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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Asks Guests: Why Do Conservatives Want to Make Chris Lane Shooting ‘Racial’?
Category: Anti-American
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Filling in for Martin Bashir Wednesday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid attempted to figure out why of the 11,000 shooting deaths that occur in this country, do only a handful of them “capture the media’s–and thus the public’s–attention.” After Newtown, Aurora and Trayvon Martin, Reid sees the media paying extra attention to the apparently random shooting of Australian Chris Lane by three “bored” Oklahoma teenagers and the narrowly avoided catastrophe at a Georgia elementary school.

Reid argued that it’s not “race, poverty, gangs, or even video games and movies” that tie these shooting together. It’s access to guns. “These are obviously two very different stories on many levels,” she said. “The location is different, the race of the suspects is different, the types of guns used. But can we get away from the fact that the common denominator are young people with access to guns?”

The Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page tackled this question first, saying it’s only gotten easier in recent years for young people of all races to get their hands on guns. “Obviously the insanity involved in these two cases shows that background checks and tougher access are what we need,” he said.

Shooting victim and Salon writer Brian Beutler agreed, explaining why he prefers stricter gun laws to police tactics like stop-and-frisk that he said unfairly targets innocent people. “It would be nice to at least not regard these shootings primarily at least by the race of the gunman,” he said, “because then you get into the situation where some people are trying to tally up, you know, the number of shootings perpetrated by black youth versus white youth. That just doesn’t feel like a very healthy way for society to be pitting individuals against each other.”

Reid said she’s already starting to see that rhetoric from the right, specifically about the shooting of Chris Lane. you’ve started to see people on the right tally it up on the basis of race. As an example, she singled out the tweet below from former congressman Allen West, along with Fox News’ mischaracterization of the shooters’ races.

Seeing the right “directly trying to bait the president on race, a situation with the baseball player that’s already so tragic,” Reid asked, “Why do they seem so determined to also make it racial?”

“They’ve been champing at the bit waiting for a case that would help them to prove the point that white people are not–that their lives aren’t as valued as much as black people’s lives are–the exact opposite of what experience tells us,” Page said. He noted that the media attention to the Trayvon Martin case stemmed from his parents and others being outraged that the state did not initially charge Zimmerman with a crime. “What we’re looking for here is equal justice,” he said. “If the white Australian who was killed was not getting equal justice in this case, I would be protesting as much as anybody ought to be.”

While he did think that “conservatives have been on Fox News and on drudge looking for incidents of black use behaving badly,” Beutler argued that if you really want to reduce the number of shooting in this country, “there are better ways to go about it than trying to stereotype what you think shooters look like.”

Watch video below, via MSNBC:


Gotta love the left, nothing but racists and anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional Civil Rights nutjobs...Unable to see the obvious: Liberal upbringing, liberal teachers, no family, no morals, gangs...

Obamacare, immigration reform may make immigrants cheaper to hire than citizens
Category: Anti-American
Tags: illegal immigration Republicans Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats

Would it be cheaper for U.S. companies to hire newly legalized immigrants instead of Americans, as immigration-reform legislation pending in Congress would allow? This being Washington, the answer is both "yes" and "not exactly."

Two months after the Senate approved a comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. immigration system, confusion reigns over whether the reforms -- combined with changes wrought by Obamacare -- give immigrants an edge over U.S. citizens in the job market. It's a potential political landmine for immigration-reform supporters, though congressional policy aides and a Congressional Research Service report obtained by the Washington Examiner suggest that the problem may not be as great as many fear.

If Congress approves a Senate bill that creates a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, those immigrants would be granted legal status as "Registered Provisional Immigrants." They would be legal but barred from collecting health care benefits available under Obamacare. And because the Affordable Care Act also requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health benefits at a capped price, it could be cheaper for those companies to hire newly legalized immigrants rather than citizens who are eligible for Obamacare benefits.

