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Scandals abound but let's NOT forget about the nightmare that is ObamaCare
Category: Poltics
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As Howard Dean rants on national television that the GOP needs to get out of America...after all everything to him and his ilk is the Republicans fault...the ObamaCare 'supposed' glitches continue on as Nevada follows Oregon (who had NOT one person sign-up though the exchanges), Massachusetts, and Maryland, to become the fourth state to admit its private enrollment system done though the ObamaCare exchanges just cannot be fixed. Now leaving its state exchange behind, Nevada will join federal at least one year anyway...even though Republican Governor Brian Sandoval opposes ObamaCare. 

Governor Sandoval, who rightly thought it important for Nevada to run its own exchange, was overruled by the state's exchange board that obviously thought otherwise, and decided to ditch the exchange as in their opinion it could NOT be repaired in time for the 2015 enrollment period that is scheduled to begin this November.
So as Nevada joins the ranks of the disenfranchised, here's a bit more happiness folks...a recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll has shown that for every person ObamaCare has helped, at least two have been hurt by it...translating into a mere 18% benefiting from ObamaCare, while 30+% say they have been "negatively affected" by ObamaCare (and those numbers do NOT include those who have been cancelled under Obama's LIE, "if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan." And among those who have been negatively affected by Obamacare, 54% said their health care costs increased, 9% said it decreased their options and/or choices, and 8% said they opposed the entirety of the individual mandate itself.

NOT good at all for Obama's signature health care law...his 'supposed' a failure NO matter what he and his minions say with even liberal media polls conducted by the likes of MSNBC, The Washington Post, and USA Today all have found that more Americans say ObamaCare has had a negative impact on their lives...on their pocketbooks...than say it has had a positive impact.

In other words ObamaCare still stinks.

And now it's been announced that ObamaCare deductibles maxed out at a whopping $6,350 per person this year, will next year go even higher to cap out at $6,600 per person per year...NOT per family but per person. And for a family of four that translates into an unbelievable $26,400 per amount forced on them by a law that they NEVER wanted for coverage they NEVER needed and CANNOT afford.

And businesses will be hit as well as ObamaCare's soon to be enforced employer penalties will rise from $3,000 per subsidized full-time employee to $3,120 per employee. And the fines and penalties that were put on hold for this year, continue to grow so that in 2015, employers with at least 100 full-time-workers will owe $2,080 for each of those workers after an exemption for the first 30.

Talk about a job killer...and it gets even worse for the fact is that by 2016 the ObamaCare employer mandate will apply to firms with only 50 full-time-workers, with the fines going even higher.

And it gets worse. While there are ongoing serious issues currently under investigation concerning the VA and the long waits our veterans face when they need to see a doctor or get treatment, ObamaCare itself throws another wrench into the mix by increasing 'fragmentation' of care among vets who now rely solely on the VA for treatment. This means that those vets who use both VA and non-VA sources for treatment are more likely to be re-hospitalized and die within a year compared with VA-only users...and this comes from Dr. Kenneth Kizer, a former under secretary of Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Fact...ObamaCare also affects pre-911 disabled vets that require 24/7 care who are NOT eligible for Medicaid. Their family caregivers are NOT covered under the Caregiver act of 2010 as only post 911 caregivers are covered, so the cost of these caregivers health care will now have to come out of their own pockets or the caregiver will be fined or will have to sign a waiver and NOT be covered.

And if a veteran is only eligible for care at military hospitals and clinics and is NOT covered under certain 'TRICARE' plans this means they do NOT have minimum essential coverage as mandated under the rules of ObamaCare, and they too will be fined or required to get additional coverage. And this involves those getting care for 'line of duty only' related conditions and those vets or the family members insured under the 'TRICARE for Young Adults' plan who may now need their coverage altered to be in line with ObamaCare required coverage, especially in the area of mental health care.

And our vets under 'TRICARE' will get hit like the rest of us in their pocketbooks with 'TRICARE Prime' retirees who are under age 65 seeing an increase in the enrollment fee that they pay yearly that will be based on the amount they receive in their retirement pay from the military. And 'TRICARE for Life', the program for retirees over 65 would see increases in enrollment fees as well as changes to the catastrophic cap...the maximum out-of-pocket amount beneficiaries will pay each fiscal year.

