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Bank Pressures Firearms Business – Jeremy Alcede
Category: Anti-American
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Rory Hall via TDC

Tactical Firearms is a profitable community business in Houston, TX. Jeremy Alcede states that Tactical Firearms has the nicest firing range in the country. Mr. Alcede goes on to state the property the firing range sits on is worth $9 million dollars. Currently, there is an outstanding loan against the property of $6.5 million dollars. The bank has decided to call in the loan, claiming Tactical Firearms is behind on their payments. Mr. Alcede was interviewed by the local Fox news channel and disclosed their payment history showing they had not missed a single payment against the loan. Why would a bank just arbitrarily call in a loan?

According to Jeremy Alcede, the Board of Directors, and largest shareholder, Mark Evans, for Ikon Bank in Houston, TX, also owns a firearms company in Houston. No one is saying the bank is attempting to strong-arm Tactical Firearms in order to acquire their business, but is a curious fact. If you are familiar with Bill Black’s work, then you know the best way to rob a bank is to own one. A really easy way to eliminate competition and grow your business at the same is to merge with another company that offers the same products and service as your company. I am not saying this is the what is happening between Tactical Firearms and Ikon Bank, but there seems to be some questions in need of answers.

This story just became a little more interesting. While researching Fox News website, I found several articles about Tactical Firearms. It seems that not only are they a profitable business, which means they are a good community steward, they want to EXPAND their business. The expansion would include producing ammunition! As most of our readers know the gun grabbers are doing everything in “power” to squash the 2nd Amendment. Why would the government want a local, profitable, stable firearms company expanding AND producing ammo? They wouldn’t.

In Mr. Alcede’s words, “every time the government audits the bank (Ikon Bank) it pulls their file (Tactical Firearms) because we are a firearms loan, which they (the government) don’t like. They (the bank) have to jump through hoops and hurdles to make sure my file is correct. I know that the government is putting pressure on them…” Sounds perfectly normal to me. Conduct an bank audit and target the firearms company, specifically, to “insure” the bank is operating properly.

There seems to be a lot more to this story so I have sent an interview request to Jeremy Alcede to speak with him, personally, about this situation. Below is an interview conducted recently by Kevin Price from The Price of Business.

Host Kevin Price and Guest Jeremy Alcede discuss “A Story Against a Local Firearms Business” on this segment of the Price of Business:

What anti-gunners can't get passed ass legislation, they do via pressure, tyranny and oppression, exactly the reason we are supposed to have guns for... The left never has and never will care about the will of the people or their freedom, remember that...


Federal Funding For Radical Immigration Group La Raza More Than Doubled After Group’s VP Joined The Obama Administration…
Category: Anti-American
Tags: racism La Rasa crime Obama Democrats Holder illegal aliens criminals DOJ media corruption control gun control communists anti-American

via wz

Via Capitol City Project:

Federal funding surged to a radical immigration group under the Obama administration after a former top member of the organization joined the Obama team in 2009.

In 2009, Cecilia Muñoz was appointed as the Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs in the Obama administration. She served in this position until January of 2012 when she became the President’s Domestic Policy Advisor and the Director of the Domestic Policy Council, a position which coordinates the domestic policy making process in the White House.

Muñoz is the former Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation  for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), one of the most radical groups today behind the push for a compete overhaul of the United States immigration system. She is married to Amit Muñoz-Pandya, a human rights lawyer and former counselor to the Open Society Institute, which was established and funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

Prior to Muñoz  joining the Obama administration, La Raza received $4.1 million in federal funds. When President Obama brought her aboard in 2009, he issued a special “ethics waiver” since it violated his lobbyist ban. In 2011, it was reported by Judicial Watch that between 2009 and 2010, the funding increased from $4.1 million to $11 million — more than doubling and nearly tripling.

Any questions? Obama the racist?

La Raza: The Klu Klux Klan with a Tan. The Real Racial and intolerant Agitators..... <- click


Federal Government Priorities Don’t Include the Marine Imprisoned in Mexico
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Marine prisoner Mexico drugs cartell gun control Obama control left progressives communists anti-American

By Bod Allen via PO

I’m trying really hard not to use strong language here.