But that is not true in all cases. Following are a couple of scenarios for how it could play out.

•The newly legalized immigrants aren't eligible for health care benefits, but the companies that hire them would be required to count all immigrants as full-time employees. That could push some companies' payroll rosters beyond 50 workers, requiring them to provide health benefits to workers, a mandate from which they are now exempt.

Under this scenario, hiring a newly legalized immigrant would cost an employer about the same as hiring a U.S. citizen.

•In addition to requiring companies with more than 50 full-time workers to provide health benefits, Obamacare forbids employers from charging workers more than 9.5 percent of their salary for those benefits. A company that charges more than that would have to pay a per-employee penalty. But because newly legalized immigrants aren't eligible for Obamacare benefits, they wouldn't be counted when the fine is calculated, reducing the employer's penalty or giving them great incentive to charge more. Those factors could make it cheaper to hire an immigrant over a citizen.

The prospects for comprehensive immigration reform clearing Congress this year remain unclear. But any package that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants will almost assuredly prohibit newly legalized immigrations from collecting Obamacare benefits. Any bill that doesn't include a prohibition on health benefits would likely not attract enough Republican support to pass.

Ironically, that could potentially create a unique class of U.S. residents -- the only one in which members are exempt from Obamacare's individual mandate. They would be the only ones who don't have to purchase health insurance.

Progressives and Blacks
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Anti-American Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats progressives

By  Walter E. Williams via TNA 

Walter E. WilliamsSometimes I wonder when black people will reject the patronizing insults of white progressives and their black handmaidens. After CNN's Piers Morgan's interview with the key witness in the George Zimmerman trial, he said: "Rachel Jeantel is not uneducated. She's a smart cookie." That's a remarkable conclusion. Here's a 19-year-old young lady, still in high school, who cannot read cursive and appears to be barely literate. Morgan may have meant Jeantel is smart — for a black person.

Progressives treat blacks as victims in need of kid glove treatment and special favors, such as racial quotas and preferences. This approach has been tried in education for decades and has revealed itself a failure. I say it's time we explore other approaches. One approach is suggested by sports. Blacks excel — perhaps dominate is a better word — in sports such as basketball, football and boxing to such an extent that blacks are 80 percent of professional basketball players, are 66 percent of professional football players and, for decades, have dominated most professional boxing categories.

These outcomes should raise several questions. In sports, when have you heard a coach explain or excuse a black player's poor performance by blaming it on a "legacy of slavery" or on that player's being raised in a single-parent household? When have you heard sports standards called racist or culturally biased? I have yet to hear a player, much less a coach, speak such nonsense. In fact, the standards of performance in sports are just about the most ruthless anywhere. Excuses are not tolerated. Think about it. What happens to a player, black or white, who doesn't come up to a college basketball or football coach's standards? He's off the team. Players know this, and they make every effort to excel. They do so even more if they have aspirations to be a professional player. By the way, blacks also excel in the entertainment industry — another industry in which there's ruthless dog-eat-dog competition.

Seeing as blacks have demonstrated an ability to thrive in an environment of ruthless competition and demanding standards, there might be some gains from a similar school environment. Maybe we ought to have some schools in which youngsters are loaded up with homework, frequent tests and demanding, top-notch teachers. In such schools, there would be no excuses for anything. Youngsters cut the mustard, or they're kicked out and put into some other school. I'm betting that a significant number of black youngsters would prosper in such an environment, just as they prosper in the highly competitive sports and entertainment environments.

Progressives' agenda calls for not only excuse-making but also dependency. Nowhere is this more obvious than it is in their efforts to get as many Americans as they can to be dependent on food stamps; however, in this part of their agenda, they offer racial equal opportunity. During President Barack Obama's years in office, the number of people receiving food stamps has skyrocketed by 39 percent. Professor Edward Lazear, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers from 2006-09, wrote in a Wall Street Journal article titled "The Hidden Jobless Disaster" (June 5, 2013) that research done by University of Chicago's Casey Mulligan suggests "that because government benefits are lost when income rises, some people forgo poor jobs in lieu of government benefits — unemployment insurance, food stamps and disability benefits among the most obvious." Government handouts probably go a long way toward explaining the unprecedented number of Americans, close to 90 million, who are no longer looking for work.