So our veterans get the shaft by this administration yet again.

And so to date ObamaCare continues to trudge along screwing 'We the People'...screwing our veterans and their the process. All our fears about this most grievous of laws have come to pass...death panels, rationed medicine, NOT being able to keep the coverage or doctors one likes or can afford, coverage mandated for things one does NOT want or need...the list is endless making ObamaCare a fraud plain and simple...a fraud because simply allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines...thus broadened the base...would have allowed premium rates to drop without doing anything else to the insurance set-ups. 
So when we retake the Senate in November (like my positive thinking) repealing ObamaCare must become a number one priority for there was NOTHING wrong with America's top-notch health care system to begin with. This most miserable of presidents turned health care into a political issue for NO other reason than to win (steal) an election, assure a new generation of Democratic voters, and to increase the existing Democratic base of those tied to the government teat for their mere existence.
And so ObamaCare continues to be the stuff of nightmares that we still seem unable to wake-up from...sad isn't it.
Memorial Day Black Out
Category: Poltics
Tags: carl levin irs scandal va scandal government corruption

The transformation of America is in full swing and now Veterans are at the bottom of the food chain.

You can laugh at this or shake your head no, but I call on vets and concerned Americans to participate in a Rolling shutdown/blackout. Simply flip the main breaker on your home this Memorial Day and do not partake in media, Internet usage, etc. WTH you say? On Memorial Day you are asking me to get involved and go blackout during a holiday?

Take a moment and hear me out.

Consider the ramifications. Do the math on lost revenue and lost taxes for one day of a mass shutdown. No taxes paid for electrical consumption and up and down the money chain this will go if ENOUGH participate. We must not spend one dime more than necessary for 24 hours. Eating out, movies, paid entertainment of all kinds should be avoided.

If you are tired of one investigation after another and the continual scandals coming out of this gangster government I urge you to get involved and send a message from the masses we have had enough.

This action will not cost you a dime, you won't have to travel to protest, and you won't be inconvenienced too much if you plan ahead for cooking outside. 6-8 HOURS OF THIS BLACKOUT will be while you sleep.

I am weary of this administration and mad that our voices are not being heard. This blackout is mainly for the VA health care scandal, but as you should know we have a list of scandals that should never happen in a free and transparent America.

So if you are willing to send a message, flip your power off at 6 am Memorial Day morning until 6 am Tuesday morning.

Remember those who have fallen and how far our freedom has slipped into the abyss. Is this the America we fought for and so many died for?

Semper Fi

CW Staniford

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University Claims their Policies are above Constitution and Bill of Rights
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Police State Censorship Free speech 1st Amendment Unconstitutional control left progressives communists anti-American

Cameron University, located in Lawton, Oklahoma, can now be added to the list of universities that believe they are above the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and that they have the freedom to discriminate against anyone they choose.

In February, Cameron student Daniel Harper was handing out fliers on the campus that warned of the group known as World Mission Society. Harper claimed that they were nothing more than a pyramid scheme that was masquerading as a religious institution and therefore were distorting and misrepresenting the Bible.

According to Harper’s fliers, World Mission Society had traits found in cults and that they were teaching new prophecies. They claim to be the only source of truth, even above the Bible and that they readily try to recruit students into their group.

Like always, all it took was one student to complain about Harper’s fliers and he was hauled in before university officials. They told him that he was not allowed to hand out the fliers because other students were offended by them, when actually it was one student. School officials also told him that:

“His religious views were ‘discriminatory,’ ‘slanderous,’ and ‘libelous,’ even though the flyers merely expressed his point of view.”

According to Harper, Cameron’s Equal Opportunity Officer Thomas R. Russell told him the school’s policies are above the Constitution and that he must abide by the school policies regardless of what the First Amendment says. Russell went on to say:

“I like those amendments to the Constitution. They are foundations to democracy. But that’s all they are – foundations.”

“You can’t live on them. You’ll freeze to death in the winter and burn up in the summer.”