Here’s the story from Fox News:

A Mexican federal judge sent Andrew Tahmooressi back to prison after the U.S. Marine sergeant made his first official courtroom appearance since being locked up more than three months ago for accidentally crossing the border with guns in his pickup truck.

The 26-year-old veteran of two tours in Afghanistan was finally able to tell his story to a judge, after his case had been delayed by both Mexico’s unpredictable legal system and his own trouble settling on a lawyer. It was not immediately clear what Tahmooressi said at the evidentiary hearing, which was closed to the public. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for August 4.

Let me get this straight:

Our Attorney General *intentionally* funneled thousands of weapons into Mexico to drug cartels, and that’s OK.

Mexican military commonly cross our border—sometimes shooting at our Federal officers within the United States, as they did just a week or so ago—and that’s OK.

Mexico is facilitating an influx of tens of thousands of people across the border into the United States—that we then have to pay $250 per trespasser per day to care for—and that’s OK.

But one Marine suffering from PTSD accidentally crosses the border into Mexico, and he’s jailed for over 100 days with no end in sight. And President Obama is OK with that?!?

What happened to your pen and your phone, Mr. President? Are they broken?

I say send in the SEALS and bring this guy home. If Mexico so much as offers a peep, load up every single illegal alien in this country and fly them into Mexico City, one parachute each.

This is beyond ridiculous. Hello, Mr. President? Hello, Congress? Do you have more “strong words” about this situation? How about some action!


Liar in Chief: Obama Still Pays Female Staff Less than Male Staffers Despite State of the Union Address
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Obama war on women social injustice hypocrite left progressives anti-American

By Dave Jolly via GP

There is one quality that Barack Obama is very gifted at – lying. He lies so often and with a straight face that it’s easy for someone to believe what he’s saying.

He stood before the American people and swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution and the laws of the land knowing he was going to violate as many as possible. He promised the American people that the Affordable Care Act would lower the cost of healthcare and health insurance, knowing full well that his plan would cause a significant increase in every aspect of healthcare. In 2012 Obama promised over and over that he would not raise taxes on the middle and lower class segments of America knowing that Obamacare contained dozens of tax increases that impacted the middle and lower classes.

The list of his lies goes on and on, but there is one that he is repeating for the sole purpose of winning over women voters. In his State of the Union address, Obama told the nation:

"Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it's an embarrassment. A woman deserves equal pay for equal work. She deserves to have a baby without sacrificing her job."

Recent White House salary data reveals just how much of a liar and hypocrite Obama really is. The data shows that female staffers earn about 13% less than male staffers. Female staffers also received lower raises and fewer promotions than male staffers.

When it came to White House staff promotions, 46 men received promotions between 2013 and 2014 and only 41 female staffers received promotions during the same period. Male White House staffers that were promoted received an average of 24.4% pay increase. Female White House staffers that were promoted only received an average of 18.5% pay increase.

Female White House staffers did exceed the male staffers in one area – turnover. During the 2013 to 2014 year, 88 female staffers left the White House and only 77 male staffers left. This figure surprised me as I would expect most people to cling to a White House job merely for the prestige, but to realize that Obama lost 165 staffers in one year has to speak volumes at how they are treated by the First Family.

Last week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about the gender salary inequality in lieu of Obama pushing the issue nationally. He responded:

"I wouldn’t hold up the White House as the perfect example here."

"We still have more work to do at the White House."

What is so hard about paying female staffers the same as their male counterparts? If Obama expects the rest of the nation to do what he says about paying women the same as me, then he needs to lead by example and do it. The gender inequality that still exists in the White House sends the message of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ to the rest of the nation. So why should the nation’s employers do what Obama wants them to do when he doesn’t do it himself?

Hypocrites, that's all Democrats ever where...


US Should Follow Immigration Laws of Central and South American Countries
Category: Poltics
Tags: Obama Democrats Holder illegal aliens criminals unlawful immigration DOJ racism media corruption control left progressives communists anti-American

By Common Constitutionalist via GP


President Obama has asked for almost $4 billion to meet our “Moral Obligation” at the border.

As Sen. Tom Coburn said, “That’s $60,000 per child.” Eric Erickson wrote that we could send them all back, providing first-class tickets and accommodations, for about $8 million.