This is all a part of the progressive agenda to hook Americans, particularly black Americans, on government handouts. In future elections, they will be able to claim that anyone who campaigns on cutting taxing and spending is a racist. That's what Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., said in denouncing the Republican 1994 call for tax cuts. He said, "It's not 'spic' or 'nigger' anymore. (Instead,) they say, 'Let's cut taxes.'"

When black Americans finally recognize the harm of the progressive agenda, I'm betting they will be the nation's most conservative people, for who else has been harmed by progressivism as much?

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. To find out more about Walter E. Williams and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

Gays, Muslims & Illegals Granted Asylum But Christian Family Denied
Category: Anti-American
Tags: terrorism islam islam is evil muslim anti-American Treason Obama left-wing Democrats

by Dave Jolly via GP

Gays, Muslims & Illegals Granted Asylum But Christian Family Denied

In 1938, German dictator Adolf Hitler created a law that made it illegal to homeschool.  Seventy years later, that law was still on the German books and homeschooling was illegal.  Like America’s public schools, Germany’s schools are very liberal anti-God establishments.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike could not bear to have their children indoctrinated by the German school system and tried to homeschool their kids anyway.  They are devote Christians and wanted their kids to have a Christian education, something they would not get by attending Germany’s secular schools. The German government stepped in and at one point even took the children from their home.  Once the children were returned to the family, the parents felt they had no choice but to seek asylum in the US because of the government persecution of their religious beliefs.

In 2008, the Romeike family fled to the US under threat of parental arrest in Germany and the threat of losing their children for good.  They sought asylum here in the US and in 2010, Judge Lawrence Burman, an immigration judge granted the family asylum saying that if the family returned to Germany they would assuredly face persecution because of their religious beliefs.

However, the anti-Christian Obama administration appealed the court’s decision.  Thanks to the efforts of Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama’s marionette puppet, every court since the government appeal was filed has ruled against the family.  In May, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled:

“[T]he Romeikes [have] not shown that Germany’s enforcement of its general school-attendance law amounts to persecution against them, whether on grounds of religion or membership in a recognized social group.  There is a difference between the persecution of a discrete group and the prosecution of those who violate a generally applicable law.”

Now the family and the legal organization representing them have turned to the White House for intervention.  The White House finally responded to the request by saying:

“No comment.”

Now consider the fact that the US is granting asylum to Russia’s gays because they are claiming persecution under Putin’s rule.  It is now illegal to publicly display your homosexuality in Russia such as gay pride parades, so they are coming to the US instead.

Muslims are fleeing their homelands and seeking political asylum in the US and they are being granted that asylum on a regular basis.  Illegal Hispanics are showing up at the US border stations claiming persecution and fear of the drug cartels and being granted asylum here in our country.

But let a Christian family who only wants the right to give their children a Christian education seek asylum, and the Obama administration has gone out of its way and spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to stop the family and send them back to Germany where they face certain arrest.

The sad situation with the Romeike family clearly demonstrates what our government has become.  They say yes to foreign gays, to Muslims and to illegal aliens, but they scream NO at Christians.  I continue to pray for our nation to change and I pray for the Romeike family and ask you to do the same.

Obamanomics 101: The Math Doesn’t Add Up
Category: Poltics
Tags: Economy Federal Reserve MS Obama left-wing left communist socialist Democrats

by Dave Jolly via GP

Obamanomics 101: The Math Doesn’t Add Up

Here is a simple class on Obamanomics that I hope demonstrates why the math doesn’t add up.