“All those federal laws are the foundations.”

“Once you get the foundation built to live in the house, you need framework and rooms, and that is the policies and procedures [of the school].”

So how does silencing a Christian because of the complaint of one person keep him from freezing to death in the winter or burning up in the summer?

According to Russell, Harper was found guilty of violating the university’s Employee Handbook section on Equal Opportunity Policy. However, Harper is student, not an employee of the university and therefore the Employee Handbook should not apply to him.

I checked out Cameron University’s website and found the Mission Statement that contradicts their actions with Harper:


“Cameron University provides a diverse and dynamic student body access to quality educational opportunities; fosters a student-centered academic environment that combines innovative classroom teaching with experiential learning; prepares students for professional success, responsible citizenship, life-long learning, and meaningful contributions to a rapidly changing world; and is a driving force in the cultural life and economic development of the region.”

“Core Values

“We Value

  • “Student learning as our top priority
  • “Excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and mentoring:

o   “Investing in people: The growth and development of our students, faculty and staff in a learning environment based on integrity, respect, and ethical behavior that encourages and provides opportunities for professional improvement”

The Alliance Defending Freedom has come to Harper’s aid and has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against Cameron University. David Hacker, Senior Legal Counsel with ADF commented about the case, saying:

“The First Amendment protects freedom of speech for all students, regardless of their religious beliefs. They should not have to pre-register their speech with college officials or comply with vague speech codes to exercise their constitutionally protected freedoms.”

ADF’s complaint is asking for an injunction to prevent Cameron University from enforcing their Equal Opportunity Policy along with their Expressive Activity Policy. They are also asking that the ‘letter of findings’ be removed from Harper’s file and that the university pay ‘compensatory and nominal damages’.

Hacker points out that the university allows other students to express their views on campus and that to deny Harper the same right is violation of the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act, the First and Fourteenth Amendments. The lawsuit states:

“Cornerstone of higher education is the ability of students to participate in the ‘marketplace of ideas’ on campus.”

“That marketplace depends on free and vigorous debate between students – debate that is spontaneous, ubiquitous, and often anonymous – and is carried out through spoken word, flyers, signs, and displays.”

“Instead of encouraging free discourse and debate on campus, the university enforces a speech code and punishes students then they offer a viewpoint that someone else finds offensive or discriminatory.”

What happened to Harper at Cameron University is also happening on many other campuses around the nation. They are trampling on the constitutional rights of students, usually Christian and conservative students. They don’t want open and honest discussions as they profess, but rather they insist on stifling free speech and anything that challenges their liberal agendas.

Parents, let this be a warning to thoroughly investigate the colleges and universities that your sons and daughters are contemplating attending. Do some research to see if there have been any reports like this one about what they are and aren’t allowed to say or do. I would recommend you write to the schools and some of the professors your child might be having and ask them about issues that are important to you such as Christianity, free speech, creation versus evolution and so on. Word your questions so that they don’t know which side you are on in order to get an honest response. If they refuse to respond, then scratch them off the list and go to the next school. Statistics show that over 70% of Christian students walk away from the church and Christianity by the time they get out of college. Don’t let your child be one of them.

1 Judge Overrides Will of the People
Category: Anti-American
Tags: 1st Amendment GayStapo LGBT Gay homosexuals NSA IRS Oppression control left progressives communists anti-American

If John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, could see America today I’m sure he would weep as two of the branches of government have assumed far more power than intended. The executive and judicial branches were actually designed to be the weakest of the three branches with the legislative branch being the strongest as the men and women serving there are supposed to do the will of the people.

Unfortunately, all three branches have corrupted themselves and the will of the people no longer matters. According to the Declaration of Independence, the American people have the right to revolt against the federal government, seize all power from them and establish a nation like our Founding Fathers intended.

Case in point is what just happened in Oregon.

In 2004, Measure 36 was passed by the majority of Oregon voters to amend the state constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. On Monday, one man used his personal agenda to override the will of the majority of Oregon voters by declaring Measure 36 to be unconstitutional.

