Ore.), and Tom Udall (N.M.).

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, many of those lawmakers openly complained about the influx of groups supposedly focused on social welfare that also engaged heavily in political activity. For example, Levin and other lawmakers sent letters to the IRS asking them to take a close look at such 501(c)(4) organizations, many of them conservative.

Of course, the lawmakers were not shy about making their concerns known. In their complaint, the center cites a press release sent out by Durbin in which he said he wanted the IRS to look into spending by Crossroads GPS, the group founded by Karl Rove.

But the group argues that such calls for IRS investigations amounted to pressure tactics that may have led to audits of conservative groups, or could be seen as campaign activity conducted using official Senate resources. It also argues that their actions ”reflect discreditably upon the U.S Senate.”

The ethics push comes one day after Tea Party Patriots filed their own ethics complaint against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). The group argued that Reid’s frequent criticisms of billionaire GOP donors Charles and Davic Koch amounted to “unlawfully and unethically targeting private citizens.”

A Reid spokesman dismissed that complaint as a publicity stunt from a group that has received Koch funds.

The group also called for an ethics investigation into Whitehouse for pushing the IRS to look at conservative groups.

Bowe's Release: The Truth Exposed...Part 4 of 4
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By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

It’s time to connect the dots and the picture is not a pretty one especially for those who have, over the past five years, invested their time, energy and emotions into keeping Bowe Bergdahl top of mind. Truth be told, these good people, with their hearts squarely in the right place, were supporting a deserter and quite possibly a traitor because, the TRUTH of Bowe Bergdahl was being hidden FROM them by a regime who knew full well Bergdahl’s situation but intended to use him to further its own agenda at a time most expedient to its own well-being.

And why didn’t we learn ANY of this from those in the military who DID know the truth?

Because of military code. You don’t say what you know about a brother in arms while that brother is being held by the enemy…even if he’s a deserter but once Bergdahl was set free, the flood gates opened.

First of all…Bowe Bergdahl. How exactly was he…'captured' by the Taliban on June 30th, 2009 leading to his five years of…'captivity?'
According to those who served with PRIVATE Bergdahl at the time, he was “a little out there” and not at all fond of the military. As reported by Rolling Stone back in 2010, Bergdahl had sent a number of emails to his parents during his short time in Afghanistan and they printed excerpts:

“The US army is the biggest joke the world has to laugh at. It is the army of liars, backstabbers, fools, and bullies. The few good SGTs are getting out as soon as they can, and they are telling us privates to do the same.”
“I am sorry for everything here. These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid, that they have no idea how to live.”

And apparently, in his last email before being 'captured' Bergdahl wrote that he had sent home his uniforms and books telling his parents…

“Feel free to open them, and use them.”

Bowe Bergdahl’s father wrote back…“Dear Bowe, In matters of life and death, and especially at war, it is never safe to ignore ones’ conscience. Ethics demands obedience to our conscience. It is best to also have a systematic oral defense of what our conscience demands. Stand with like minded men when possible. dad.”

And who WERE these, “like minded men” to whom Bob Bergdahl referred?

What happened next may well go a long way to providing the answer to THAT question as Bowe Bergdahl, after finishing his shift on the evening of June 30th, 2009, reportedly asked his team leader, “If I were to leave the base, would it cause problems if I took my sensitive equipment?”

Bergdahl then took his knife, his camera and his personal journal and walked outside the wire and into the Afghan night not to be discovered missing until the next morning. Officially, he was captured by the Taliban as reports indicated but, is that the TRUTH??? 
NOT according to a post by a U.S. soldier claiming to have been there, in Bergdahl’s unit when he disappeared and was involved in the initial search the next morning: “We find some afghan kids shortly after who saw an american walking north asking about where the taliban are. We get hits on our voice intercepter that Taliban has him, and we were close. We come to realize that the kid deserted his post, snuck out of camp and sought out Taliban… to join them.”

You can read the rest of that post by clicking here: but we were led to believe that an innocent Private went for a walk, in one of the most dangerous places for Americans, OUTSIDE the camp that was meant to keep the enemy OUT…in the dark of night… and was CAPTURED by the Taliban while the REAL account of Bowe Bergdahl’s disappearance was apparently all too well known by those with whom he served.