Yet instead, this out-of-control administration, that has developed a habit of enforcing only the laws it likes, will continue to allow the flood of illegals to cross our border, completely unopposed, while feckless Republicans threaten to sue the president, as if that will do any good or in any way deter Obama from his Cloward-Piven strategy purposely to overwhelm the system.

For years, we’ve heard from countless politicians on the left, that we can learn a thing or two from other countries, that America should not only respect but defer to laws of other countries.

I say that’s not a bad idea. Let’s start with immigration.

Shall we see how other countries deal with those who wish to cross their borders? How about the home countries of the great unwashed showing up on our border?

What if I was to show up at the Guatemalan border?

First, I would need a passport, but only if I wish to stay for no more than 90 days. Otherwise, I need a visa. Birth certificates and drivers licenses are not accepted as substitutes.

Okay, what if I want to stay? I would then apply for a visa, along with my valid passport, two recent photographs, a letter of sponsorship from a Guatemalan resident, and proof of financial resources from me and my sponsor.

What? You mean they want me to prove I can support myself?! Where’s the compassion? Don’t they have a “moral obligation” to take care of me? Evidently not.

What about Honduras? I’m sure they’re more compassionate and accommodating.

The first thing I must get is a tourist visa. After I arrive, I can apply for immigration. I will need to hire an attorney.

Surely the government will supply me with one at no charge. Think again.

The attorney will assemble my document package and present it on my behalf to the Honduran authorities. I will have to provide a criminal background check from everywhere I’ve lived and provide a clean health certificate. I also need to provide proof that I have a steady income of at least $2500 per month and said income will continue for as long as I am in Honduras.

That’s a rather heartless country.

El Salvador must need people. I’ve heard many talking heads say that these poor immigrants are showing up in the United States to escape their Civil War … that ended in 1992!

Maybe they didn’t get the word like some Japanese holdouts on remote islands after World War II who still thought the war was raging.

Anyway, I’m sad to say that El Salvador also wants me to jump through hoops and provide proof that I will not be a drain on society.

It’s the same with Nicaragua. Mexico is the same or worse.

In a nutshell, there’s not a single country in Central or South America, or I’ll bet anywhere in the world that will allow a single person, much less thousands, simply to show up and say “Here I am, now take care of me and pay for all my needs and wants.

The Way Immigration Used to be Done
Category: General
Tags: Obama Democrats Holder illegal aliens criminals unlawful immigration DOJ racism media corruption control left progressives communists anti-American
By Gary DeMar via GP

I dare say that everybody reading this article is mostly likely an immigrant or a descendant of an immigrant. I am. My grandparents were born in Italy. They came to America dirt poor and raised 23 children, all of whom became productive members of this great nation.

The Left wants to paint opposition to what we’re seeing at the border as anti-immigration. This is typical of the Left. Moreover, a number of conservatives have jumped on the immigration bandwagon describing what’s taking place in border towns as xenophobia – fear of foreigners.

Glenn Beck wants to bring soccer balls to the children who have made their way to the United States.

I’m all for compassion. But this great influx of immigrants is different. There’s no accountability.

There’s a proper way to do immigration. Most Americans would agree.

Here's a picture of my father's family. He's the little guy with the white leggins. There would eventually be 11 DeMarios (DeMar):

Joseph and Rose DeMario and Family

There’s a scene from the film The Godfather II that shows a young Vito Andolini Corleone coming to America to escape an almost certain death in Italy. Here’s how Kevin Hagopian describes the scene:

“It is 1901. A small boy, waifish and wide-eyed, is hustled through the organized chaos of Ellis Island, the chorus of exotic languages echoing in the Great Hall bewildering him. A brusque attendant mishears an interpreter, and the boy, Vito Andolini, is assigned as his surname the name of the town he has fled from, Corleone, Sicily. From Ellis Island, the skyline of New York City beckons the rabble of immigrants we have earlier seen sailing beneath the open arms of the Statue of Liberty. New York’s skyscrapers are temples of modernity, a symbol of a new world of security that the boy’s fearful friends pray can replace the medieval vengeance plots and brutal feudal loyalties of Sicily. Sicily, where the blood of the boy’s family has been shed in torrents. Sicily, where the boy himself is under an unappealable death sentence. But Vito Corleone can only glimpse New York from across the water. Quarantined with smallpox, he is placed in isolation.”

