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An apology that need NOT have been made
Category: Poltics
Tags: 'peace framework' Barack HUSSEIN Obama Benjamin Netanyahu Gaza Iran Israel Jay Carney Jen Psaki Jerusalem John Kerry Jordan Moshe Ya'alon
In an unsourced report that ran in Israel's Yedioth Aharonot daily, highlighting words supposedly said in a private conversation with associates, last week Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon...a close ally and confidant of Benjamin Netanyhu and an outright vocal critic of John 'Swiftboat' Kerry?s so-called Mideast peace plan (translation: Obama's anything but a peace plan)...was quoted as saying the plan was "naive and foolhardy." Calling Kerry's plan "inexplicably obsessive? and ?messianic," Ya'alon dismissed the plan as "not worth the paper it is printed on? and that Kerry has ?nothing to teach me about the conflict with the Palestinians."

Worthless puts it mildly for its Israel that's being forced to make all the concessions...the so-called Palestinians give NOTHING and even negotiating with pro-Palestinian Jew-haters is a joke to begin with...especially when it's with men like John 'Swiftboat' Kerry who 'in-Israel's-face' siding with both the Palestinians? position and wants is obvious to see when one looks past his 'for the camera' phony smile and spewed rhetoric.

"The only thing that might save us is if John Kerry wins the Nobel Prize and leaves us be," Ya'alon said sarcastically, but we all know the very real truth behind those words.
And when word reached an angry and fit-to-be-tied Obama about what was said about his farce of an anything but peace plan, he sent his personal mouthpiece Jay Carney and State Department spokesmouth Jen Psaki out to issue almost identical statements to the alphabet media stating that Ya'alon?s comments were "offensive and inappropriate...especially given all that the United States is doing"...and this part is outright comical..."to support Israel?s security needs."

"Support Israel's security needs"...NO I do NOT think so for why else would Obama insist upon Israel's return to its now totally indefensible pre-'67 borders...which in some areas would be only eight miles wide...and to give up half of Jerusalem to the very ones who have NO rightful claim to Jerusalem in the first place. NO...what this proposed anything but a peace plan is really all about is the removing of the remaining obstacles in the way of Obama's islamic buddies in Iran wiping Israel off the map.

"To question Secretary Kerry?s motives and distort his proposals is not something we would expect from the defense minister of a close ally," Carney said. Ah...but it is something we would NOT just expect but welcome as the true words of a man speaking on behalf of the very country that Barack HUSSEIN Obama digs the knife deeply into the back of every chance he gets.

And after diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Israel whined like little babies and complained about Ya'alon's words to both the Israeli government and to the press, Ya'alon issued an apology for his words. Saying what was 'expected' of him to say as in "the United States is our greatest friend and our strongest ally and when there are differences they are resolved behind closed doors, including with Secretary Kerry...I will continue to determinedly, responsibly and thoughtfully protect the security of the people of Israel," it's obvious these were forced words said to placate NOT Israeli officials but to placate Obama himself.

Forced unnecessary apology for as Israeli Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely stated in coming to Ya'alon's defense that it's inconceivable that one sovereign state should be subject to the whims of another state. "There is a blatant attempt here to bind Israel, a sovereign country, to foreign considerations and interests," Hotovely said. "Moshe Ya'alon stands up for our own interests...and that is exactly his job."
And anyway, there should have been no need for Ya'alon to apologize for anything he said... especially for words said in a private conversation with associates...for as Defense Minister of a nation completely surrounded by those out to kill her saying what he did is exactly what Ya'alon should have said.

But truth be told, this entire peace talks nonsense and Kerry's recent bloviatings that the talks are moving forward on schedule towards the Obama wanted April deadline for at least a 'peace framework' to be in place is NOTHING but one big LIE (taking a lesson from his boss NO doubt) as there has been NO...I repeat talks between Israel and the Palestinians for months, only communications done through American mediators...and we all know proxy talks NEVER result in peace, especially when one side speaks of peace out of both sides of its mouth.