To begin with, President Obama has never provided a balanced budget.  He promised that he would cut spending by $2 for every $1 tax increase.  Reality is that his latest deficit reduction proposals would result in a $7 increase in taxes for every $1 in spending cuts.  A number of the spending cuts in his proposal are actually delayed until 2018, affecting the administration of some future president and not his own, while his spending increases will increase by at least $335 billion during his second term.

Under Obamanomics, our tax dollars are being spent on the following:

  • $2.2 billion in 2012 for free cell phones for low-income Americans.  According to an FCC review, 41% of the 6 million recipients were not eligible or failed to prove eligibility.
  • $10 million on an FCC network security upgrade that deemed largely ineffective by the GAO.
  • $100,000 National Endowment of the Arts grant to develop a video game featuring a female superhero who was sent to save the Earth from climate changes that were caused by the many social issues that negatively affect women.
  • $7.7 million in severance packages to temporary workers at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River facility.
  • $376 million for renovations of the Oval Office and to build a second Oval Office to use while the renovation is being made.
  • $51 million annually to maintain 3.5 million square feet of unused building space.
  • $184 million worth of TSA security equipment is unused and sitting in a warehouse in Dallas which costs $3.5 million annually to lease.
  • $890,000 annually to keep over 13,000 empty bank accounts open.
  • $350,000 NSF grant to Purdue University to discover that golfers should imagine the hole to be bigger in order to boost confidence and accuracy.
  • $227,000 NSF grant to Michigan State University to study the evolution of National Geographic’s depiction of the evolution of animals from 1888 to 2008.
  • $500,000 NSF grant - part of which was used to develop a video game simulating high school prom.
  • $340 million DHHS loan to insurance company in New York to help establish healthcare co-ops.  The company, Freelancers Insurance Co is ranked dead last of all of the state’s insurance companies.
  • $800 million annually being overpaid to hospitals and clinics for a kidney dialysis drug.
  • $450,000 so Office of Naval Research could determine that unintelligent robots cannot keep a baby’s attention.
  • $2.1 billion overpaid in SSI benefits in 2011.
  • $850 million paid out to 117,000 people who received both SSI disability and federal unemployment benefits.
  • $7 million in unemployment benefits over a 4 month period to prisoners in Pennsylvania.
  • $156 million in 2011 paid out to employees working as representatives for government unions.

The list is longer than is provided here, but I hope you get the picture.  When school kids are turned away from touring the White House, or federal employees are forced to lose 14 days’ worth of pay because of sequestration, the government has money to throw away on frivolous things including a special helicopter flight for Obama’s dog.

The sad part is that it is just not Democrats doing this, it’s Republicans also.  It seems few if any of our elected leaders are fiscally responsible.  After all, it’s not their money, seems to be their thinking.  I only know of one politician (Rand Paul) in Washington that seems to be showing any sense of fiscal responsibility.  He has been returning hundreds of thousands of dollars he was allocated for his office staff and supplies that he didn’t use.  Perhaps it’s time we clean the rest of them out of Washington and put in people that will be fiscally responsible.

Gay Sex Club Shooter Prayed in “Arabic” Before Opening Fire
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: Australia terrorism islam islam is evil muslim anti-American Treason Obama left-wing Democrats


Nothing Islamic to see here. But the uh Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad in Australia is looking into it. Here’s how it happened.


A 52-year-old man was in the rear car park of Aarows, a 24-hour gay, bisexual and swingers club in Rydalmere, when at least two men shot him about 1am (AEST) on May 1.

Detectives from the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad continue to investigate the shooting.

They have released CCTV of the incident and video and audio taken from a van allegedly stolen before the shooting.

“One of the men can be heard reciting what’s believed to be a prayer in Arabic, asking for protection from being identified prior to the shooting,” police said in a statement.

The victim, identified only as Max, survived after being shot three times. The bullers narrowly missed his heart and spine.

Max, who was interviewed for the program, says of his terrifying ordeal: “God put his hand on me that night.”