This scene from The Godfather II is worth watching. Send it to your Congressman and Senators. It’s an accurate depiction of how immigration used to be handled:

America used to have a system. All were welcomed. There were rules to follow. Even someone on the run from killers like young Vito followed the rules.

And we still have immigration laws, Holder and Obama just refuse to enforce them which in itself constitutes treason imo...


The Left Officially Declares War on God
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Religion Islam Statists Satanists Obama control left progressives communists anti-American

BSteve Deace via PO

The meltdowns, lawlessness, and crises are coming so “fast and furious” now you can’t keep track of them all, which is why many of you probably missed a recent development that may actually be the biggest threat of them all to our constitutional republic.

This week, the same people who booed God at the 2012 Democrat National Convention openly declared war on their own Maker. For instead of repenting of their attempted tyranny, the statist/Marxist Left’s response to last week’s Supreme Court opinion in favor of Hobby Lobby (i.e. the First Amendment) was to remove any pretense whatsoever they still believe in the U.S. Constitution.

After previously lying…err…claiming that they’d never do anything to stop you from practicing your religion in your church “where it belongs,” the statist/Marxist Left has openly declared war on God and those who still believe what the Word of God has to say about moral matters.

The ACLU and other anti-American groups announced they are withdrawing their support for a heinous piece of legislation known as ENDA. Because with a scant 5-4 majority of the U.S. Supreme Court still believing in the First Amendment, it’s obvious to them that ENDA in its current form wasn’t heinous enough. ENDA, which stands for the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act,” is the unholy grail of the moral depravity lobby. The immorality peddlers have been peddling various versions of this bill for years, but the end result is always the same—you will be made to care.

The intent of this legislation is for the federal government to once and for all make someone’s private sexual behavior a publicly protected class in all of Obama’s 57 states, and thus also silence once and for all any moral or religious dissent to their depravity. Oh, sure, the version passed out of the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate last year included so-called “religious exemptions.” But absolutely no one smarter than Joe Biden believes the same people who think the Feds can order the “Little Sister of the Poor” to pay for baby-murder, also believes these people are serious about protecting religious liberty.

Now that the High Court they’ve relied on so many times before to impose their statist edicts on the American people by fiat actually sided against them for a change, these anti-American groups on the statist/Marxist Left aren’t even going to pay lip service to liberty anymore. So they will no longer support any legislation that doesn’t tell religious institutions they have to obey man and not God.

Nero would be proud.

That means if you’re a Christian school with a teacher/administrator living an immoral life that undermines your mission, you can’t fire them. Like this example courtesy of Denny Burk at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Last year, Azusa Pacific University (a Christian school) asked a female theology professor to leave after she began to assume a transgender identity. “Gender identity” is protected under ENDA. If ENDA were the law of the land with no religious exemptions, then it would have been illegal for this Christian school to dismiss this professor. Under ENDA, Azusa would have been in violation of federal law if they were to follow Christianity’s teaching about gender.

Burk correctly concludes:

These Leftist groups are pursuing a zero-sum strategy against religious groups and individuals. They have declared an all-out culture war and will offer no quarter to sincere religious dissenters. They are ready to use the coercive power of the state to trample the religious consciences of their countrymen. This is radical and chilling.

If you’re a Democrat that takes their faith seriously and you think guys like Burk and I are taking fringe elements of your party too seriously, consider the fact the Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate has “fast-tracked” legislation that would seek to undo the Hobby Lobby opinion. The bill would demand a company pay for abortifacients and baby-murder as Obamacare originally demanded.

Elected Democrats in the U.S. Senate are not the fringe of their party. They are the party. This is who this party has become.

The decades-long right-of-center/left-of-center argument we’ve having since the New Deal about just how much government should be used to even the odds for the little guy is over now. When Democrat Zell Miller got up and spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention that was symbolically the end of the old Democrat Party. A party that once claimed to represent the values of working-class and middle-class Americans, as well as ethnic and racial minorities, who believed they needed a check-and-balance against corporatism.