Bergdahl may not have been initially welcomed with open arms by the Taliban and he may not have enjoyed being their guest as much as he THOUGHT he would but, according to those who were there in 2009…HE went looking for THEM and according to a note we now know Bergdahl himself left in his tent…He was dissatisfied with the Army, wanted no part of the mission and told those who would FIND that not that he was “leaving to start a new life.”

That, at best, Bowe Bergdahl was indeed a deserter. Depending on what he told them, as much as a Private could given the fact that he was there only a few months before seeking out the enemy, he could also well be a TRAITOR and let’s face it, at least six soldiers died trying to find him during a four month search and more were wounded during those attempts to get him back.

Bowe Bergdahl…a U.S. Army PRIVATE who was promoted to Sgt. During his…'captivity' doesn’t seem to have been an unwilling POW nor, it seems, a hero but…why would this kid, only 23 years old at the time, want to join up with the Taliban?

Perhaps THAT answer lies with his father…Robert Bowe Bergdahl.

To connect those dots, one must first review that tweet from Bob Bergdahl that was posted and then deleted right after the announcement that his son was free.

While social media has been abuzz with the contents of that tweet, it is to whom Bob Bergdahl addressed his comment that paints the true and disturbing picture. @ABalkhi…Who exactly is ABalkhi?

ABalkhi…full name…Abdulqahar Balkhi, is one of the top three mouthpieces for Afghan Islamic Emirate which just so happens to be the exact SAME terrorist organization that sports, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mullah Noorullah Nori, Muhammad Fazl, Abdul Haq Wasiq and Muhammad Nabi Omari as Members and if you think it could just be a coincidence that Bob Bergdahl addressed the spokesman for the Islamist terror organization to which those named above were traded from Gitmo for his son…Think again.

According to Walid Shoebat, Robert Bowe Bergdahl, the father of the five year 'captive' Bowe Bergdahl has THIS on his Intelius profile:

Has worked at Army Times…Ketchum Fire Department and…TALIBAN!!!

And the content of his quickly deleted tweet, no doubt deleted at the insistence of Obama read, “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every afghan child, amen!” indialb 3cating that he already HAS been engaged in working toward the freeing of ALL GITMO PRISONERS…not TERRORISTS but…PRISONERS before the release of his son Bowe.

Given the ilk of the addressee of Bob Bergdahl’s tweet…we looked into the tweets OF @ABalkhi to see just on who’s behalf it is Bob Bergdahl has been working so hard.

At right are just a handful of tweets sent out BY @ABalkhi showing what dirtbag enemy Bob Bergdahl is allied with.

In connecting these nefarious dots one thing is certain…those who died or were wounded in the four month search for Bowe Bergdahl were not killed or wounded trying to retrieve a soldier captured by the enemy…they were killed and wounded trying like hell to find and arrest a deserter before he could become a full-blown traitor.

The emerging picture indicates what we believe to be an effort undertaken by Bob Bergdahl to use his son’s 'captivity' as a tool to release terrorists from GITMO and we further believe that this was readily welcomed by Obama who has vowed to find a way to shut GITMO down completely. 

Using his own son's captivity to achieve his and Obama's per his tweet of clearing out GITMO of terrorists or what Bergdahl calls mere 'prisoners'...prisoners who are known killers and with whom both their sympathies and allegiances lie...Bob Bergdahl, a man living off the grid in Idaho, we believe manipulated his son into becoming the vehicle by which that goal could be achieved. Becoming a pawn in a very dangerous game, Bowe was molded by his anti-war, islamic supporting father who has said in public appearances that Bowe was "part of the peace process."

And Bob Bergdahl himself has said he had become "disillusioned" by the 'military's doctrine' of counterinsurgency...a doctrine aimed at winning over the Afghan people by building roads, schools, and good governance all while protecting them from insurgents. Saying that this meant American troops met with villagers during the day to gather information as to what they needed, Bergdahl also claims that what they really were after were the whereabouts of insurgents so they can target them in night raids.