Besides, NO matter what Ya'alon is quoted as saying or NOT saying comes close to being as damning as the words said and actions done by Barack HUSSEIN Obama against Benjamin Netanyahu. For example, in November 2011, Obama was caught on an open mic saying "You?re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you." after muslim-loving French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Obama "I cannot bear Netanyahu, he?s a liar."

And remember, just this past November Obama asked...demanded really...that Netanyahu "take a breather" from his very vocal criticism of the interim deal signed with Iran in know the deal where Obama...through Kerry...caved to everything Iran wanted including allowing them to continue to enrich uranium, getting little if anything in return.


And who can forget Obama's deliberate snub of Netanyahu in 2012 when he would NOT meet with him when both spoke before the U(seless) N(ations) when tensions were escalated over how to deal with Iran's nuclear program.

And Obama NEVER apologized for any of this...nor was he expected to as any apology he made would be empty photo-op words and NO more.

So Ya'alon's comments are only being used by Obama and Kerry for propaganda against Israel. And remember, the Palestinians want the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip for their 'supposed' state. Netanyahu wants to keep parts of the West Bank and says there is NO negotiations on Jerusalem which he will NOT ever allow to be divided again. And Netanyahu insists that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland, a condition the so-called Palestinians claim would undermine the rights of Palestinian refugees and Israel?s own Arab minority.

But I say screw the so-called Palestinians (who are NOTHING but regular run of the mill Arabs NO different than any other Arabs) and screw Obama's anything but a peace plan for his plan calls for a limited Israeli presence in the West Bank instead relying on sensors, satellites, and drones (Obama sure loves those drones doesn't he) to keep the peace. And his plan gives NO credence to Netanyahu's demanding...and rightly so...that Israel be allowed to retain an on-the-ground military presence along the eastern border with Jordan...probably the only Arab nation friendly to Israel and a nation that's fighting NOT to be taken over by prevent weapons smuggling or potential invasion by Arab armies.
And Netanyahu is right for Israel can be overrun by the sheer numbers alone of those out to kill them. And Ya'alon knows this as well, and his comments made show that he is NO fool nor that he will allow Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his shill John 'Swiftboat' Kerry to determine the fate of the now and forever Jewish state of Israel.

Forced apology NOT withstanding.
The NSA Scandal… Obama tries to get this to go bye-bye… he failed
Category: Poltics
Tags: Facebook Google spying privacy government collusion illegal obama Democrats NSA Snowden
By Diane Sori
“I will end the program as it currently exists.” - Barack HUSSEIN Obama, 1/17/14`

OK folks…I’ll begin at the end…Barack HUSSEIN Obama saying “God Bless America” twice at the end of yesterday’s press conference just turned my stomach because you could see him choking on those words while trying to get them out…good thing they were on the teleprompter or I doubt they would have come out at all, but back to the beginning.

Yesterday, after a six-month White House ‘supposed’ investigation into whistleblower Edward  Snowden’s flood of disclosures about the true scope of U.S. spying, President Obama (gag) held a press conference to discuss the changes he will implement in how the NSA collects and stores data on ‘We the People,’ our allies, and our enemies.

Saying that the NSA officials did NOT “intentionally abuse” the program to invade our privacy… yeah right…Obama went on to say that he believed opponents of the program had been correct in that without proper safeguards the data collection could be used to obtain even more personal information about American’s private lives then they already had, and that it could open the door to even more intrusive programs.  Nice words but the thing is Barack HUSSEIN Obama was the very one who ordered the NSA to do what they did and will continue to order them do so.

And critical to all he said…actually to what he did NOT say (taqiyya in action)…is that in NO way will the invasion of our privacy be stopped…translating into the information will still be collected just NOT as much of it…at least that we can see that is. 

Also, Obama said that ‘some’ of the changes he intends to make will take effect immediately, but that ‘other’ changes will require further study…which means more of our taxpayer dollars will be wasted on a study of a program that clearly violates our 4th Amendment rights…and that those changes may take an action of Congress to be implemented.  Uh oh…this sitting  Congress does NOTHING as it is so I guess that means that in regards to spying on ‘We the People’ they will do even less than NOTHING.