He said he now suffers from terrible nightmares and confesses he is still in fear of his life after the incident.

Wanted presenter Neil Mercer said of the footage: “The vision is probably some of the most extraordinary I have ever seen. He gets shot first in the ankle, then he goes to the ground. You then see them actually catching up with him and you see them kicking and beating him. He then somehow drags himself up again and they continue to shoot. He is a very lucky bloke indeed.”


Police are baffled as to the motive of the attackers, who are of Middle Eastern appearance and are thought to be Muslim.

Utterly baffling. No one has any idea why Muslims would open fire outside a gay club. It’s not like they’re known for killing gay people.

And now a word from Piers Morgan on how no one gets shot in Australia because of gun control. Perhaps Piers should tell it to Max.

And perhaps the problem isn’t guns, but the sort of people who tend to recite prayers to Allah before opening fire or the sort of people who get bored all the time and start looking for someone to kill.

Federal Judge Establishes Islam As Official and Protected Religion of America
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: terrorism islam islam is evil muslim anti-American Treason Obama left-wing Democrats

by Dave Jolly via GP

Federal Judge Establishes Islam As Official and Protected Religion of America

In 2010, 70% of Oklahomans voted yes on a state constitutional amendment to prevent judges from using sharia law in any of their decisions and rulings.  The residents of the state did not want to see Oklahoma courts using sharia law over state or federal law like what has happened in other states.

One of the key principles of a republic is that the people rule and decide law.  In a democracy, the government assumes the role of the people and decides law for themselves.  Former President James Madison once said:

“Democracy was the right of the people to choose their own tyrant.”

In some cases, that tyrant chooses others to assist in their tyranny as is the case with Chief District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange of the Western District of Oklahoma.  Miles-LaGrange was appointed to her federal bench by liberal Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1994.

In 2010, Miles-LaGrange placed a temporary injunction against the Oklahoma anti-sharia bill, SQ-755 after it was challenged by Muneer Awad, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations.  And wouldn’t you know it; the lawsuit was actually filed on their behalf by the ACLU, which I affectionately refer to the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union.

Now, Judge Miles-LaGrange has taken it upon herself to tell 70% of Oklahoma voters that their votes no longer matter and that one person has the right to nullify them as she struck down the law.  In her ruling, Miles-LaGrange stated:

"Having reviewed the numerous statements by the legislators who authored the amendment, it is abundantly clear that the primary purpose of the amendment was to specifically target and outlaw Sharia law and to act as a preemptive strike against Sharia law to protect Oklahoma from a perceived 'threat' of Sharia law being utilized in Oklahoma courts."

"While the public has an interest in the will of the voters being carried out, the Court finds that the public has a more profound and long-term interest in upholding an individual’s constitutional rights."

She also said the voters would not have passed the law without mention of sharia law, ruling that the:

"…public debate, public discussions, articles, radio ads and robocalls regarding SQ 755 all primarily, and overwhelmingly, focused on the Sharia law provisions of the amendment."

Ryan Kiesel, Executive Director of the Oklahoma ACLU stated:

"This law unfairly singled out one faith and one faith only.  This amendment was nothing more than a solution in search of a problem. We're thrilled that it has been struck down."


What about all of the laws that have been passed and upheld by the US Supreme Court banning the Bible, prayer and any depiction of Christianity from public schools, government offices and property?  Haven’t all of these laws targeted a specific religion – Christianity?  When the anti-Bible, anti-prayer and anti-Christian laws were passed, the majority of voters were against those laws but they were passed anyway.  Now, the majority of voters want to do the very same thing against Islam and one liberal judge says you can’t do it, it’s wrong.

I heard that at least one Oklahoma state legislator is asking Congress to impeach her or remove her from the bench.  I agree that it needs to be done but the problem is that we have an administration, even more liberal and pro-Islamic in place to appoint a replacement, than the one that put her on the bench to begin with.