And since when is taking out known killers before they kill again a problem...most would see it as a way to save innocent lives, but NOT Bob Bergdahl who called this military doctrine "fallacious." Saying "It doesn't achieve what they say it's going to achieve...send the rabbits (our troops) out there to get them IED-ed so you can figure out who to kill at night. How ethical."

Note that Bergdahl called this the 'military's doctrine'...NO it is NOT...this is the sole doctrine of Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the man who has tied our military's hands from doing what needs to be done as in fight to win and free a country from what amounts to enslavement by the enemy. Bob Bergdahl has it wrong folks...totally he embraces the doctrine of America's very own 'enemy within.'

Bergdahl also said that Bowe was frustrated by what he saw...frustrated enough to allow himself to be influenced by his islamic supporting father as per their letters and e-mails back and forth as exposed by Rolling Stone.

So through subtle brainwashing to basically 'switch sides' if you will, the young man who joined the army because, according to Bob Bergdahl, "he was lured by the promises of military recruiters that he would be helping people in other parts of the world," the young man who possibly joined for all the noblest of reasons, we suspect, was possibly indoctrinated into hating America through letters and phone calls by his father, eventually then deciding that the time had come for him to join what he now believed to be the rightful side.

When Bowe was first captured...or as it now appears that he actually did go AWOL to search the Taliban out...Bowe most assuredly cooperated with his captors as witnessed by his appearance in a December 2009 Christmas Day video released by the Taliban showing Bowe in good health with short hair and clean shaven, and apparently of his own free will, harshly criticizing U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. But in a February 2010 video, again released by the Taliban, Bowe is shown pleading for his release and to be returned home saying the war in Afghanistan is NOT worth the number of lives that have been lost or wasted in prison. But now his physical appearance is greatly changed and while he still appeared in good health, he now looks NOT like Bowe but like his captors, complete with the required beard and muslim garb of which he still wears.  
But less than a year later, Bowe is blindfolded and appears drawn, thin, and NOT well. It's almost like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde switch, but could it be that Bowe was having a change of heart now that he was NO longer under the influence of his we believe domineering traitorous father...a possibility but one that was short lived for the fact remains that if Bowe Bergdahl had NOT been a deserter to and collaborator with the Taliban they would have done to him what they did and still do to all who oppose them...simply Bowe Bergdahl would have been tortured and then beheaded.

Something was keeping Bowe alive even if he was having a change of heart.

As mentioned above, in June 2012, Rolling Stone magazine reported that e-mails Bowe sent his parents before he was captured allude to the fact that he was 'disillusioned' and considering deserting. Bowe told his parents he was “ashamed to even be American” and was disgusted with the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and with the Army in particular.

Yet even with this information now out in the open, something very damning was being kept hidden from the public that had happened two years prior. It seems that the U.S. military knew as far back as 2010 that Bergdahl was NOT captured but had walked away of his own free will, because an official Pentagon report released that same year had already determined that Bergdahl had indeed willingly deserted his post. And now with evidence surfacing that those in Bergdahl's direct command knew this truth about his disappearance almost from the beginning, it does make sense that they would 'order' those in Bergdahl's unit to sign a non-disclosure agreement. After all, they had to cover-up their own mistakes, screw-ups, or worse...their own duplicity in this matter.

Thus silenced into remaining mum by orders from higher-up...basically a stand down order if you will and you know what that means...NO one in Bowe's unit dare mention anything about Bowe's disappearance to least NOT until he was released for fear of reprisal...but what type of reprisal still is unknown.

But now with his release, thankfully many in his unit...those disgusted with the tactics of this administration...are coming forward to paint a very different picture than the one the media painted of an apple-cheek young man captured by the bad guys. In fact, many of Bergdahl’s fellow troops have admitted to signing the above mentioned nondisclosure agreement to NEVER volunteer any information about Bergdahl’s disappearance nor about the efforts or lack thereof to find him.
And the failure to get Bowe back on our terms NOT on Obama's terms has brought back the sad reality that six soldiers searching for now proven deserter Bowe Bergdahl were killed in the process. Killed by the enemy, but the circumstances of their deaths were LIED about to their families. Saying to each family that their loved one was killed while on a mission to capture a top Taliban fighter, the military officials who knowingly spewed that lie are as guilty of covering up their deaths as if they had killed those soldiers themselves.