“The reforms I am proposing today should give the American people greater confidence that their rights are being protected, even as our intelligence and law enforcement agencies maintain the tools they need to make us safe,” Obama said during the press conference.

Greater confidence in an administration that shoved the ObamaCare monstrosity down our throats, still covers-up ‘Fast & Furious and does even worse in regards to Benghazi…NO I don’t think we have any confidence at all in anything this most miserable of president’s proposes.

So folks here now is just a bit of what Obama proposed…and just this bit alone should have you hopping mad.  First off, effective immediately, the NSA will be required to get a ‘secretive court’s (actually the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court) permission before accessing phone records and data that will still be collected from millions of law-abiding Americans…but I say why NOT an ‘open court’ of public record why a ‘secretive court’…what’s he still trying to hide…hmmmmm…

And Obama said that those phone records, which includes numbers dialed and length but NOT content of calls, will NO longer be stored by the government itself but either by a third party or by the phone providers themselves. Oh really…and what of the huge data mining storage center that he had built in Bluffdale Utah…who now will be the keeper of the phone records when a ‘For Sale’ sign gets tacked to its front door.  And with the phone companies opposing the expense and potential liability of holding said data, and with NO ‘credible’ third party yet to come forward, you can rest assured that if a third party does takes over they will be one picked from his many campaign donors so that all Obama has to do when he wants to do his snooping is just mossy on over to that third party and say, ‘let me see’…just a slight detour in his on target controlling of ‘We the People.’

And this little goody…which al-Qaeda operatives and other assorted terrorists will love…borders on the outright dangerous when it comes to the monitoring of true terrorist activity (the only activity that actually should be monitored), as Obama has said that the government will NO longer be allowed to access phone records beyond two so-called ‘hops’ from the person they are targeting…meaning NO access to phone records for someone who called someone who called someone who called the suspect will be allowed….NOTHING like helping the brethren yet again.

Also saying that the U.S. won’t monitor the communications of “our close friends and allies overseas” unless there’s a ‘compelling’ national security reason is pure hogwash as Obama is NOT releasing a list of which countries fall under that category…and Obama being what he is America’s allies are his enemies and America’s enemies are his allies, so heaven only knows where he’s going with this one…or should I say hell only knows to be more exact.

And his stating that he will be issuing a ‘presidential directive’ (an order that has the same legal standing as an executive order that remains in effect until a change in administration deems otherwise),that will state the government can only use collected phone data for counterintelligence, counterterrorism and cyber-security to protect U.S. forces and allies, and to “combat weapons proliferation and transnational crime” is again even more hogwash as first, we cannot believe a word coming out of his proven to be lying mouth (If you like your current health insurance policy you can keep it…period”) and second, everyday Americans like you and me are NOT involved in spying, terrorism, cyber-hacking, weapons trading, or international crime and he and his NSA buddies know it as well as we k now that it’s ‘We the People’ who will still be the ones spied on.

And proof is that Obama wants to give foreigners protections against spying  and is directing the Director of National Intelligence and his ‘good bud’ AG Eric ‘Fast & Furious’ Holder to put in place safeguards as to how long the U.S. can hold information on non-citizens overseas, and restrictions on how the data is used.  This he does for non-Americans while ‘We the People’ continue to get the proverbial shaft…and again continue to be spied on.

But NO matter what changes Obama says he will make but NOT really do, the bottom line remains that Barack HUSSEIN Obama stands by and completely supports the NSA’s spying on ‘We the People.’  By calling said spying “necessary for national security”  he continues to look away at what he called ‘the foreigners’ in our country…meaning  his muslim brethren…who are the only real terrorists this program needs to keep track on. And being that he left all the final decisions primarily to Eric Holder’s anything but Justice Department and to intelligence agencies that oppose making any changes to the current surveillance operations at all, you just know this entire matter will soon be swept under the rug...or at least that is what Obama will try to do.

Maybe this time Congress will make sure it's NOT but I'm NOT going to hold my breath for that.