The generation of Democrats who gave us the Religious Freedom Restoration Act 20 years ago, which the Supreme Court used as the basis for its ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, is mostly gone now. Replaced by what David Horowitz calls “the New Left.” This “New Left” is not mere liberals. They are flat-out Leftists. They don’t want to grow government as much as they want to change it. They are Social Reconstructionists, whose goal is to empower government to replace our Judeo-Christian ideals of liberty and morality with what amounts to Cultural Marxism.

And they won’t stop until the American Exceptionalism they either don’t understand or loathe is eradicated once and for all. That’s why their ultimate goal is silencing the church, as all tyrants in history have tried to do, because the church has always been the obstacle to statism in a culture. For the church says that God alone is God, and government is not. Not to mention with God out of the way, so are your God-given rights, which makes you a de facto ward of the state and not a free person. As Chesterton once said, “whenever the government removes the god the government then becomes the god.”

You can’t share a culture with people who won’t share it with you. There is no negotiating with these people. You can only convert or defeat them.

Manassas City, Virginia: Welcome to the Porn Police State
Category: Anti-American
Tags: police state oppression education entrapment brain washing tyranny Obama control left progressives communists anti-American
ByMark Horne via PO

According to the Washington Post, the cops want to force a seventeen-year-old to have an erection and then photograph his aroused genitals. They want to do this because they suspect that the seventeen-year-old took a picture of his erection and sent it to his girlfriend via texting—“sexting” as it is now called.

A judge actually granted that warrant, though it has not yet been executed.

I really don’t know what to write about this barking-lunatic pretense of “law enforcement.”

I am all for punishing the boy in some way for being sexually active with a fifteen-year-old girl (assuming that sex between them is illegal Is it?). According to the story, there is reason to believe that she first sent pictures to him. Then he sent her a video which a parent saw.

I can understand the outrage. I condemn the immoral actions. But…

The teen is facing two felony charges, for possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography, which could lead not only to incarceration until he’s 21, but inclusion on the state sex offender data base for, possibly, the rest of his life. David Culver of NBC Washington first reported the story and interviewed the teen’s guardian, his aunt, who was shocked at the lengths Prince William authorities were willing to go to make a sexting case in juvenile court.

Did you get that? They are charging a seventeen-year-old for possession and manufacturing child pornography for photographing himself! Is that what anti-child-porn laws are for? To destroy the children involved?

Why not charge him with indecent exposure—a Class One Misdemeanor?

I hate the way teens are so hyper-sexualized, but using child porn laws against them is simply abusive and unjust.

Furthermore, what is forcing a kid to submit to a sexually explicit photograph, if not child pornography? The cops should be arrested for executing the warrant!

The case was set for trial on July 1, where Foster said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Claiborne Richardson told her that her client must either plead guilty or police would obtain another search warrant “for pictures of his erect penis,” for comparison to the evidence from the teen’s cell phone. Foster asked how that would be accomplished and was told that “we just take him down to the hospital, give him a shot and then take the pictures that we need.”

Right, because photographing a coerced teen in a sexually explicit manner against his will isn’t creepy at all. So glad American tax dollars can pay for this “justice.”

Carlos Flores Laboy, appointed the teen’s guardian ad litem in the case, said he thought it was just as illegal for the Manassas City police to create their own child pornography as to investigate the teen for it. “They’re using a statute that was designed to protect children from being exploited in a sexual manner,” Flores Laboy said, “to take a picture of this young man in a sexually explicit manner. The irony is incredible.” The guardian added, “As a parent myself, I was floored. It’s child abuse. We’re wasting thousands of dollars and resources and man hours on a sexting case. That’s what we’re doing.”

My condolences to the residents of Manassas City, Virginia who are ruled by such dangerous lunatics and perverse jackasses. I pray you will liberate yourselves from that prosecutor and police department in all haste.

I hope the teen-ager realizes that his actions were immoral and wrong and learns a better way of behavior. I hope his righteous indignation at being threatened with sexual assault will not blind him to his own need to repent.

And I pray that God removes whatever demon of stupidity and cruelty that has taken possession of our law enforcement system.

The liberal police state gone insane...


More Lies: Lois Lerner Printed Out Infamous Lost Emails
Category: Anti-American
Tags: Lerner IRS Obama Democrats corruption tyranny Oppression control left progressives communists anti-American

By Tim Brown via FO 

After being told that Lois Lerner's computer, along with several others, crashed and that emails from her could not be retrieved, even though there was an independent email backup company employeed by the Internal Revenue Service (fired after the fact), we come to find out that Ms. "I've done nothing wrong, but plead the Fifth" Lerner actually printed out some of those alleged missing emails..