And so the saga of Bowe Burgdahl continues and with each passing day more and more is coming out but two things for certain we do know...first, Bowe Bergdahl did NOT serve with 'honor and distinction' as the infamous Susan Rice claims nor is his release under the most grievous and ILLEGAL of circumstances the stuff of 'what happens when wars end' as per the words of our traitor-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama.

So folks here’s the bottom line…Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter, most likely a traitor and Obama has known this for five years. Bob Bergdahl, also knowing full well his son’s true status, nefariously used the best intentions of the American public to keep Bowe’s 'plight' circulating via social media while he worked with our enemies to procure the freedom of terrorists from GITMO. And Obama seized the moment when it would benefit HIM the most as a distraction from swirling scandals…and violated the congressional notification law and aided and abetted our enemies once again in a time of war by releasing five of the most prized Taliban masterminds with American blood on their hands... with American blood on their hands to return to Jihad against Americans just to bring a deserting traitor home.

In our opinion, Bowe Bergdahl, his father Bob Bergdahl, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama should, ‘at the very least,’ be sharing a prison cell, preferably one vacated by former inmates of GITMO, for the rest of their miserable lives. 

Addendum...The last straw is this…while we, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori, are considered 'potential national security threats' by some in this rancid regime for seeking out and exposing the truths behind the numerous scandals and traitorous actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…somehow the Bergdahls are considered American heroes for hiding the truth, manipulating the facts, and working on behalf of our nation’s enemies in a time of war. As it turns out, it wasn’t Bowe Bergdahl who was held captive by the enemy…it is 'We the People' who are being held prisoner by a corrupt and treasonous regime. 

Bowe's Release: The Truth Exposed...Parts 2 and 3 of 4
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Part 2 by Craig Andresen

Once again, our Dictator has bowed to our enemies. Once again, he has violated the laws of our nation. Once again, Obama has placed Americans in uniform and even those who DON’T wear our uniform in harm’s way.

Once again…Obama has bypassed congress and given the finger to one of our most basic tenants in the process.

Bowe Bergdahl is coming home and the door for the kidnapping of any American anywhere has been flung wide open. This regime will negotiate with terrorists and pay the ransoms.

Late last year, a law was passed by congress and signed by Obama that was aimed, specifically, at the possibility of violating the basic tenant that we, as a nation, do NOT negotiate with terrorists. It’s not a slippery slope to do so…it’s a free fall.

The law made it possible to trade Gitmo terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl but it came with one very important caveat…NO trade could be made without 30 days for congress to weigh the ramifications of it.

On Saturday, Obama traded five Gitmo terrorists for one Bowe Bergdahl and nobody in congress was notified. Not 30 days prior, not 30 hours prior, not 30 minutes prior. In fact, congress wasn’t notified until AFTER the deal was done.

So why, exactly did Obama choose to trample on the law? Why exactly does he believe this law doesn’t apply to him?

According to some high level administration mouthpiece…“Due to a near-term opportunity to save Sergeant Bergdahl’s life, we moved as quickly as possible. The administration determined that given these unique and exigent circumstances, such a transfer should go forward notwithstanding the notice requirement.”

And besides…

Bowe's Release: The Truth Exposed...Part 3 of 4
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen
And so Barack HUSSEIN Obama went against NOT only long-standing U.S. policy NEVER to negotiate with terrorists but as Craig explained in Part 2 of our expose, Obama circumnavigated set law and Congress to do so. Now defending his decision to have secret and indirect negotiations with the Taliban, and hoping that the Bergdahl deal would set an example for cooperation between the Taliban and the secular government, Obama unilaterally decided that the five now released terrorists were well-worth the trade for Bowe Bergdahl, and did so by using the excuse that the deal was part of America’s “iron-clad commitment to bringing our prisoners home.”

An 'ironclad commitment' that Obama ignored for five long years until he needed it for his own political in to divert attention off the ever expanding Benghazi and VA scandals and investigations.

Also saying that “The Qatari government has given us assurances that it will put in place measures to protect our national security” what we want to know is who does Obama think he is to leave the protecting of our national security to a foreign government...even a foreign government that acted as the go-between in the Bergdahl release...especially a foreign government that has NOT always been friendly to the U.S.