Oh and by the way, Obama's shiny and sweating face...that you can see got shinier, sweatier, and pastier as time went a dead give-away that even he knows all his talk was NOTHING but empty political bloviatings...smoke and mirrors if you he tried to get our attention focused off ObamaCare and Benghazi...and to that I say he failed miserably.

Liberal Intolerance Says Only Liberals Can Marry Outside their Race and Wish Death to Conservatives
Category: General
Tags: media anti-American racism control Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats

First it was the Romney family that liberal and black racists condemned one of Mitt Romney’s sons from adopting a black baby. It was described as kidnapping by some. Of course, nothing was ever said about Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Jillian Michaels, Michelle Pheiffer, Mariska Hargitay, Jane Fonda, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Stephen Spielberg, and many others you may not know who have adopted black or mixed race children.

Instead of being thankful and considered a praiseworthy act if a conservative does it, these good-hearted people are denigrated in the worst way.

You may remember the show Sister, Sister that starred real-life twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry. They’re all grown up and married with children. But Tamera has committed the unpardonable sin. She married a white man and brought on the wrath of of liberal intolerance.

Tamera appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show as part of a “Where Are They Now?” She never would have been abused this way if she had not married Fox News correspondent Adam Housely.

Neither Tamera nor her husband speaks out on political issues. It’s the Fox News association that drives these liberal racists crazy:

“‘I get called ‘white man’s whore,’ she said. ‘The new one was ‘back in the day you cost $300, but now you’re giving it to him for free.’ The popular television star who also appeared in a reality show with her sister grew up in a bi-racial family herself — compounding her shock at the abuse she received. ‘I couldn't even fathom or think of these words, because I'm a product of it,’ she said.”

Then there’s ultra-liberal Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein who is making a film with multi-award and Oscar winner Meryl Streep to bring down the NRA. He can do that. It’s a free country. Liberal intolerance is his modus operandi.

Here’s what he said while appearing on Howard Stern’s radio show:

“I shouldn't say this, but I'll tell it to you, Howard. I'm going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we're going to take this head-on. And they're going to wish they weren't alive after I'm done with them.”

This sounds like a threat to do bodily harm that could result in the death of people who work for the NRA and their supporters. It’s not that Weinstein himself will do such a thing, but there might be some crazed liberal lunatics out there (and there are a lot of them) who won’t wait for the film and take matters into their own hands.

Isn’t this what Sarah Palin was criticized for when she placed a target image on candidates she was identifying that needed to be voted out of office?

Soon after Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City in April of 1995, some on the left of the political spectrum blamed “anti-government rhetoric” for the assault. Supposedly “hateful” speech directed at politicians had incited a cadre of “right-wing” extremists to put words into explosive action.

A similar blame-game tactic was tried by then Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) after the loss of the Senate to the Republicans in the 2002 mid-term elections. He blamed “talk radio,” and compared American “fundamentalists” to Islamic extremists. He claimed that critical talk about certain politicians and their policies could lead to a hostile environment that could spur people to violent acts. Daschle offered no empirical evidence to back up his claim.

Liberals are the most intolerant group in America. All their talk about tolerance is a one-way street. They want conservatives to capitulate while they build a network of intolerance to destroy all opposing views.

Benghazi: What is Fit Punishment for a President who Lies About the Murder of Americans
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Benghazi Hillary Huma anti-American treason corruption Democrats Obama

Benghazi: What is Fit Punishment for a President who Lies About the Murder of Americans Just to Get Re-elected ?


  • Newly declassified testimonies about what happened among Pentagon officials the night of the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 have been obtained by Fox News.
  • The documents show the U.S. military found out about 15 minutes after the attack – which killed four Americans – that it was an act of terror and communicated that to the Obama administration.
  • However the government – including Obama and then-U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who were in the throes of the 2012 US Presidential election – maintained for two weeks afterward the attack started as a protest against an anti-Islamic film and turned violent.