According to her attorney Bill Taylor, she claimed not to have printed out and filed her emails as she is required to do, according to the Federal Records Act. Say it isn't so! Another Obama minion has broken the law! So far that's at least Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius that Lerner joins in this respect.

Chairman of the House Oversight and Governement Reform Committee Darrell Issa (R-CA) said, "The Federal Records Act requires agencies to make and preserve records of agency decisions, policies, and essential transactions, and to take steps to safeguard against the loss of agency records."

According to the IRS website:

The Federal Records Act applies to email records just as it does to records you create using other media. Emails are records when they are: Created or received in the transaction of agency business; Appropriate for preservation as evidence of the government's function and activities; or Valuable because of the information they contain.

If you create or receive email messages during the course of your daily work, you are responsible for ensuring that you manage them properly. The Treasury Department's current email policy requires emails and attachments that meet the definition of a federal record be added to the organization's files by printing them (including the essential transmission data) and filing them with related paper records. If transmission and receipt data are not printed by the email system, annotate the paper copy.

Please note that maintaining a copy of an email or its attachments within the IRS email MS Outlook application does not meet the requirements of maintaining an official record. Therefore, print and file email and its attachments if they are either permanent records or if they relate to a specific case.

Politico reports:

Lerner attorney William Taylor, prior to the hearing, walked back previous comments he made to POLITICO that Lerner did not print off and file her official emails because she didn't know she had to.

In an interview last month, he said she did not, later following up with an email, writing: "Did she print out official records and file them[?] Answer. No, and she did not think it was required."

Now he says she may have printed an unspecified number.

"During her tenure as director of exempt organizations, she did print out some emails, although not every one of the thousands she sent and received," he said in a statement Wednesday.

The IRS rules require that all "official" emails — any correspondence dealing with agency policies or operations — be printed off and filed in accordance with the Federal Records Act. As head of a division, many of Lerner's emails would presumably have been "official."

Taylor, in an email exchange after the statement was released, said his answer to POLITICO's original question in the interview several weeks ago stays the same: "Your question was whether she printed out 'official records' and filed them. I am not saying she did that. That presumes a level of scrutiny and process over every email that did not occur."

He said his beef is with the way Issa has used the comments to say she did not print out any emails.

"That is not true. She did print some but not all, by any means," he said.

Taylor in the earlier interview said that "if somebody is supposed to keep archived copies, that's the IT department's or her staff's responsibility." He said such a rule would require her to print off a whole bunch of emails, and "we'd be back to the days of paper. That can't be what they want or intended by this."

"If she didn't [print], it wasn't because she tried to conceal anything."

That wasn't all, Taylor also blasted the panel looking at Lerner and then pressing the issue of her violation of the Federal Record Act violation saying, "What began as an inquiry into the IRS's processing of applications for tax exemption has become an inquiry into the IRS's compliance with the Federal Records Act. This subsequent inquiry is apparently a useful diversion because the initial investigation has demonstrated no wrongdoing."

In other words, she broke the law, but according to her attorney that isn't reason to stick her with it.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said, "For her to be worried right on the heels of this draft IG report that Congress may search her instant messages. … That is very troubling."

Director of business systems planning for tax-exempt division of the IRS Maria Hooke said, ""I was cautioning folks about email and how we have had several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails — so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails."

Hooke in the email chain responded to Lerner and cc'd Nan Downing, the head of exempt organizations examinations: "OSC messages are not set to automatically save as the standard; however the functionality exists within the software. … My general recommendation is to treat the conservation as if it could/is being saved somewhere as it is possible for either party of the conversation to retain the information and have it turn up as part of an electric search."

Judicial Watch has a Freedom of Information Act request in to obtain Lerner's printed emails. US District Court Judge is scheduled to rule on Thursday as to whether they can get them or not.

In either case, it seem the IRS has been caught in other lie in order to coverup another Obama "phony" scandal.

The only phonies here are the Democrats, their "president" and their henchmen/women...

Trial time!

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