Only one answer comes to answer many suspect but are afraid to say... and that is that this president does NOT stand with America but always stands united with those who are her enemies.

But now other questions need answering NOT about Bowe per se as we will address those in part four, but about his father who on numerous occasions publicly slammed Obama for leaving his son behind. But now Bowe's father oddly seems to have aligned himself with Obama, and it's NOT just the hug he gave the president after he spoke, but it's the words he said, the tweets he sent, along with his demeanor and appearance in regards to those who 'supposedly' took and held his son captive.

Case in point, many have had their ire raised by Bob Bergdahl's changing appearance as the years of Bowe's captivity dragged on. While originally Bergdahl said he grew his beard to show solidarity with his son NOT to make a statement in support of the Taliban...even speaking to the media as to the change in his appearance...but now it seems he, like his newly found buddy Obama, is a master of LIES and deceit for first, his beard is the exact length and style of the Taliban and second, when speaking to the media Bergdahl said he would shave the beard off as soon as Bowe was released.

But now days later and with Bowe safe in American hands, Bergdahl is still sporting the beard and now wearing shirts in the style of the Taliban. Originally he might NOT have had time to shave it off...what with the hastily arranged 'it's all about Obama' photo-op press conference...but now days have gone by and he's still sporting the beard with NO apparent rush to shave it off...and really why should he for on Saturday, Bob Bergdahl's true allegiance came to light for all to see.

And this allegiance was exposed on national TV when standing by Obama's side, and even before speaking about his son...the son he 'supposedly' waited five long years to see...Bob Bergdahl spoke four words...four Arabic words uttered by all muslims before giving a victory speech..."bism allah alrahman alraheem."  Yes folks, Bowe Bergdahl's father uttered the words muslims recite when giving a victory speech...“in the name of allah the most gracious and most merciful”...and by his uttering those words on the grounds of the White House, Bob Bergdahl sanctified the White House and claimed it for islam...and Obama knew this, smiled, and bowed his head in prayer and thanks.

Only after sanctifying the White House for islam did Bob Bergdahl say to his son in English “I’m your father, Bowe.” Now why would a father say that to his own son unless that father was reintroducing himself to his son as a brother in islam. Bob Bergdahl...who claims to be a Christian... sounds like someone else we know doesn't it...uttered words of blasphamy proving that he has truly embraced islam... NOT just as an islamic sympathizer but as an islamic convert.
And his now taken down tweet that said, "I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen" is but another log on the smoldering fire proving Bergdahl's conversion because the ABalkhi he sent this tweet to is Abdulqahar Balkhi, the mouthpiece for a terrorist organization the five now being released from GITMO belong to. More on this in part four.

NOT good folks NOT good at all for the words in Bergdahl's tweet means that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has knowingly released five of the Taliban hierarchy...five of the worst killers...killers with American blood on their hands...released them in exchange for a possible American traitor manipulated by his (we believe) equally traitorous father. And now after Bob Bergdahl has shown himself to be in a possible allegiance with the Taliban, a scary scenario becomes a strong possibility...a possibility that (in our opinion) has Bob Bergdahl together with Barack HUSSEIN Obama setting-up Bowe's capture in a game of cat and mouse so that Obama then has a way to justify the release of the five GITMO detainees long demanded be released by the Taliban...releasing them back into the jihadi fold...into the fold to kill more Americans...and making it easier for them to do so by Obama's announcing our Afghan withdrawal date.

But of course we still need to hear what Bowe has to say and that will indeed come in time. However, we can and must continue to hammer Barack HUSSEIN Obama and hammer him hard for this most miserable and traitorous of presidents negotiated with terrorists...negotiated with the enemy...and knowingly set free killers to kill Americans yet again...and that folks is one of the most grievous of sins in this whole sad of the most as you must now include why Obama chose the country he did to do his dirty work through.

Why Qatar?

Why HAS Obama aligned himself in this dubious endeavor with Qatar? Yes, they are an ally, but like so many in that region, Qatar is a tenuous ally at best and yet it seems without their assistance, presiding over the swapping of terrorists for Bergdahl and “agreeing” to keep those now former Gitmo prisoners from LEAVING Qatar for one year we wouldn’t even be looking into this story right now.