It sickens me to hear how anyone can defend Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when the topic of Benghazi is brought up! To use the term “phony scandal” just insults the intelligence. I belong to a group in my State of Washington who monitors events like this, and we knew immediately after the attack on September 11th that it was not because of some “anti-Islamic video,” but a full-fledged terrorist attack. In fact, I’ll go on record to say, that the attack on our embassy in Egypt was only a feint to deflect from the real target in Benghazi. One doesn’t have to be an intelligence analyst in some cubicle at CIA headquarters in Langley West Virginia, to figure this one out. Yet, because of the contempt that Barack Obama has for the American people and the overwhelming need to be re-elected as president, the narrative of the “spontaneous demonstration gone awry” was put forth merely to cover his foolish statements about Al Qaeda being decimated and get his sorry butt re-elected.

Will someone please tell me, just what does it take for a President who does these despicable things to get impeached? Benghazi is reason enough, in my opinion; that is unless you are a Democrat, who just happens to be the first black president in American history. That is not even the really infuriating part. Oh no, those same democrat politicians & liberals all over the  country who have been calling Benghazi a “phony scandal,” are calling for Chris Christie’s blood because of a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge.

Will someone, anyone, please try and explain that kind of twisted logic?

I know I have mentioned more than once about how important it is that Republicans re-take the Senate and hold on to the House of Representatives, but if this kind of blatant corruption is allowed to continue un-checked in the White House, well… do I really have to say it?

I am not an advocate of or for violence, but I think the American people have had their fill of crooked-filthy-lying politicians getting away with murder (literally)!

Oregon County Enrolling Prison Inmates In Obamacare…
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Tags: Prison waste Obamacare health Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats

via wz

And guess who foots the bill for their subsidized plans?

Via Oregon Live:

Backers have promoted the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion as a way to reduce health care costs for many Americans.

Multnomah County officials expect national health care reform to cut the county’s medical bills, too.

By enrolling jail inmates in nationally subsidized healthcare — best known as “Obamacare” to both the President and his critics — the county could bill the federal government for the cost of providing some of them medical care.

County health department officials briefed Multnomah County commissionerson the issue this week.

In addition to saving the county money, enrolling inmates in Obamacare would also mean a significant percentage will now have insurance when their jail stay is done.

The county’s corrections health care team has begun a push to enroll jail inmates in Medicaid or other forms of coverage. Seven “eligibility specialists” began working this week to help inmates complete their insurance applications, and they signed 22 inmates up for continuing care during their first day on the job.

County health officials say they hope to create a “warm handoff” from in-custody care to civilian care. Often, uninsured inmates who can’t afford medical bills forego treatment once they are released from jail.

Keep reading…

Why I Cannot Support Concealed Carry Weapons Permits
Category: General
Tags: gun control Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats

By Mac Slavo via SP

Why I Cannot Support Concealed Carry Weapons Permits (And Why You Shouldn’t Either!)


John Filippidis is a Concealed and Carry Weapons permit holder, which means he can carry his firearm on his person or in his car legally. He followed all applicable laws in the State of Florida to obtain his permit, and has been a lawful citizen since being “given the right” to retain a firearm when in public.

Recently he was driving through the State of Maryland on a family vacation when he was stopped, for no apparent reason, by a law enforcement officer who had trailed his car for at least ten minutes.

According to his family, this is how the stop went down:

The officer was from the Transportation Authority Police. He asked Filippidis for his license and registration. Around ten minutes later, he returned and asked John to exit his vehicle.

“You own a gun,” the officer says. “Where is it?”

Filippidis told the officer his gun was at home in his safe.

Apparently the officer didn’t believe Filippidis, because he began questioning his wife, Kally, next:

“Your husband owns a gun. Where is it?”

First Kally said, “I don’t know.” Retelling it later to the Tampa Tribune, she said, “And that’s all I should have said.” Instead, attempting to be helpful, she added, “Maybe in the glove [box]. Maybe in the console. I’m scared of it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I might shoot right through my foot.”

That’s when things escalated. The officer confronted Filippidis:

“You’re a liar. You’re lying to me. Your family says you have it. Where is the gun? Tell me where it is, and we can resolve this right now.”

Of course a gun could not be produced, since it was home in Filippidis’ safe.

Because Mrs. Filippidis told a different story than her husband, the officer said he had probable cause to search the vehicle. And he did just that. He called for backup, and they literally took the vehicle apart in an effort to find the weapon the Mr. Filippidis left in his safe back at home in Florida.