In his ruling, US District Judge Michael McShane stated:

"Because Oregon's marriage laws discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation without a rational relationship to any legitimate government interest, the laws violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution."

"My decision will not be the final word on this subject, but on this issue of marriage I am struck more by our similarities than our differences. I believe that if we can look for a moment past gender and sexuality, we can see in these plaintiffs nothing more or less than our own families, families who we would expect our Constitution to protect, if not exalt, in equal measure. With discernment we see not shadows lurking in closets or the stereotypes of what was once believed; rather, we see families committed to the common purpose of love, devotion, and service to the greater community."


How can anyone call a same-sex marriage a family who has the same values and commitments as traditional families? God was very clear about homosexuality as He addresses it in several places in Scripture. He calls it an abomination and even said in Leviticus 20:13:

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

In Romans 1:18-31, Paul writes under the inspiration of God that turning a nation over to their homosexual lusts and desires is a form of punishment for their turning away from His statutes. If you read this passage of Scripture, you will see America perfectly described 2,000 years ago.

So how did our nation fall to such a level as to not only openly embrace an abominable and sinful lifestyle, but to the point of allowing one person to override the will of the majority of the people?

It all started around 1900 when liberal progressives began planning to change the face of America. One of the facets they needed to change was our national Christian faith and the structure of the family. With those foundations lost, everything else the liberal progressives want to do is fair game. President Obama has helped to accelerate the process of converting our once Christian republic into a liberal progressive socialist democracy and eventual dictatorship. (In case you forgot, a republic is run by the people and a democracy is dictated by those that were elected by the people.)

What’s happened in Oregon is becoming a growing trend among liberal judges who have flushed the Constitution down their toilets and replaced it with humanist and socialist propaganda. It’s going to continue to happen more and more unless Christians start standing up, speaking out, getting involved and take back our nation. Otherwise, America is certain to fall like every other great nation that openly embraced such a sinful and decadent way of life.

Governments Use Regulatory Laws to Nullify First Amendment
Category: Anti-American
Tags: free speech 1st Amendment Constitution freedom America Obama control left progressives communists anti-American

A California family was fined for holding weekly Bible studies in their home because the meetings were said to violate the city's zoning regulations.

“Stephanie and Chuck Fromm have been living in their San Juan Capistrano home for 18 years and were shocked when they received a notice of violation from the city. They have already been fined $300 and have been told they will be fined an additional $500 per meeting if they continue to meet without a Conditional Use Permit.”

The city of San Juan Capistrano eventually changed the law after a lot of bad publicity when the story went national.

Beware if you have a temporary pond on your property. Bureaucrats want to regulate them.

At issue is a proposed rule from the federal Environmental Protection Agency that would become part of the federal Clean Water Act.

[Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey] told [an] audience the rule would give the EPA authority to regulate ‘virtually all outdoor water,’ and would surely result in new permit requirements and regulations for land owners.’”

How about posting a sign on your own property? Beware! The regulators see that sign and don’t like it, especially it includes a religious or political message.

“The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is ordering that a Ten Commandments sign posted on private property near a state highway be removed.

“Jeannette Golden of Hemphill, Texas purchased the 6 x 12-foot sign from the organization God’s Ten last summer and posted it on her property just off Highway 21. However, according to reports, Golden was soon contacted by the state, which took issue with the sign, stating that the display could be classified as commercial advertising.”

A $125 permit would be needed. In addition, there would be an annual fee of $75 and a $250 surety bond. And if the land owners don’t comply, they could be fined $1000 per day.

When this argument didn’t work, the Texas Department of Transportation tried another regulatory ploy. Jeannette Golden was told that “no permit is possible” because “the sign must be removed as pursuant to the Highway Beautification Act, which relates to advertising.” Of course, the sign is not an advertisement; it’s an expression of her free speech rights.

“‘I wasn’t advertising because that’s my freedom of religion, and that’s what I believe, and I was not informing anybody,’ she told reporters. ‘It was just something that I stood for.’

“Local residents have rallied around Golden by purchasing a billboard not too far from her property that reads ‘In God We Trust.’ Others have verbally expressed support for the right to display the sign.”