The answer is plain for any who takes it upon themselves to look.

Think…Arab spring.

Remember when Obama said Mubarak must go from Egypt? Remember how Obama then said that the Muslim Brotherhood deserved a seat at the table in forming a NEW Egyptian government? Remember how his regime insisted the Muslim Brotherhood was benign, moderate and wouldn’t run for the leadership in Egypt?

Remember who ran roughshod over the elections in Egypt and then declared a new Dictatorship there?

Obama’s regime has been rife with Muslim Brotherhood ties from the beginning. When visiting Egypt early in his first term, Obama extended VIP status to the Muslim Brotherhood for his speech. Then there are Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Eboo Patel, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships…all part of Obama’s administration…all part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huma Abedin…Hillary’s closest adviser during HER years in Obama’s regime… Muslim Brotherhood. And let’s not forget the role played by the Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi as we have learned THEY were part of the terrorist attacks which left Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods murdered in what we believe was a targeted hit.

Barack Hussein Obama has been a stalwart supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout his time in office and that support is exactly why he arranged this ‘terrorists for Bergdahl’ deal with Qatar as the middleman.

Qatar, much to the dissatisfaction of the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates is a strong and defiant backer of the Muslim Brotherhood and it should come as no surprise that just last week, with this ‘terrorists for Bergdahl’ deal secretively looming, that Syrian 'rebels' let it leak that the Obama regime was both arming AND training them to oust Assad.

You see…Qatar has ALSO been arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria but with their country’s limited military resources, a bigger supplier was needed.

Obama, it seems, may well have found a replacement straw man to take the place of Turkey in arming our enemies in Syria after the Benghazi debacle and Obama needs the U.S. to view Qatar to be perceived as reliable enough not to be too heavily scrutinized by the American people or by congress.

Therefore…BYPASS congress by NOT giving them 30 days to pour over the details of a proposed swapping of terrorists and cut straight to Qatar who has PROMISED to keep those terrorists from traveling abroad for 365 days.
So, did we negotiate with terrorists to release 5 terrorists, send them back to the battlefield and in return, get Bowe Bergdahl? When that question was posed to Susan Rice of the You Tube cover story debacle...SHE answered it this way: “We actually negotiated with the government of Qatar, to whom we owe a great debt.” One wonders who wrote THAT smoke and mirrors talking point for her.

“Look…Qatar HELPED us get Bowe Back…Qatar is our FRIEND…We can TRUST Qatar and THEY can help get rid of Assad!!!”

U.S. arms shipments to Qatar…forwarded to Syrian Muslim Brotherhood 'rebels' and no need to have congress take too close a look. Besides…Obama is doing his arms deals without congressional approval anyway.

Obama let the Muslim Brotherhood down in Egypt by not doing more to keep them in power there and he had to find a way to make it up to them. He’s now trying to give them Syria.

Obama didn’t trade terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl…he traded them for stronger ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and the countries who support them.

Nothing more.

Tomorrow, we will close out our 4-part series by connecting the final, most disturbing dots of this rancid picture and believe us when we tell you the worst is yet to come.

Also…be sure to join us on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS tomorrow from 2 to 4pm EST as we welcome our very special guest… WALID SHOEBAT…who puts the exclamation point on our 4-part series and MORE!!!

Read about it here first and then tune in to hear Walid Shoebat confirm our findings and give his own take regarding 'Bowe's Release: The Truth Exposed' on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS from 2 to 4pm EST by clicking here:
America No Different Than Sudan in Condemning Christians for Their Faith
Category: Anti-American
Tags: islmaists muslims evil anti-Christian Obama control left progressives communists anti-American

Ibrahim met an American man, Daniel Wani, and they fell in love and got married. Wani is also a Christian and this according to the Sudanese government is a crime punishable by death. They gave Ibrahim a choice of renouncing her Christian faith, which also includes denouncing her marriage which the Sudanese government says is illegal, or face a death sentence.