The last thing our Founding Fathers wanted to see happen was one branch of government having absolute power over all of the people and the other branches of government.  How could our supposedly balanced three branch system of government get so far out of control that just one judge can overrule the majority of voters?  Worse yet is the voters have little recourse of action that they can take against the judge accept to appeal her decision to a higher court, which I hope they do.

While Miles-LaGrange didn’t actually say this, her ruling basically says that you can’t target any laws against Islam but there’s been no problem in the past with all of the laws that have targeted Christianity.  This in effect establishes Islam as the officially recognized and protected religion of America.

Report: New Iranian Defense Minister Tied To 1983 Suicide Bomb Attack On U.S. Marine Barracks In Beirut That Killed 241 Americans…
Category: Islam is Evil
Tags: Iran terrorism islam islam is evil muslim anti-American Treason Obama left-wing Democrats

via wz

Via Defense News:

A new report from an Israeli think tank links the new Iranian defense minister to a 1983 terrorist attack that killed 220 peacekeeping Marines and 21 US sailors and airmen.

The Aug. 11 report, written by former Israel Defense Force Brig. Gen. Dr. Shimon Shapira, connects Iranian Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan to the deadly attack at the US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, which was carried out by a Shiite suicide bomber who drove a dump truck into the compound. A second, simultaneous suicide attack killed 58 French paratroopers at their nearby barracks. Dehghan was appointed to the country’s top defense post by new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and confirmed by the Iranian parliament Aug. 15.

Dehghan spent his military career in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, serving from its inception in 1979 and taking command of its air force in 1990. Shapira writes that Dehghan was given command of the Revolutionary Guard force in Lebanon around 1983, and moved later that year to set up a Revolutiontary Guard headquarters in the country’s Beqaa Valley.

“It was from this headquarters that Iran controlled Hezbollah’s military force and planned, along with Hezbollah, the terror attacks on the Beirut-based Multinational Force and against IDF forces in Lebanon,” Shapira wrote. “The attacks were carried out by the Islamic Jihad organization, headed by Imad Mughniyeh, which was actually a special operational arm that acted under the joint direction of Tehran and Hezbollah until it was dismantled in 1992.”

The orders for the attack, Shapira said, came from Tehran and were passed from the Iranian ambassador to Damascus on to the Revolutionary Guard troops in Lebanon.

“According to the U.S. Marine commander, the US National Security Agency intercepted the Iranian orders to strike on Sept. 26, 1983,” he wrote. “It is difficult to imagine that such a high-level directive to the Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon would be transmitted without the knowledge of their commander, Hossein Dehghan.”

The commander Shapira refers to is retired Col. Timothy Geraghty, who commanded the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit during its Beirut peacekeeping mission. The unit suffered most of the casualties from the attack.

In a 2008 article for the U.S. Naval Institute, Geraghty said the intercepted order was received “unbeknownst to us at the time.”

“The suicide attackers struck us 28 days later, with word of the intercept stuck in the intelligence pipeline until days after the attack,” Geraghty wrote.

In October 2011, he testified before the House Committee on Homeland Security about Iran’s involvement in the bombings and the influence key players continue to wield in Iranian governance.

“I believe that Iran is intent in attacking us in our homeland,” Geraghty said in remarks prepared for the committee. “All one needs to do is review their strategy, behavior, attacks and targets the past three decades.”

In May 2003, a federal judge determined that Hezbollah had been responsible for the 1983 attack, acting at the behest of the Iranian government. This cleared the way for survivors and family members of those killed in the attack to sue Iran. US District Court judges have since ordered Iran to pay billions of dollars in settlements to affected groups, though efforts to recover this money are still ongoing.

Randy Gaddo, a retired Chief Warrant Officer 4 who was in Beirut at the time of the bombings as a Marine photojournalist, said it was no shock to see information suggesting that one of the Beirut conspirators remains in a high position of power in Iran, despite reports that the Iranian government is moving in a more moderate direction under Hassan Rouhani.