The gun, of course, was never found. After 90 minutes of having their personal property violated, the Filippidis family was released without charge or citation.

Since Mr. Filippidis was driving according to all traffic laws, there was absolutely no reason to pull him over. And this is where our problem starts. Why did he get pulled over in the first place?

It turns out that when you register your weapon as a CCW holder you get flagged and tagged in the system. And, apparently this crosses over state lines, because the Transportation Authority Officer who pulled Mr. Filippidis over did so because he suspected there was a firearm in the car. That’s it – there was no probable cause of wrong doing and no other possible reason this car should have been pulled over.

Remember that whole ridiculous argument about registration of guns eventually leading to confiscation like it has in so many other countries in the past?

Turns out there may we be something to that. Mr. Filippidis and his family were, by all accounts, considered and treated criminals for legally owning a firearm, even though that firearm was not in their possession.

The chief of TAP has apologized to the Filippidis family, but no action has been taken against the officer that, in no uncertain terms, illegally detained and violated the rights of this family and did so at gunpoint.

As noted by Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker, this illegal stop highlights the key problem with CCW permits and gun registration initiatives in general, and he argues why such registration requirements need to be repealed.

Denninger: Why I Cannot Support CCW Permits

There is only one solution to this problem folks — it’s none of the government’s damned business if you’re carrying a weapon or not.  It’s none of the government’s damned business right up until you do something unlawful with it, at which point it becomes both reasonable and appropriate to search, arrest, charge, whatever — for the unlawful act.

But the bottom line here is that the fact that this individual registered his ownership and intent to carry for personal protection of himself and his family in the places where it is lawful to do so with the government meant that he was unlawfully stopped, detained and searched by a ****head who has faced no penalty for the violation of his Constitutional right to be left alone absent evidence of, or probable cause to suspect, actual unlawful activity.

The only solution to this is Constitutional Carry.  That is, you have the right under the 2nd Amendment to carry, either openly or concealed, a firearm without applying for any sort of permit or asking for permission from the government first.

It is only if and when you commit a crime with a weapon present and in some way related to the offense that the government gains the ability to intervene in your personal decision to not be a victim and protect both yourself and others near you, most-particularly your family.

There is no means to solve this problem any other way, as despite whatever sanctions Florida may apply to its peace officers for abusive acts of this sort the very act of registration exposes you to abuses by other political subdivisions in the United States.

Therefore, the only means of stopping this crap is in fact to get rid of any such requirement of registration — period.

We’ll repeat that again in case you missed it: The only solution to this is Constitutional Carry. 

Can we all agree that a criminal who intends to do harm to others will never register their firearm? They will be carrying concealed regardless of the laws of the state in which they reside.

So, if the intent of these CCW laws is to prevent gun crimes instigated by gangs and others, then it is a total failure.

What these laws do in actuality is restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to own self defense weapons and, as the case in Maryland shows, to track those citizens across the country. Of course, the government would never overstep its bounds like these peace officer in Maryland did. That was just an isolated incident, right?

They’ll have us believe that officials having knowledge of every gun owner in their state, city or neighborhood poses no danger to the freedom of American citizens.

Perhaps today it doesn’t (unless of course you’re John Filippidis on a family vacation). But consider what will happen should more restrictive legislation be passed – or if the President of the United States signs an Executive Order outlawing the ownership of certain types of firearms or their accessories.

It should be crystal clear: Gun registration in any form, even CCW Concealed Carry Weapons permits, pose an immediate and distinct danger to the liberty of the American people.

Unions Won’t Support Bill To Keep Sexual Predators Out of Classrooms…
Category: Anti-American
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via wz

Someone needs to explain why unions are needed in modern-day America.

Via Free Beacon:

Two of the most powerful unions in the country have voiced objections to a bill that would provide better background checks for teachers, Campbell Brown writes in a ThursdayWall Street Journal column.

After the Government Accountability Office found “hundreds of potential cases of registered sex offenders working in schools” across the United States in 2010, the House passed a bill that would streamline the vetting process and close inconsistencies across state lines.