Of course she has the right to display the sign as long as it does not obstruct the sight line of motorists.

Regulators and bureaucrats are not constitutionally immune from the Bill of Rights.


20 States File in Support Challenge to ObamaCare
Category: Poltics
Tags: Obamacare VA Hospitals waiting lists dead control left progressives communists anti-American

The amicus brief by Texas against ObamaCare was joined by Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and West Virginia. Their amicus brief urges the federal appellate court to reject the holding by the district court under the Origination Clause, a district court ruling that the States emphasize would render “meaningless” this essential safeguard in the Constitution against new revenue-raising bills.

Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution requires that all revenue-raising bills originate in the House of Representatives, because that chamber is closest and most accountable to the people. This essential provision of the Constitution ensures maximum political accountability for new revenue-raising measures by Congress. If members of the House of Representatives do not first sponsor and approve a revenue-raising bill, then the Senate is without power to impose the tax on the American people.

Yet that is what ObamaCare did in imposing new taxes on the American people. It originated as Harry Reid’s Senate bill rather than as legislation properly passed first by the House of Representatives. As the 20 States point out in their amicus brief, “The Origination Clause requires that tax bills originate in the House of Representatives and thus ensures that federal tax decisions will be made in the first instance by the legislators who are closest to the people.”

The States observe in their amicus brief, “Without the assurance of the Origination Clause, many of the States at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 would not have agreed to cede power to (and share sovereignty with) the new federal government. And the amici States have continuing interests in ensuring that the Origination Clause is faithfully and vigorously enforced.”

Two of the States are new in opposing ObamaCare in the courts, as they did not participate in the prior challenge which reached the U.S. Supreme Court in the consolidated litigation known as “NFIB”. We are particularly gratified by how these new States have weighed in to this litigation to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional. These two new States are Montana and West Virginia.

We applaud all 20 States for standing up with us against the unconstitutionality of ObamaCare.

GOP & Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program: At War
Category: Anti-American
Tags: school lunch Moochelle Obama education teachers corruption racist left progressives anti-American

No Obama program is safe from House Republicans—even when the Obama in question is Michelle. A GOP agriculture and food spending released yesterday contains a provision that would take a bite out of the first lady's stricter school lunch health standards, the AP reports. With many schools complaining about the program, Republicans want to allow them to opt out if they lose money on the healthier lunches over a six-month period.The idea is getting a big push from the School Nutrition Association, the Washington Post reports, which gets substantial funding from food industry sources.

Michelle is fighting back by rallying health activists to lobby against the Republican proposal. The Secretary of Agriculture also spoke against it because, of course, he is one of the White House’s men.

For what it is worth, just like a stopped clock is right twice a day, sometimes even Michelle Obama can see a problem. American diets are probably not that healthy and school lunches probably don’t improve the average much.

But her “solution” is worse in several ways.

First, the mandatory guidelines starve students.

Recently the limitations may have been raised somewhat. But treating the health problems as the result of too many calories is always going to put student health and performance at risk. The bookworm and the football player both have different caloric needs, and they should be free of aching hunger during math or history.

Of course, Michelle Obama must treat the relationship between food and health as a matter of caloric intake because, otherwise, she would have to admit that some foods should not be eaten. For example, there are many different groups who have presented evidence that grains would best be avoided. As far as the Federal Government is concerned, that idea is heresy. One must always support “our farmers.” Other agricultural businesses must also be supported. So the only message the government can ever endorse is one that says that all foods are good as long as you don’t eat too much of them.

The Republican plan “is getting a big push from the School Nutrition Association, the Washington Post reports, which gets substantial funding from food industry sources.” Yes. And the food industry gets massive subsidies that guide it in the direction of using wheat and corn and especially high-fructose corn syrup. The government itself has produced an economy that encourages high carbohydrate, highly-processed meals, and now is finding that its lunch program can’t withstand the pressure that it has created.

But even if Michelle Obama only had great ideas about eating, her implementation would still be a failure. All she is doing is forcing the school to force some change on students. Those students have been taught how to eat at home. They have often lived on fast food. (“Fast food” is now what most people buy in grocery stores.) There is no way they are going to cooperate with these rules from the Federal government.