She has just given birth to a baby girl in prison that the Sudanese government says they will not give to the father. They are also still holding the couple’s two year old son and have renewed their vow to flog and hang Ibrahim for the crime of apostasy. The Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC released a statement saying:

“The Case of Mariam is neither religious nor political, It is Legal

“This case remains a legal issue and not a religious or a political one

“The Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Washington DC has noticed with regret some of the official statements and media coverage on the case of the Sudanese citizen Mariam Ibrahim Yahia; as some of them have mistakenly accused the government of Sudan of violating human rights by depriving Mariam of her civil rights as a Sudanese citizen…

“This case remains a legal issue and not a religious or a political one. It is unwise and dangerous to politicize the issue at hand to spur religious tension between the two peaceful faiths with similar foundations. Notably, it is important to emphasize that freedom of choice is the cornerstone of both Islam and Christianity.”

If freedom of choice is a cornerstone of Islam, then why are so many Christians forced to convert or be murdered in Muslim countries throughout the world?

But is the United States really any different than Sudan?

Christians are being persecuted in US Courts for their faith, yet the courts and government says it has nothing to do with religion. Look at how President Obama has been forcing Christians to go against their faith or face stiff fines and possible jail time with Obamacare and the contraception mandate. Christian businesses are being forced to go against their faith by serving homosexuals or face stiff fines and penalties.

In one of the latest cases, Masterpiece Bakery in Lakewood, Colorado has been told that they have to accept orders to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples, even though Colorado doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages. The notice of mandatory compliance was issued by the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Prior to the mandate issued by the Colorado Civil Rights Division, Administrative Law Judge Robert Spencer had ordered Phillips to violate his faith or face fines and/or jail time. Phillips had appealed Spencer’s ruling, prompting the action taken by the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

Attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom are defending bakery owner Jack Phillips who is a Christian and refused to make the wedding cakes for same-sex couples because of his faith. The attorneys commented:

“The government … seek[s] to impose a new belief system upon Jack [Phillips], one that is fundamentally at odds with his conscience and his liberty.”

The attorney’s argued:

“[Phillips] did not discriminate ‘because of’ sexual orientation [but acted] in accordance with the provisions of the Colorado Constitution, state law and the public policy of the state.”

“[Phillips’] conduct and expressions in declining to design and create a wedding cake are protected by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and by Article II, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution.”

“[The case] involves both actual and symbolic speech [and Phillips and his company] cannot be forced to create and convey a message with which they disagree.”

However, the Colorado court and Civil Rights Division disagreed, just like so many other courts and civil rights organizations throughout the US. They are forcing Christians to violate their faith or face harsh penalties, just like the Sudan government is doing. Both governments say it has nothing to do with religion, just that it’s a matter of legal issues.

Yet it is a matter of religion. Meriam Ibrahim has been told to denounce her Christian faith and embrace Islam or be flogged and hanged. Jack Phillips and other Christian business owners are being told to denounce their Christian faith by acting against it or face harsh penalties. To me, the United States is no different than Sudan as both are openly persecuting Christians because of their faith.


Will Obama Free All the Terrorists Now?
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: Obama treason islam terrorism evil anti-American oppression tyranny murder violence

Just last month we learned that ICE under President Obama had released 36,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens like it was on some sort of twisted catch and release fishing expedition, and that was in addition to 68,000 other cases in which officials declined to bring charges against criminally convicted illegal aliens contacted by ICE.

Officials interviewed in relation to those reports almost universally blamed Obama Administration policies set by the White House.

Now, President Obama, in one of his most outrageous and blatant acts of breaking the law, has released five Taliban terrorists, including a close associate of Osama bin Laden, from Guantanamo Bay, the prison set up under the Bush Administration to hold POWs captured in the War on Terror.

While some may consider the return of an American POW under any circumstances a cause for celebration, the fact remains that Obama was legally required to consult with Congress -- the same Congress he has decided is an unnecessary appendage of the U.S. government.

Even the Afghan government, which should have been involved in any negotiations with the Taliban, was not informed until after the deal was done.

In his last State of the Union address, in addition to boasting that he would cut out Congress in front of the entire world, Obama also said he would empty Gitmo of terrorist captives by the end of this year, which he dubbed his "year of action."