The bill is a common sense measure, according to Campbell, yet powerful teachers unions are opposed to the new standards.

Keep reading…

How Long Before Everyone Begins Teaching Their Children To NEVER Call 911?
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Not all police officers are bad. Most may be fine. I have recently been tremendously helped by a cop who never even asked for my identification but helped me with a flat tire situation by holding a light and then telling me where I could go and get free air. He saved me a great deal of money and time by simply acting like a good neighbor even though I was from another town.

I almost blurted out, “Thank you so much; this is like 9/11 never happened!” but I stopped at the thank you and kept my thoughts about the militarization of police to myself.

The problem is that you never know what you’re getting. A good policeman is someone who is paid full time to be “on call” as a good neighbor. A bad policeman is someone who can destroy your life and have enough chance to get away with it that he is probably not going to be deterred from bad behavior. When cops do things that would put the rest of us in jail immediately they get paid administrative leave.

So calling the police for help can be a gamble.

Via The Daily Caller, here is a picture of the face of a woman who has recently dialed 911 (originally from Fox 2 Now).


Kayla Conway called the Pevely, Missouri police department last week out of concern for the safety of her boyfriend, who had overdosed on anxiety medication. The couple recently lost a baby when Conway miscarried six months into her pregnancy, and she was on edge about her boyfriend’s health.

Police put the boyfriend in an ambulance, but an officer refused to let Conway ride along with him. His refusal soon became violent, according to Conway.

“He grabbed me by the back of my head and slammed me on the ground and dragged my head across the carpet and put me in handcuffs,” she said in a statement to local news.

Conway took pictures of herself showing her bruises and scrapes. She said the abuse, which happened last week, was without provocation. She has lingering migraines because of it.

But police didn’t stop there. Conway was eventually taken to the station, placed in a holding cell and charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Of course she was.

This is a rather minor incident compared to the father who called 911 only to have police kill his son. I’m sure also that plenty of people have called 911 and received needed help.

But how long before the odds make it not worth it? You are summoning people into your life who have immense power. It is a huge risk.


Children Are The Path To Successful Tyranny
Category: Anti-American
Tags: oppression re-eduction brainwashing control Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats


You can’t subjugate a Christian people. They won’t stand for it! A Christian culture will recognize and reject tyranny before tyranny can get a foothold. This is because a Biblically-literate and devoted people will not allow their civil government to tyrannically usurp the jurisdictions of self-government, family government, and church government.

A Christian people, by virtue of their understanding of God’s creation, their knowledge of history, their comprehension of the divine origin of law, and their assurance of heavenly citizenship, will never suffer earthly leaders who do not speak and act lawfully. A Christian people would not be so foolish as to allow those who mock law and justice to lead them.

In order, therefore, to subjugate and enslave a Christian people, you must first de-Christianize them. You must remove, from the culture, that which prevents you from conquering them. Piece by piece, Christian beliefs must be removed, along with the memory of those beliefs, from the minds of the people. This will take time.

You must concentrate on the children. You must take them away from their parents and everyday, day by day, indoctrinate them to reject and forget the Christian ideas and habits of their fathers and their mothers, their grandfathers and their grandmothers. This is precisely what government schools were designed to do. This is what they have done and continue to do.

Once the people are de-Christianized, you can take away their rights. You can take away their property. You can take away their weapons. You can tell them lies that they will believe. You can kill them . . . or let them live, if it suits you.

You can’t conquer a Christian people. But if you can steal their children, and train them to believe that there is a wall of separation between God and government, then you can enslave them—or rather—they will have enslaved themselves.

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"I agree and I've also shared on this very method of unConstitutional State..."
In: Civil Forfeiture Gone Wild: City of Brotherly Love Rapes Residents
by: Clinton
"Yup, Democrats always run under the "we care for you" banner and ALL..."
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"This is so true!"
In: The State Never Has Compassion
by: GraceRodz
"Interesting, but you should bring your problem up with the author and mayhaps..."
In: Bank Pressures Firearms Business – Jeremy Alcede
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