What Michelle needs to do is find a way to reach and educate parents and children themselves. She has to present a case that they will feel better and be healthier if they eat differently. Until she convinces them, she has no way to really change anything. The school lunches aren’t going to change until the students and the parents expect them to do so. Mandating “healthy” lunches, like the food labels she endorses, can only fail.

Recently, a friend of mine started drastically changing the way he buys food. He almost never walks into the middle of the grocery store but spends most of his money at the edges where the vegetables are. He told me that he thinks avocadoes are God’s pudding cups. He has had some frustrations because the non-processed food he eats will become over-ripe or rotten if he doesn’t consume them soon enough. He eats a lot of meat as well and is trying to learn how to make his own bone broth.

Why did he do this?

Right or wrong he did it because he decided that his normal eating was making him “sick” (or at least less well than he should be) and that eating vegetables (and some fruits) and meats was far better for him than the typical American diet. Now that he feels better than he ever remembers feeling (he tells me) he has every intention of sticking to it.

In other words: he had to decide. He had to believe he needed to make a change, decide to experiment on himself to see if the change was positive, and decide to stick to it.

Michelle Obama wants to treat not only the students, but even their parents, as her young children. She thinks she can just dictate what they eat and everything should work out.

That’s not the way it works.


Obama Administration Dedicating Border Gateway for Cartels
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Drug Cartels illegals voter fraud control oppression left progressives communists anti-American

The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument will likely restrict Border Patrol access and use of vehicles in the region, according to law enforcement officials.

"By creating this monument, President Obama is ensuring a pathway to get drugs into the country," said Zack Taylor, chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, in a report on Breitbart.

Taylor noted that the monument is right across the border from Juarez, Mexico, which if you've never been there is like Mos Eisley without the charm. Imagine Detroit with Robocop on the take, or Gotham without Batman and you won't be far off.

Basically, by putting a national monument in the Border Patrol's way, the Obama Administration is creating one big happy fun slide to allow some of the worst criminals in the world to enter our country.

This would seem in keeping with ICE's release of more than 36,000 convicted criminal immigrants back into public, as was recently reported.

"The New Mexico border has no river -- it's just an imaginary line," Taylor said. "If criminal illegal aliens can walk across the border and into the sanctuary area, they will use that land for criminal activity and use it extensively. Everything surrounding the monument is in peril."

The reason given for the monument status is the same old flimsy excuse about preserving the environment. But this time, it's at the expense of public safety, which seems to be low on the Administration's priority list.

Taylor said, "Who benefits form this more than the cartels? The people who live there don't benefit, law enforcement doesn't benefit, the sheriffs don't benefit. The only people who benefit from this monument are illegal immigrants bringing drugs into this country. Environmentalists say we're protecting this land by shutting people out, but we're actually doing the opposite."

Compromising the border in the name of environmentalism is itself criminal. But what makes this outright evil is that Obama is making this happen without congressional discussion or approval, by executive fiat under the Antiquities Act.

Once again, we see King Obama stepping outside the bounds of the Constitution to complete a pet project, regardless of citizens' objections.


Obama Admin Quietly Gives Insurance Companies Access To Billions of Taxpayer Dollars To Cover Obamacare Losses…
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Obamacare VA Hospitals waiting lists dead control left progressives communists anti-American

via wz

The inevitable bailout begins.

Via Chicago Tribune:

The Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature healthcare law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if companies providing coverage through the Affordable Care Act lose money.

The move was buried in hundreds of pages of new regulations issued late last week. It comes as part of an intensive administration effort to hold down premium increases for next year, a top priority for the White House as the rates will be announced ahead of this fall’s congressional elections.

Administration officials for months have denied charges by opponents that they plan a “bailout” for insurance companies providing coverage under the healthcare law.

They continue to argue that most insurers shouldn’t need to substantially increase premiums because safeguards in the healthcare law will protect them over the next several years.

But the change in regulations essentially provides insurers with another backup: If they keep rate increases modest over the next couple of years but lose money, the administration will tap federal funds as needed to cover shortfalls.

Keep reading…


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