In that speech, Obama said, "This needs to be the year Congress lifts the remaining restrictions on detainee transfers and we close the prison at Guantanamo Bay."

But he also said two weeks earlier, "I've got a pen, and I've got a phone. ... And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward." During the SOTU speech, he remarked repeatedly that he would bypass Congress and use executive actions "wherever possible."

So it's a fair question to ask if this weekend's prisoner transfer was just the beginning of a mass terrorist release by the president who never believed in the War on Terror and who wrote in his autobiography "I will stand with them (American Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

It's fair to ask what the hell the guy who said "we've blunted the Taliban's momentum in Afghanistan, and in 2014, our longest war will be over" is really up to and what he really meant when he said the war would be over.

The emerging news about U.S. soldier Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl does little to ease the concerns raised by Obama's illegal release of terrorists.

The Taliban allegedly held Bergdahl for five years, but the Taliban has never been known to do that. When our soldiers have been captured, they've been brutalized and killed. In 2010, the Taliban claimed that Bergdahl had converted to Islam and taught them how to make bombs. The claim was dismissed by the government, but questions have been raised about just why Bergdahl seemingly walked away from his group in 2009 in violation of procedure.

Further concerns have been raised by the fact that Bergdahl seems to have been speaking in Arabic, the language of the Koran and a language that very few people in Afghanistan know.

Also odd is that Bergdahl's father, Robert, during the press conference with President Obama, said in Arabic in a message intended for his son, "In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful." In a 2011 video message to the Taliban holding his son, Robert Bergdahl referred to the Taliban as "the Islamic Emirate," a phrase usually used by sympathizers. Then there's the beard, which CNN said Bergdahl grew in "support" of his son, but which looks suspiciously like the standard scraggly beard of Muslim converts.

So did the Obama Administration just hand over five top Muslim terrorist leaders in exchange for an American Taliban sympathizer?

And will we soon be awash in freed terrorists, mingling with the "ordinary" criminal aliens this president has freed?

And will Congress ever do anything about this runaway tyrant who has made himself king in all but name?

Sadly, we can probably guess the correct answers to all the questions.


UK Leaders Speak Out in Defense of an American Citizen’s Family While President Barack Obama Remains Mute
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: Obama treason islam terrorism evil anti-American oppression tyranny murder violence

By Bob Allen via PO

The Prime Minister and past Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have strong words for the injustices being inflicted on the wife and mother of American citizens—a woman condemned to torture and death solely for her faith in Jesus.

The Independent reports:

The Prime Minister joined Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in condemning the treatment of Ms Ibrahim, who gave birth to her baby daughter Maya this week while shackled in heavy chains in the hospital wing of Omdurman Women’s Prison.

Mr Cameron said he was "absolutely appalled" when he heard about the plight of the 27-year-old doctor, whose father was Muslim but was raised as an Orthodox Christian by her mother. She refused to renounce her Christianity and was sentenced to death by a Sudanese judge when she was eight months pregnant.

Her Christian marriage has been annulled and Ms Ibrahim was sentenced to an additional 100 lashes for adultery because her marriage is deemed illegitimate under Islamic law.

"The way she is being treated is barbaric and has no place in today's world," Mr Cameron told The Times. "Religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right.

"I urge the government of Sudan to overturn the sentence and immediately provide appropriate support and medical care for her and her children.

"The UK will continue to press the government of Sudan to act."

The former PM Mr Blair meanwhile described the case as a "brutal and sickening distortion of faith".

Question: Has anyone seen anything from Barack Obama on this? For goodness sakes, the woman is married to an American, and her two children—in prison with her!!—are American citizens, yet the strongest words about this horror are from heads of states from other nations?!

Mr. President, do you sincerely wonder why people accuse you of being more sympathetic to Islam than Christianity when you act (and don't act) in this way? Not to mention that these are citizens of the country you're supposed to be leading—those you should defend—who are being abused so terribly.

You invest effort to illegally trade five notorious Taliban terrorists for one soldier allegedly guilty of desertion, but not one word for Meriam Ibrahim? Shame!! Shame!! Shame!!

muslims, islamists are the animals Mr. Obama supports, Christians and Americans are last on his list...

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