“It would not surprise me to know that there are people in the government now that are connected,” Gaddo, a former president of Beirut Veterans of America, said. “You can connect the dots all the way back to 1983.”

Dehghan’s appointment to Iran’s top defense post was confirmed by the Iranian parliament Aug. 15.

The knife is plunged into Israel's back...again
Category: Poltics
Tags: 57 islamic states Barack HUSSEIN Obama budget crisis Egypt foreign aid Israel John Kerry Mahmoud Abbas muslim brethren national security iss
By Diane Sori via PF
Well…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is ‘aiding and abetting’ the enemy yet again as this time he’s giving another $148 million of our taxpayer dollars to what he calls ‘Palestine’…which is quite odd as there is NO country called ‘Palestine’. Obama really needs some geography lessons, but what can you expect from the man who thinks there are 57 states in the Union.
But hey, there are 57 islamic states in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation…the so-called ‘collective voice of the muslim world’…so I guess that was easy for him to confuse with US states, and was what he meant when he said he visited all 57 states (said sarcastically with eyes rolling upward).

Clarifying his words by saying that the money will actually go to support the Palestinian Authority’s government of Mahmoud Abbas (translation: just another band of terrorists) so they can address the ‘supposed’ critical economic and humanitarian hardships facing the Palestinian Authority and the so-called (but non-existent) Palestinian people is quite ambiguous at best for it seems all the monies we give them usually end up going into securing guns, weapons, and rockets to use against Israel. But Obama still bloviates that ‘US national security interests’ are the reason for his new decision to send them even more monies, and with that as his excuse Obama gave Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry authorization to issue a waiver on the restriction of funds Congress put in place after the Palestinian Authority submitted its unilateral bid for United Nations membership last September.

But, I’d really like to know what ‘national security issues’ the Palestinian Authority poses to the United States of America and I bet you would too.

And then Obama added to this slap in the face to Israel…for that is what aiding the Palestinian Authority is…by further stating that this was done to avert ‘a budget crisis’ and to promote the peace process, because according to 'Obama-logic' sending so-called aid is supporting US efforts to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But in reality what Obama is actually doing is once again funding a terrorist organization…the muslim version of what I call ‘sponges’ because they have always counted on foreign aid to subsist…and the cowards in Congress are letting him get away with it .

Oh, and by the way, how about if Obama cared about our own budget crisis for a change and stopped worrying about a budget crisis of terrorists…but I digress…

And in case you didn’t know, since 1994, the US has given the Palestinian Authority $1.3 billion in aid, and this is NOT the first time that Obama ordered a waiver of congressional restrictions for his muslim brethren for just this past March Obama gave $500 million to them by bypassing the very same Congressional restrictions.

And even with all this monetary aid coming into the Palestinian Authority’s hands supposedly to work for peace and the betterment of its people they’re still at war with Israel…still trying to lay claim to Jerusalem…and still aligning themselves with other terrorist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood…Obama’s blood brethren and I guess that spells out the truth as to why he keeps sending them aid…shades of Egypt for sure.

And with an Obama spokesman saying that, “Direct budget support to the Palestinian Authority is the most immediate and efficient means of helping the Palestinian Authority maintain and build the foundations of a viable, peaceful Palestinian state” what is NOT being said is that the Palestinian Authority does NOT want peace with Israel…they want Israel, period.

So to that end this past Friday, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami el-Hamdallah signed a financial support agreement for an “$148 million aid transfer from the US administration to Palestine” and he signed it with US Consul General Michael Ratni…and signed it somewhere in the non-existent country of Palestine.

And once again Israel feels the knife digging deeper into her back put there by the same man who sides with the enemy in Egypt…the same man who has the blood of Benghazi on his hands…and the same man who wishes that Israel would become the 58th islamic state. And we all know who that man is…Barack HUSSEIN Obama…for sometimes a middle name does indeed say it all.

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